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Invite warmth and spicy cheer into your home with a festive blend of aromas, perfect for any celebration.
Every day is a reason to celebrate.
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    A warm, stimulating base note to help you feel at ease.
    Sweet and relaxing, let this sunny citrus calm your worries.
    Sweet and spicy; relieves and revives the mind.

Add 10-15 drops to your ultrasonic diffuser, ceramic diffuser, scentball or car diffuser to disperse essential oils throughout your home, office or car.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek urgent care/call poison control. Avoid eyes, mucous membranes and skin; if contact occurs, rinse with vegetable oil. Consult a doctor before use if pregnant/breastfeeding. If allergic reaction occurs, stop use and call a doctor. Phototoxic; if accidental skin contact occurs, do not sun tan/use tanning beds for 3-4 days.

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SKU: 404501


Amazing smell but doesn't carry.


I absolutely love this scent!! However I put 15 drops in my AromaOm diffuser and I can barely smell it, sitting on the couch about 3 metres away. Really sad as the scent is just amazing and would definitely be my favourite.


Lovely and relaxing


Using this blend with my brand-new AromaGlow. After a busy day of snow-shovelling, cooking, terrier-wrangling and elder-herding it's exactly what I needed.3 of my favourite scents blended perfectly.

Fraser Valley BC

I can't get enough of this one from Saje!


This scent is by far my favorite from Saje (And I love many). When I have it in my diffuser, my house smells so comfortable like I've been wrapped up in a huge soft blanket with a glass of wine. Not only is it comforting but it some how makes me feel so happy and calm all in one (and no, it's not the wine 😉). I can't say enough good things about Celebrate, it's like liquid gold! Saje, you guys have done good with this one 😉

Vancouver, BC

Smells great!


This is the first diffuser blend I've bought from Saje and I have to say I love it. When I smelled it straight from the bottle I have to say my first impression doesn't do it justice. I put about 10 drops in my diffuser and in no time at all my apartment was smelling very festive. It's not overpowering, just the right amount of scent. I love it!

Moncton, NB

Love! Love! Love!


I absolutely love the scent & it makes my home smell amazing! Personally, I don't think it smells "masculine" at all. Will definitely purchase again! Reason for the 4/5 stars is when I brought my 10ml home, I noticed the bottle seemed "low" (The liquid was only filled up to the top of the "J"). Perhaps, this is typical but it just looked odd.

Calgary, AB

First scent < 3


This was gifted to me on my birthday alon with my first diffuser... I love the warmth of this scent. It's pretty versatile, I can use it during the day and put it by my night stand and fall asleep to. I definitely get the clove and orange scent the most, with hints of grapefruit and frankincense. Excited to try more but for sure loving this as my introduction to aromatherapy!!!

New Brunswick

Not my favourite scent


My partner bought me this one. I didn't like it when I first smelled it. I tried it in my diffuser and it grew on me but after a few days I decided to return it as the smell got to me. I actually don't smell any clove like other reviewers when (wish I did) I find it way too citrus like which might be the orange. I love orange in the other oils but perhaps mixed with the clove I don't. I was hoping it reminded me of the holidays but it doesn't. The great thing about saje is you can try new scents and return if you don't enjoy them so you should try this one for yourself. Such a great company.


Product Review


Really like this scent. I would agree that it is quite masculine and it does take a bit of getting used to. It's not good for a small, confined space but it works wonderfully in my open concept living space to spread the warm, spicy smell of the holidays throughout.


Product Review


It smells like Christmas. Puts a smile on my face whenever I walk back into the house and the scent hits me.


Product Review


I was really disappointed with this scent. It smelled fine in store but once you put it on the nebulizers it smells awful. All you smell is clove buds but it doesn't come across nicely.



3.9 12


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