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SKU: 22288801


Two tanks and a timer you can pre-set to start automatically morning and night means you can have wellness around the clock. Inspired by the body’s natural rhythms, fill the East tank with an energizing blend to rise, and the West tank with a relaxing blend for rest.
It’s about time.



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    Ultrasonic diffusing is an easy, heat-free way to enjoy Saje’s 100% natural diffuser blends.

    Ultrasonic diffusers elevate your well being by releasing negative ions to cleanse and purify the air while dispersing beneficial essential oil molecules.

    2 water tanks

    6 hour run time

    Designed in Vancouver

    East tank - add an uplifting diffuser blend for rise

    West tank - add a relaxing diffuser blend for rest

    LED display light can be turned on or off while misting

    2 timers - set for automatic start morning and night

    Misting Duration: 6 hours continuous per tank

    Covers: 400 sq ft

    Dimensions: 5.5 in x 5.5 in

    Water Tank: 7 fl oz | 210 ml


When used with your favorite Saje diffuser blend, the ultrasonic diffuser’s refreshing cool mist brings nature’s goodness into your space, supporting balance and harmony.

Bring water to unit and fill to line.

Add 10-15 drops of the Saje diffuser blend of your choice. The more drops you add, the stronger the aroma will be.

Reference instruction manual for more direction on settings.

Free Standard shipping within US on orders over $75, excluding taxes.

Breathe easy – we want this to work for you. We have set out to give you the best natural wellness products in the world. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we will happily offer you a full refund with the original receipt of purchase. If you do not have your receipt, we will gladly exchange your item or issue a gift card – no questions asked.

SKU: 22288801

Fill the East and West tanks with unfiltered, room temperature water to the maximum water level lines.

Then, to set your digital clock, press the H (hour) button until you reach the correct hour.

Press the M (minute) button until you reach the correct minute.

Once you have chosen your preferred time, wait five seconds to allow the clock to set.

#SajeTip: The LED light display can be turned off. Just press the Light button once to turn it off and again to turn if back on.

Add 10-15 drops of your favorite uplifting diffuser blend to the East tank.

Add 10-15 drops of your favorite calming diffuser blend to the West tank.

#SajeTip: For your East tank, we recommend Energy Revitalizing Diffuser Blend to help you rise and for your West tank, we recommend Tranquility Relaxing Diffuser Blend to help you rest.

To set your East and West tank timers, hold down the East button until the clock flashes.

Set the hour (H) and minute (M) you wish to rise.

Press the East button to confirm selected mist time or wait five seconds, allowing the time to set on its own.

Repeat steps for the West tank.

#SajeTip: For the East tank, we recommend setting your timer one hour before you rise, and for the West tank, we recommend setting your timer one hour before bed.

Wake up to wellness and drift off to a restful night’s sleep with the healing power of plants.

#SajeTip: Block out light and get into sleep mode with the Shut Eye Soothing Herbal Eyeshade.


Nothing short of amazing!


I just moved in with two friends who have been avid users of diffusers for some time. And, I should add, both are passionate promoters of Saje and it's products. Through them I've come to really appreciate the benefits of aromatherapy and so I took it upon myself to by my first diffuser. This product is amazing. It's a stylish work of art and besides that, it works miracles in my life every day. I don't know how I got along without it. I love the two tanks. It's great to not have to wash it set it all up again for the evening. The timer function is also awesome and so simple to use. I've gotten rid of my beside alarm clock, and just use this now. It's perfect! Thank you Saje.




Love the concept, when you turn unit on the mist smells like mold. No matter how much oil fragrance I put in water. Very disappointed with unit. Lot of money spent to sit on shelf!

Phoenix Az

Scent seems lost by morning :(


I bought this back in November and love the concept of the timer, but I have found that even though I add plenty of oil, I don't notice the scent at all when it goes off in the morning! When I turn it on manually in the evening it fills the room with scent pretty quickly, so perhaps my East tank for the morning is a bit faulty? Or sleeping next to the oils in the tank has made me immune to their scent. Either way it feels like I'm wasting oil and I should have saved the money and purchased a regular diffuser - I have two others from Saje which I absolutely love!


Love the auto turn on


Auto turn on is great because house smells amazing when we get home and it turns on just before we wake as well. Yoga at night, liquid lemon during the day. Perfect.

Stoney creek Ontario

Good but not perfect


I've been wanting this diffuser since it first came out and took the plunge boxing day. I was so excited to get it and use it. It is easy to program, and easy to fill and use. I've been really enjoying it! However, there are a couple features that should have been included, or should be tweaked for future models. I love that there are two different tanks and times to turn on, but I wish you could set a run time. It would be nice to have the option for it to only run for an hour or two so it doesn't have to be refilled every single day. The other flaw/oversight is the sheet brightness of the LED numbers. Literally lights up the room as much as a phone display - not ideal for restful sleep. It does have the option to turn off the display entirely, but I think future models need to have a dimmer setting option for those who still want to see the time in the middle of the night.


Works well but I wish it had other features!


I've had my diffuser alarm clock for a little over a month. While I love coming home to/and waking up with my bedroom smelling incredible (it has made mornings easier)....there are a few things I wish were different. The water tanks are quite small and require filling every day. This in itself is a bit of a nuisance. I leave a jug of water at the bedside now! Secondly, the time display is quite bright and has no option to dim. You can turn the display off completely when you go to sleep (which is necessary so that it doesn't light up your entire bedroom) but doing so defeats the purpose of it being a clock. Finally, the lid of the diffuser only has a single opening in the middle for each blend to diffuse through. I've noticed a lot of residue on the lid of each chamber and find you have to regularly clean off the lid/chamberif you are going to change the oils you are diffusing. All in all, I love the concept, just really wish the tanks were larger so that you didn't have to refill it each and every day. It was also a life saver to diffuse Immune each night while I was battling the flu!


Its okay...


I received the Aromatime as a Christmas gift and loved the idea of it but there are a few issues. - I actually returned my first one because the west tank made a weird high pitched noise that east tank and my 2 other ultrasonics dont make. The second one made the same noise but louder. Its particularly irritating as i keep it in my bed room. - The clock light is incredible bright so it needs to be turned off at night. I would suggest in future designs that it be a dimmer bulb or have a way of adjusting the brightness. -There isn't actually an alarm in it. I think i will be returning it an purchasing a purchasing another model. Its a lot of money for something i'm not really happy with.


Worth Every Penny!


I don't usually take the time to write reviews, however, it was disappointing when I was thinking about buying this but couldn't read reviews first, so I wanted to be sure to leave a review for the next person. I think this diffuser is worth every penny. Very expensive - yes! I've used less expensive, but good quality, diffusers in the past. They did the job and I was quite happy with them. When I saw this though, I just had to try it. I love that you can have two different scents in the same diffuser. I put in a night time scent and a day time scent. I don't bother with the timer because I only like to run my oils for 15-30 minutes at a time. All I do is simply select which tank to draw from and run it for my desired time then turn it off. It pushes out a lot of scent! The design is super modern. I love the LED clock for my bedside table. It can be turned off if you prefer it off while you are sleeping. The only complaints I have is I wish the button were lit-up. It is hard to see what button is what on the black version. That being said, there are only four buttons so it is easy to remember. My other complaint is I wish it had a setting to automatically turn off in 30, 60, etc minutes. Great purchase! I highly recommend it!

Moncton, NB

FINALLY something that helps wake me up!


After struggling with getting out of bed for years I decided to give the AromaTime a try, the very first morning before I even opened my eyes I was smelling the aroma of refresh and I was awoken with a smile, not wanting to stay sleeping but actually get up and enjoy the day. Also love the amount of mist it puts out when I'm diffusing, and haven't had any problems, well worth the investment, and happy with my continued use and refreshed mornings.

Market mall, Calgary

I really wanted to love this


I really wanted to love this diffuser, I saved up and couldn't wait to get my hands on this diffuser, it seemed to have such great features. Sadly this was so noisy, it sounded like I was sleeping next to 2 dripping taps! I thought maybe it was just my diffuser but when I went to the store, all the clock dffisers were making dripping noises. The light is also too bright to sleep, there is no option to turn down the brightness, it's either on or it's off but if it's off it defeats the purpose of it being a clock! You can set the timer for when the night oils go on and when morning oils start. On the weekend I sleep in so I didn't want the oils starting as early as the week days but unless I cancelled the settings, I couldn't stop the morning oils coming on unless I left the tank empty. Saje customer service is excellent and they let me exchange it for a different diffuser.

Calgary, Ab


3.8 33


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