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$79.95 $63.96
SKU: 22284501


This is one of Kate’s Faves!

Enjoy the aromaGem Black for $63.96 (regularly $79.95) until November 30.


Infuse your air with the vitality of nature, enhance your well being and create a soothing atmosphere with this ultrasonic diffuser. Add a splash of chic to any home with this unique, decorative unit.

“Having an environment that looks great and feels great enhances the experience we have of being in our homes. The was designed to look like a gem, with a diamond-like shape and facets that shine in the light. It’s equal parts beautiful and beneficial.” – Kate Ross LeBlanc, Saje Co-Founder & CEO

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$79.95 $63.96

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Additional Information

  • Ultrasonic diffusing is an easy, heat-free way to enjoy Saje diffuser blends.

    This ultrasonic technology, combined with water and a diffuser blend, produces aromas that elevate your well being by dispersing essential oil molecules into the air.

  • Heat-free diffusion preserves the integrity of the oils for optimal benefit.

    Can also be used as a humidifier.

    Energy efficient, whisper-quiet operation with an auto shut-off function.

    Unique and decorative glass design.

  • Misting Duration: 4.5 hours continuous | 9 hours intermittent

    Covers: 200-300 sq ft

    Dimensions: 4.3 in x 6.1 in

    Water Tank: 4 fl oz | 115 ml


Using a measuring cup, pour water into tank up to maximum fill line.

Add 10-15 dops of your Saje diffuser blend to the water. The more drops you add, the stronger the aroma.

Replace cover, then turn on and enjoy.

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Breathe easy – we want this to work for you. We have set out to give you the best natural wellness products in the world. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we will happily offer you a full refund with the original receipt of purchase. If you do not have your receipt, we will gladly exchange your item or issue a gift card – no questions asked.

SKU: 22284501


I would not buy this product again


I bought this product thinking " it won't happen to me" It is such beautiful design and Saje is such a great company that surely they would not sell a faulty product, especially one with such a hefty price tag! But alas i was no different than the other reviews on the page. The product worked great, probably for a few months! Then the auto shut off function went, some times the machine will be on but no steam/scent come out. I expected more. I feel this product should be pulled, clearly many people are having issues with it.


Not what I had in mind


I'm really sad this didn't work out. I've had this for over a year and I completely agree with the other reviews. I bought this due because of other people raving about it and fell in love the with design. While it is very pretty to look at, it does not perform well. Some days there will be no mist that comes out and the smell only lasts for 15-20 minutes no matter how many drops you put in. This was my first diffuser and I wish I put my money towards a different diffuser.


fan isn't working


I bought this diffuser a few days ago in a Saje store in Calgary. It was working great, and I was not having any issues that other reviews have noted. However, it has suddenly stopped working. I've cleaned it and let it dry out, but when I put water back in it again and press the button, the fan only runs for about a second before it stops. When I continuously press the button, it sounds like the fan is really trying to run, but it quickly turns off again. Upset because I really liked it.


It doesn't work very well


I find the defuser works well for the first 20 min and then you can't smell any oil scent coming out of it. I tried cleaning and refilling but the same thing keeps happening. It's unfortunate because I really wanted to like it and keep using but it's just not giving me the results that i want.


Doesn't last long!


I used this product multiple times a week for months and then suddenly it stopped running well. It got louder meaning I could no longer use it to help me fall asleep. After only a few minutes of having it turned on, everything around it was damp which made it no longer useful for in my office either. Overall, I am very disappointed with this product as when I first got it I loved it instantly and was very pleased with how well it ran. Even despite taking good care of it, using high quality oils, and cleaning it out often it still stopped functioning properly!

Toronto, ON

Absolutely LOVE


Despite reading some of the reviews, I went ahead and purchase the AROMAGEM. Yes, it does drip every time you open it to add water but aside from that, I haven't experienced any issues. I haven't found that my furniture is wet after use other than a light mist, which makes total sense to me. I love that this diffuser has the option to run both intermittently and constantly. It's gorgeous to look at and I really appreciate that it has a long cord. We keep the AROMAGEM in our bedroom but move it around from room-to-room periodically as needed, which is easy to do given its size.

Toronto, CA

I would not buy this product again


I absolutely love the look of this diffuser. So cute! I love the fact that it acts more as a decoration then just a big clunker in the way. Unfortunately though it doesn't seem to be working fully anymore. I've cleaned it countless times but I can see hardly any mist and have to go right up to it to smell anything. I've tried adding double the amount of oil but nothing improved. It's really too bad because I love the sents but I can't afford to buy another one. Sadly I am unimpressed with the performance of the aroma gem :(

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Confused Customer


I bought the matte white Aromagem difuser because I liked the look of it. This being my first difuser I had no idea what to expect or anything to compare to. However after reading the other reviews on this product I have experienced the same issues. I don't notice any oil smell after about 20 mins of having it on. And the table I have it sitting on is always soaked after having it running I had to put paper towels underneath it to keep it from wrecking the wood. I never knew if all difusers had this problem but this one defiantly does.


Wished it worked as well as I hoped


I wish i could purchase the new red holiday version but my previous aromagem diffuser has made me skeptical! My diffuser barely works anymore and the scent is only detectable when you are very close to it. So dissappointing because I love saje :(


Love the look, but disappointed in the outcome


I like the style of the diffuser, I bought the white version as it was on sale and part of Kate's picks. I really loved it at first but now I feel disappointed and this upsets me because I love their oils. There are 3 major issues with mine: 1. When we let it run until it shuts off, it doesn't use all the liquid in the container. It's always left about 1/4 full. 2. It drips from the lid whenever we go to add water or empty it. 3. I barely notice the smell. It supposed to fill a room and it just doesn't. I'm disappointed and bought this one because it was affordable :(

Ottawa, Ontario


2.4 60


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