Discover The Benefits Of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Discover The Benefits Of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Discover The Benefits Of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Discover The Benefits Of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

This precious floral will tantalize your senses.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau

Learn more about the exotic flower that produces ylang ylang essential oil


Ylang ylang, commonly referred to in aromatherapy as ‘the flower of flowers’ is a large, tropical evergreen tree in the Annonaceae plant family that is native to the islands of the South Pacific. Ylang ylang trees produce deeply fragrant yellow blossoms that only bloom at night, which is when they release their most intense fragrance to attract the night-flying moths that pollinate them. In order to capture the fragrance at its peak, ylang ylang flowers are picked at sunrise and then steam-distilled right away. Fun fact: the tropical tree produces yellow, pink and mauve flowers, but the yellow blossoms are prized for their best-quality essential oils.

For centuries, ylang ylang essential oil has been valued for its calming, uplifting properties and its sensual, soothing aroma. The bright, floral fragrance of ylang ylang, rich with notes of spice and fruit, is famous as a sensual, soothing fragrance, a nurturing, calming essential oil, and can also be found as a flavouring for drinks, candy and even ice cream.


Ylang ylang flower


In Ayurvedic traditional medicine, ylang ylang essential oil is believed to have calming, cooling, uplifting and moisturizing tendencies. Ylang ylang essential oil can help vata imbalances by encouraging self-esteem, calm, relaxation, and sensuality. For those with pitta imbalances, the calm, cooling tendency of ylang ylang can help release anger and unwanted tension. Ylang ylang essential oil is suggested to soothe, tone and balance the skin and help moisturize hair, while the fragrance helps to relax and harmonize the mind and spirit, and encourage sensuality and love.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of ylang ylang essential oil when blended with other essential oils and plant based ingredients for your body and mind.

Ylang ylang essential oil for helping you rest at nighttime


Because ylang ylang is renowned in aromatherapy for its soothing, easing and supporting qualities, it’s no wonder that this sweet and long lasting floral is often added to formulas in which the body is encouraging itself to rest. Many of the products at Saje that are formulated to help support unwinding, relaxing and resting include this exotic flower to help both the body and mind find peace and calm.

Products we love:

Tranquility diffuser blend: one of our best selling diffuser blends for many years has been the sweet, floral and herbal notes of Tranquility. When you’re looking to set the scene for sweet dreams, this relaxing blend is just what you need. Blended with soothing lavender, roman chamomile to ease restlessness and ylang ylang to lull the body and mind, we like to add 10-15 drops to our favorite diffuser about 30 minutes before we climb into bed and settle down for the night.

Dream State diffuser blend: relaxing, sweet and tranquil, Dream State was formulated to help you drift away in a dreamy atmosphere. This blissful blend features lavender to calm the mind, valerian to encourage restfulness and ylang ylang to soothe the body. Add 10-15 drops to a diffuser of your choice at bedtime and prepare to fall into a deep rest.


Dream State diffuser blend


Tranquility roll-on: our well-loved Tranquility diffuser blend was formulated as a safe-for-skin roll-on so that you can experience the relaxing and deeply calming benefits of the blend anytime, and not just when diffusing at home. This portable on-the-go blend contains many of the same soothing and easing essential oils like lavender, orange, ylang ylang, roman chamomile and marjoram, but is offered in a convenient format that can be applied to the pulse points like the temples, wrists and creases of the elbow whenever you’re looking to invite tranquility into your day.

Ylang ylang essential oil for connecting with your inner goddess


Goddess is a popular product line at Saje that was formulated to help you connect to your inner goddess, and to encourage self-love, self-compassion and kindness. Formulated with some of the most precious floral essential oils on the market today like rose, jasmine, neroli and ylang ylang, this line of products supports feeling your best every day.

Products we love:

Goddess Jute & Joy washpad: there was a time when the Jute & Joy soap filled washpads were only offered as limited edition items to support your bath or shower routine, and we are so happy to share that these popular personal care products are now available as part of our core collection year round! Made from a biodegradable natural vegetal fibre called jute, these products are designed to cleanse and gently exfoliate the body each time you step into the bath or shower. The soap inside the jute washpad is made from saponified palm kernel and coconut oils, and is then blended with essential oils of balancing geranium, warming and floral ylang ylang and sweet, uplifting orange, the result of which is a cleansing and aromatic experience for both the body and mind. Simply rinse the washpad with warm water until wet and gently scrub the body in a circular motion to help exfoliate the skin.

Goddess body lotion: enliven your senses and hydrate the entire body with this nurturing and moisturizing body lotion. The base of this lotion is made with skin softening aloe vera leaf juice, apricot kernel oil and vitamin e, and is then blended with rose to encourage fresh and youthful looking skin, ylang ylang to relax yet uplift and geranium to balance and restore. Apply liberally as desired all over the body for soft, silky and wonderfully scented skin.

Goddess roll-on: Exhilarating jasmine, harmonizing neroli and comforting rose meet the depth and warmth of ylang ylang for a truly sensual scent experience. One of the newest roll-ons to join our collection, Goddess was formulated with the idea of honoring one’s true nature and connecting to the inner divinity in each of us. Sweet, delicate and floral, this blend can be applied to all pulse points, behind the ears, along the sides of the neck, on the wrists and in the elbow creases. Make sure to breathe deeply to get the full experience of these precious florals!

Ylang ylang essential oil for helping your skin feel fantastic


One of our favorite ways to enjoy essential oils is as part of our skincare routine. Taking those few important moments each morning and night to pamper and take care of your skin is a wellness habit that will continue to serve you positively as you move through your busy lifetime. A benefit we love of including essential oils in our skincare products is that not only are they supportive and nourishing to the skin, you get the secondary benefit of breathing in all of the goodness that plants have to offer.

Products we love:

Skin Fitness toner: after cleansing, toning the skin is an important way that we help rebalance and replenish the delicate skin on our face. When you want to keep your skin looking and feeling its best, this nurturing toner will help keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated. Formulated with skin softening aloe vera and calendula, essential oils of restorative rose, supportive neroli and soothing ylang ylang make this an absolute treat for your skin. Spritz the face after cleansing with the eyes and mouth shut and don’t forget to breathe deeply!

Balancing Elixir: bring oily, combination or blemish-prone skin into balance while replenishing moisture for a soft, renewed look and feel. Oil based elixirs are an important part of a healthy skin care routine as they act like a barrier on the face, helping to protect delicate skin from environmental damage. Carrier oils like rosehip and evening primrose help to deeply nourish while essential oils like tea tree, myrtle and ylang ylang are cleansing, smoothing and relieving. After using your preferred cleanser and toner, gently pat and massage 3-4 drops onto your skin.


Balancing Elixir


Ylang ylang essential oil as a 100% pure single note essential oil


Lastly, we offer 100% pure ylang ylang essential oil as a single note so that you can blend and experiment with this floral and euphoric base note according to your preference. Some of the ways you might incorporate this warming, relieving and balancing essential oil into your daily routine might include:


100% pure ylang ylang

  1. Add 1-3 drops to a diffuser before engaging in a relaxing activity like meditation, journaling or yoga
  2. Add 1-3 drops to a tissue and place in your pillowcase at night to help you feel relaxed and grounded at bedtime
  3. Add 1-3 drops to another diffuser blend of your choice, to add an extra boost of sweet floral to an existing blend

How are you going to incorporate ylang ylang essential oil in your daily routine?


Now that you’ve learned more about how you can use ylang ylang to support your daily wellness, we hope you’re excited to bring the sweet, musky and floral notes of ylang ylang into your personal self care practices and rituals.

Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
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