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Choose 3 diffuser blends (0.34 fl oz only) to receive 20% off and a My Blend Bar for free.
Indulge with the sweetly comforting and uplifting aroma of this vanilla-based blend that brings warmth and calm to the body and mind.
Feel the warmth.
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    Spicy and fresh; brings sensuouos warmth while uplifting the mind.
    Sweetens the mood with its calming effects on the mind.
    A warm, stimulating base note to help you feel at ease.

Add 10-15 drops to your ultrasonic diffuser, ceramic diffuser, scentball or car diffuser to disperse essential oils throughout your home, office or car.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek urgent care/call poison control. Avoid eyes, mucous membranes and skin; if contact occurs, rinse with vegetable oil. Consult a doctor before use if pregnant/breastfeeding/epileptic. If allergic reaction occurs, stop use and call a doctor.

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SKU: 419401


My favourite / childhood memory


I simply love this oil. It's the only one I purchase. I don't like any other Saje oils. Some are too sweet and some smell like a horse's hoof. Glow whisks me back to my kindergarten years when finger painting. I don't know why but it does. Guests always say how wonderful my home smells too.


Repulsive smell


I purchased a diffuser blend collection that this scent was part of, and like others, this is the only one I dislike. Indeed, it is the only Saje product that I have come across in my years of patronage that I absolutely cannot stand. I have tried revisiting this blend periodically to see if my feelings would change or I would perhaps come around to it to no avail.


The Worst Blend!


I have shopped at Saje for a very long time and love almost every scent I have bought. However, I received this scent in a collection and I really dislike the smell. I can't return it because I have misplace the receipt. I guess I should have smelled the whole collection before buying, however, I have never disliked anything I have bought from Saje before now. I have an oil just sitting around useless. I am very disappointed in this smell and I don't really know what to do.

Halifax, NS



Smells like muddy dirt. Rain forest is a better option if you want a woodsy scent or bloom for more of a floral warm scent

Bragg creek

My Favorite Blend


This is my favorite blend and use it daily. I find the top notes of Ginger and Vanilla very pleasing. It's not too sweet and hits the right balance of spicy. I don't find it too strong at all. Use less or play around with adding single note oils that changes the balance a bit.


Sweet & Spicy


I picked up this oil earlier this week and absolutely LOVE it. I definitely mostly smell ginger and vanilla, with less prominent notes of cinnamon and earthy scents. This blend will be perfect when Autumn and Winter roll in with those chilly nights! Best blend I have purchased so far.

Winnipeg, MB

Unbearable Scent


Strongly dislike this scent. And alot of difficulty getting the product out of the bottle. Please redesign the cap that releases the liquid. Your thicker oils are difficult to work with. Will not purchase this one again.

Toronto, On

My favorite Saje fragrance.


I have repurchased Glow so many times and everyone who comes into my home has commented on how amazing it smells. I can definitely smell the cinnamon and vanilla, but the patchouli and balsam give it a dark, woody, resinous cloak that always reminds me of dark myrrh. It's warm, sweet and spicy, but also earthy and grounding. I don't find the patchouli to be overwhelming at all, but I do enjoy patchouli. I'm not a huge fan of the citrus and mint dominated fragrances, so Glow is perfect for me :)


Will Not Purchase It Again


I think this might be my very first "dislike" review for a Sage EO blend. I loved the description of this blend, and purchased it online without remembering what it smelled like in-store. I have to say that for me the Patchouli is the prominent scent as you enter the room with Ginger notes next, and the Vanilla and Cinnamon are not noticeable until you are right next to the diffuser. I also purchased one as a gift, so I hope the receiver feels differently.

Guelph, Ontario

The patchouli takes over


I love the vanilla and peppermint that you smell out of the bottle, but as if diffuses, both of these scents are totally overruled by the patchouli. It's not terrible, just maybe not for someone who prefers less of the patchouli and more of the other ingredients.



3.1 16


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