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Go au natural and get that clean, fresh feeling with this mineral salt deodorant.
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    Fights unwanted smells by neutralizing odors rather than just masking them.
    This all-natural method is non-sticky and won’t clog pores or stain clothes.
    Our unscented stick format is ideal for smell-sensitive types.

Remove cap and run crystal under warm water, then apply directly to underarms. Rinse after use and replace cap. Push crystal up from bottom of container to replenish.

This all-natural method is non-sticky and won’t clog pores or stain clothes.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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SKU: 97301


So impressed!


I was very skeptical that this could work since I've had no luck with other natural deodorants and this seemed too good to be true and it feels like you're not applying anything on, but it works! I've been using this for one year now and it has never failed me, through heavy workouts and long work shifts as well it's worked every time. I also have the floral spray which I sometimes spray over top or before going out but it's not necessary I just like the smell and the spray is a nice alternative sometimes and can be used while you're already dressed. This one is best to use before getting dressed as water can drip off sometimes since you're running it under water first. (Also, I keep this sitting on a cotton pad in my shelf as some of the salt/water can drip out the bottom after using). Very happy I found this!!


Extremely disappointed


Used this product for a few weeks and I can say that I'm extremely disappointed with it. Didn't do anything for me. I've used it exactly how the sales person said to use it. Does not protect at all and it feels like I have nothing at all under the arms. Also, after a few uses I've noticed the salt was crumbling out of the case from the bottom and made my shelf a mess of salt. First time using a Saje product and they are not cheap.

Ottawa, Ont

Great deodorant until...


I used this product for about 2 months now. In the first week, the product exceeded my expectations and I raved about it to my friends. The deodorant kept me odour-free throughout really hot days (as a teacher running around and as a traveler in Asia during the hot and humid summer). Today, my stick fell out into my sink. I wanted to wait a few months to write a review because I had read other reviews with the same aforementioned problem, hoping those cases were exceptions and not the norm, but it seems to be a common issue. I spoke to the sales person who said the product can last YEARS, but sadly due to the packaging, that is not the case.

Toronto, ON

Outstanding product, sub-par container


It get's five stars from me, hands down, even with a bit of a fault. I have tried at least six different natural deodorants over the past year or two, desperate to stop using the cheap aluminum-laden drug store antiperspirant I'd been using for years. Despite about $150 spent on high-end natural products, I always went back to the cheap anti-perspirant because nothing else worked as well (read: at all). I'm not a huge Saje customer, but was in the store buying a gift. I saw the Au Natural, saw that it was priced pretty low, and figured I'd try it. By day 10 I had probably told a dozen people how well it worked. I was floored. The salesperson actually undersold it - she said it wouldn't stop the sweating much but is great at eliminating the odour. I find, though, that it stops the sweating quite a bit too. And the sweat that does come out is completely odourless. After about three weeks, as many other reviewers have complained about, the stick came loose from the container while I was pouring water on it; it fell out into the sink and shattered. Devastated, I returned to the store where a salesperson happily swapped it out for a new one, no hassle at all. Now I have to call those 12 people I hyped the product to so I can tell them the service is great, too. I'm a 25 year old male who goes to work in a suit and works out and runs regularly. I've really given this product every opportunity to come up short and it hasn't shown the faintest sign of letting up. I hope the container is updated soon, because this could possibly be the best deodorant on the market.

Halifax, NS

Very happy with this product!


I was considering switching to a more natural deodorant, so the last time I was at Saje, I decided to try their Au Natural crystal stick. I was a bit skeptical, wondering if it would actually work at preventing body odour like the standard antiperspirant. After using it for over a week now, I can say it really works! I haven't had any body odour at all with it. I especially like that it doesn't leave any residue behind, as the antiperspirant I was using, often left tiny white clumps behind on my skin. I usually apply it immediately after a shower, when my arm pits are still wet, so that it can glide on properly, and that works perfectly! Definitely recommend this product!

Oakville, Ontario

Likely WON'T buy this product again


I think it took my body a week or so to get used to the product and just as I started to like it, the crystal detached and fell out from the canister so I spent about 5 months applying the crystal by hand. The instructions say to rinse it under water after applying but I found after doing that, I would get salt stains all over my bathroom counter and the cupboard I was keeping it in. During the course of the fifth month of use, the crystal started to disintegrate and would scratch my skin.

Toronto, ON

FINALLY! A natural deodorant that ACTUALLY works!


Hands down the best natural deodorant I have ever tried! I have tried soooo many different brands of all natural deodorants only to be disappointed when they either stained my clothes, left a wet feeling to my underarms and worse when I would stink like BO an hour after applying. I was skeptical when I first purchased this deodorant but it literally is MAGIC! I actually look forward to using it because I know its 100% natural and I'm not putting harmful chemicals under my armpits only to absorb into my body. When its a hot day out or planning on going to the gym I add a little extra to my deodorant routine with the 'Exotic' Deodorant Spray by Saje - it gives me a little more confidence but then again no need to worry if I don't because this product works just on its own. BUY IT! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

London ON

Try this for a healthier alternative


I wanted to use a deodorant without all the harsh chemicals and aluminum found in regular deodorants. I have been using this for about 5 months and it is wonderful. Keeps me feeling/smelling clean all day. I highly recommend.

Whitby, Ontario

This is amazing!


I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this product, but after using it for a few weeks I will never go back to other deodorants! Using this immediately after a shower leaves you feeling and smelling fresh all day, even in the heat and humidity of July. Better yet, no more deodorant stains on your clothes! I also spray the Peaceful Warrior on just to add a little bit of scent and the combination works amazingly well.




I have tried so many others over the years. On a whim when buying other products I decided to try it. IT WORKS. I didn't believe it but over and over again, in the sweatiest situations and after the longest days, it is still working.

Ottawa, Canada


4.2 35


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