Your Dream Job and How to Get It
Your Dream Job and How to Get It
Your Dream Job and How to Get It

Your Dream Job and How to Get It

Sarah describes how a strong personal brand can help you land your dream job.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

We are always amazed at the incredible stories our community members have, and the interesting ways they landed their #dreamjob at Saje. Here, Sarah Rejbakoz tells us about her journey from across the pond to Saje as our Senior People Acquisition Specialist.

In 2014 I left England and moved to Vancouver with my lovely boyfriend; one experienced and savvy recruiter from the mean streets of London and one fully trained, super smart chartered accountant. Hello Canada, here we come! Now where are all the jobs?

It’s 10am on our first day of job-hunting and we’ve applied for everything can find in the black hole that is the world wide web. To the beach then? Not so fast. We’ve all heard about the hidden job market, and in a competitive environment filled with many talented professionals, you need to stand out from the crowd. Instead of waiting for a job to come to us while we suntanned, we focused on building our personal brands.

Define your personal brand

Personal branding is a great tool to provide the world (and future employers) a snapshot of who you are and what you are passionate about. Showcase to the world what matters to you most and what makes you an awesome human being. Having a strong personal brand that shows the world and prospective employers who you are can really help you to be successful in identifying and securing your #dreamjob.

My Instagram feed is full of cute pictures of animals (namely my beautiful dog Finnley because he is my furbaby), epic hiking, running, biking and travelling adventures because that’s my jam! What’s your jam?

So if you are the next Bear Grylls, love outdoor adventures and your Snapchat is full of videos of you hanging off a mountain, then you might want to check out some companies that focus on adventure, outdoor activities and sports apparel. If you are passionate about natural wellness, essential oils and using 100% natural products then maybe you will find your dream job at Saje!

Find companies you align with

It seems obvious now, and maybe you have already figured this out. Dream jobs only happen when we are able to totally be ourselves, when we work in an environment that aligns with our values and our personal brand aligns with the company brand so that we are in our dharma (meaning we are living out our true selves in a way that is enriching to our lives).

Connect with awesome people working at your dream employer, follow these companies and join conversations that you think you can add value to. Grow your brand across your social media platforms and connect with like-minded people who share your passions and values. Start a blog, talk about your passions in more detail and invite others to contribute to the content.

Live the dream!

Now that I am working in my dream job, I no longer consider this work-life balance – because really, it’s all just life. Life needs balance and working is a part of that balance in the same way that not training too hard for my next race is important so I don’t injure myself, or making time to connect with my friends and family is all part of the balance of my everyday life too.

Use personal branding to showcase who you are and what you value and find a company that aligns with you. Then, you will find opportunities that will support every aspect of your life, and have you living in your dharma in no time. Good luck finding your #dreamjob!

With so many Saje stores opening in Canada and the US, we are always on the lookout for standout talents who align with us and what we stand for. Do you feel like Saje is a good fit for you? Check our Careers Page for current available positions!

Saje Senior People Acquisition Specialist
Sarah Rejbakoz is a People Acquisition Specialist at Saje Natural Wellness. Originally from the UK she travelled to Canada in 2014 with her loving boyfriend in search of their dream life and next adventure. She has a love of the great outdoors, knitting, running and is crazy about animals and her family (especially her labrador). She also loves to listen to live music whilst drinking local cider, particularly Mumford and Sons!