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SKU: 22256901
SKU: 22256901
Infuse your air with the vitality of nature, enhance your well being and create a soothing atmosphere by bringing the power of 100% natural essential oils into your home.
Connect to your mind, body and spirit.



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    Ultrasonic diffusing is an easy, heat-free way to enjoy Saje’s 100% natural diffuser blends.

    This ultrasonic technology, combined with water and a diffuser blend, produces negative ions and aromas that elevate your well being by dispersing essential oil molecules into the air.

    Heat-free to preserve the integrity of your essential oils for maximum benefit.

    May also be used as a humidifier.

    Continuous mist or intermittent mist settings.

    Soft white LED light can be turned off for bed time.

    Energy-efficient, whisper-quiet operation that features an auto shut-off option.

    Misting Duration: 3 hours continuous | 6 hours intermittent (30 sec on/30 sec off)

    Covers: 200-400 sq ft

    Dimensions: 3.5 in x 8 in | 90 mm x 205 mm

    Water Tank: 3.4 fl oz | 100 ml

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  • 3-6 Hour Run Time
  • Heat Free
  • Auto Shut Off

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When used with your favorite Saje diffuser blend, the ultrasonic diffuser’s refreshing cool mist brings nature’s goodness into your space, supporting balance and harmony.

Bring water to unit and fill to line.

Add 10-15 drops of the Saje diffuser blend of your choice. The more drops you add, the stronger the aroma will be.

Reference instruction manual for more direction on settings.



Ultrasonic diffusers support healthy indoor air quality.

This ultrasonic technology, combined with water and a diffuser blend, produces negative ions and aromas that elevate your well being.

Diffusing helps to reduce dust, pet dander allergens, and other airborne allergens from non-living matter (e.g. dust mite matter allergens) while Saje’s 100% all natural diffuser blends bring nature’s goodness into your space by supporting harmony and balance.

Transform your space with clean air, like fresh air misting off a waterfall, then add the Saje diffuser blend of your choice.


Uses an ultrasonic, heat-free system to disperse essential oil molecules into the air.

May also be used as an air purifier or humidifier.

Digitally programmed to stop automatically.

Energy efficient, whisper-quiet operation and auto shut-off.

Operates with inner cover light on or off.



1. Connect power adapter to DC jack on bottom of unit.

2. Remove the ceramic cover from the base, then remove the water tank cover from the water tank

3. Fill water tank with room temperature tap water to no higher than max. water level line (3 fl. oz./100 ml).

4. Add 10-15 drops (depending on preference) of your favorite Saje diffuser blend to the water.

5. Replace the water tank cover and then the ceramic cover; ensure that the ceramic cover is pressed down over the silicone O-ring.

6. Plug power adapter into electrical outlet.

7. Press the on/off button (right button) and select the mist setting.


1st stage-continuous misting:
Press Once: Mist emits continuously, automatically turns off after 3 hours of operation.

2nd stage-misting intervals of 30 seconds:
Press a Second Time: Mist emits at intervals of 30 seconds, automatically turns off after 6 hours of operation.

3rd stage-power off:
Press a Third Time: Mist off; LED night light on / LED night light off


If the unit is knocked over while in operation, water could leak into the internal mechanism of the unit; if this occurs, unplug from power, empty water and let unit dry out in well-ventilated area for at least 3 days.

Turn off unit and unplug from the power adapter prior to cleaning.

Remove cover and empty water from the water tank, carefully avoiding the air outlet side.

If required, use a clean, soft, damp cloth to wipe down exterior of unit.

Frequency of necessary cleaning is dependent upon usage and types of diffuser blends used (ie. how thick the essential oils are in the diffuser blend).

To clean inside water tank, dispense a few drops of rubbing alcohol into tank and wipe with a clean, soft cloth.

To clean ceramic disc at bottom of water tank, dispense a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto a clean cotton swab and wipe clean.

The ceramic disc should be kept clean of mineral deposits and other debris for optimal misting. NEVER use any sharp objects to clean the ceramic disc as this will damage the disc permanently.

For optimum results, clean the water tank before changing diffuser blends.


Only use the power adapter supplied with the device.

Never operate the device if the power adapter is damaged.

Do not use if any part of the device is broken.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not attempt to service the device in any way other than as described in the "Care & Maintenance" section of this manual.

Do not disassemble or attempt to repair unit; in the event of a problem, please contact 1-877-ASK-SAJE.

When moving the device, hold securely by the base.

Do not touch the highly sensitive ceramic disc with bare fingers.

Always place the unit on a stable, level surface.

Do not fill water tank directly from tap as water could spill into the internal mechanism and cause damage.

Do not plug the unit into the wall socket with wet hands.

To prevent damage to the ceramic disc, only use tap water at room temperature.

Do not pour water or other liquids into the air outlet.

Do not tilt, move or attempt to empty or refill unit while in operation.

To prevent clogging and damage to the ceramic disc, always use clean water.

Remove any liquid left in the water tank after each use.

Always turn off and unplug the device during maintenance or when not in use.

Ensure that the power adapter is not covered or blocked when plugged in; it must be able to dissipate the heat properly.

Use only Saje diffuser blends; other oils may contain fragrances, base oils or synthetics that could result in malfunction. Some single note essential oils are also too thick or heavy for use in the ultrasonic diffuser. See FAQs for more information.

In case of smoke, unusual aroma, undue noise, or other malfunction, unplug the unit immediately and discontinue use. Further use may result in fire or electrical shock.

Do not overfill or immerse the unit in water.

Always keep unit out of reach of small children and pets.


Q: What if my unit does not turn on?

Power adapter may not be properly plugged in; ensure that the power adapter is properly plugged into the DC power jack and the electrical source.

Q: What if my unit does not mist or there is almost no mist?

There may not be enough water in the water tank; ensure that the water tank is  filled to the maximum water level line. The water level may be too high (higher than the maximum water level line); pour out excess water and try again. The ceramic disc may require cleaning. Please see “Care & Maintenance” instructions.

Q: What type of water should go into my ultrasonic diffuser?

To prevent damage to the unit, it’s recommended to use room temperature tap water. To prevent clogging and damage to the ceramic disc, always use clean water.

Q: What can I put in my ultrasonic diffuser?

Use only 100% natural Saje diffuser blends; other blends and oils may contain fragrances, base oils or synthetics that could result in malfunction.

Many single note essential oils should not be used in the ultrasonic diffuser. Single note essential oils may have a thick or heavy consistency that can clog the ultrasonic diffuser and cause it to stop working.

Saje diffuser blends have been carefully blended to be effective for you, and are safe and easy to use in your ultrasonic diffuser.


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Breathe easy – we want this to work for you. We have set out to give you the best natural wellness products in the world. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we will happily offer you a full refund with the original receipt of purchase. If you do not have your receipt, we will gladly exchange your item or issue a gift card – no questions asked.

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Nice Looking but Could be Better


from Seattle, WA

Comments about AROMAOM:

I like the way this diffuser looks and so far it works the way it should, but upon using it (and comparing to another diffuser I bought as a gift), I noticed a few ergonomic problems... 1) the plug goes on the bottom rather than on the side which means you have to plug it in by lifting the diffuser up (if you have water in there then you have to be extra careful) 2) to fill the diffuser you need to lift the ceramic cover, then there is another plastic cover, if you forget to put on the plastic cover then water just spills everywhere (on another diffuser these 2 components were merged together saving a step...) 3) draining water from the diffuser could be much easier if there was a spout

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


For those who thinks saje is not good


from Calgary

Comments about AROMAOM:

First of all saje have great products that comes with life time guarantee! If anything happen to your defuser or anything you bought from saje stop working or you didn't like it then you can take it back to saje store and they will give you brand new right away without any questions asked. So it's worth it every penny you spend on it.


Working minimally- need to exchange for another project line


from Ontario, Canada

Comments about AROMAOM:

I was very excited to use this product as I had heard amazing reviews about Saje, but I was very disappointed in the AROMAOM product. It minimally worked- releasing only a mere fraction of the steam. Almost as if it was blocked.

I tried my mothers which is the AROMAGENI ($30 cheaper and plastic) and it worked so much better.

I must have gotten a defective AROMAOM and will need to exchange for another product line.

(3 of 4 customers found this review helpful)


Not working


from Burlington, Ontario

Comments about AROMAOM:

I purchased this diffuser February of this year. It is now December and it has stopped working. I do not know what to do to fix it. I will now have to purchase another one but not from Saje as I do not want to risk it again. Still love their essential oils though.

(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)


A definite keeper


from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Comments about AROMAOM:

I was given this diffuser as a birthday present (21 year old female) and loved it immediately. Unfortunately after 2 weeks it stopped working (the light button worked but nothing came out when I tried to turn the actual diffuser on). I returned it the following week and with almost no questions asked was given the exact same one, brand new. This one I've had for a few months now and it works amazingly. I use it in my bedroom (fairly small) and use about half the amount of oil drops recommended and it keeps my room smelling fresh at all times. It does make some white noise when on so I choose not to keep it on at night (I need things deadly silent to sleep) but it doesn't disturb me at all while studying. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a humidifier or something to freshen their room/house. The lifetime warranty is pure gold and it looks very stylish in the home. If you're on the fence about it, I'd say go for it!

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Many in my family have it


from Stony Plain, AB

Comments about AROMAOM:

Nice subtle design, super quiet and you can't go wrong with their warranty

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)


Product Review


from Undisclosed

Site Member

Comments about AROMAOM:

Worth every dollar. I own a much cheaper nebulizer and I thought I was pretty good until I started using this one. You get mist immediately &, unlike the cheaper unit, the scent does not fade as the nebulizer runs. Only complaint is a slight dripping noise so I play white noise when using this nebulizer at nighttime.

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Product Review


from Undisclosed

Site Member

Comments about AROMAOM:

I absolutely love love LOVE this diffuser. I have 2 that I use daily. I make my own blends. My only suggestion: Perhaps a feature that prevents it from turning on with out the inner plastic cap. Now, I am not an idiot, but today was my second time doing this. It spits all the essential oil off the top out and everywhere. Its very disappointing and saddening when it happens. The first time I put the cover on and left it. Baahhaaaad news this was. Suuuuch a mess. I'm just saying, this would be a nice feature. I love you Saje. Cheers, Jae

(0 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Product Review


from Undisclosed

Site Member

Comments about AROMAOM:

Love the look of this and nice amount of mist output. I love my saje nebulizers!!! Yes I have more than one!

(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


Product Review


from Undisclosed

Site Member

Comments about AROMAOM:

I just received this for my birthday on Wednesday and as soon as I used it for the first time I knew it was an amazing nebulizer! It filled the entire first floor with the essential oil blend I had put in it! For such a small reservoir it lasts a long time and I have found using the intermittent setting is such a great feature! I would highly recommend this and I know I will be purchasing another one for our second floor!

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