Eco-Conscious, Sustainability-Driven Products and Packaging
Eco-Conscious, Sustainability-Driven Products and Packaging
Eco-Conscious, Sustainability-Driven Products and Packaging

Eco-Conscious, Sustainability-Driven Products and Packaging

Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day

Last Updated: February 22, 2023
Contributor: Trevor Ellestad

Natural may be one of our founding principles at Saje, but nature is so much more to us. Nature is our home, and we believe that having access to safe, clean, natural spaces is a basic human right. Having access to our natural surroundings not only exposes us to proven physical and mental health benefits, but nature also creates food, water, shelter, medicine, and protection necessary for those of us who live here.

This is What Medicine Was

Nature feeds us, nurtures us, and heals us. It also connects us. Nature is our shared ancestral inheritance as human beings. Plants have been used as medicine for centuries, and each of us has ancestors who at some point lived off the land, interacted directly with their natural surroundings, ate plants and used them as food and medicine. Throughout our history are written and spoken traditions from people using plants to increase their wellness. If there is anything that we share as humans, it’s this shared ancestry of living in nature.

Keeping it Sustainable: Our Packaging & Product Innovation

We make 100% plant-based products to support you and your loved ones, and we also want them to be easy on the planet. We strive to create packaging using simple, recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible that require minimal manufacturing and shipping. We also innovate with cutting edge materials, textiles, and ingredients to create packaging with everything from recycled water bottles to materials that are completely compostable. Here’s some of the most exciting things we’re doing with our packaging at Saje:

I used to be a water bottle


I used to be a watter bottle


Recycled water bottles are transformed into our reusable kit material, helping to reduce the impact of plastic on the planet and oceans. PET recycling is considered the most environmentally responsible and efficient re-use of plastic resources, and it can be commercially recycled efficiently to make new PET resin. The compact and durable cases we create are sturdy and reusable, and you see them showcased on our flagship products, like the Pocket Farmacy, or our newly designed and updated oil blend kits, like Sleep Well and Stress Release. On average, each of these kits is made from between 1-2 recycled water bottles; helping to keep hundreds of thousands of them out of the landfill! For a full list of our RPET product kits, please click here.


new sustainable packaging kits


Soy or vegetable-based ink

Wherever possible, we use soy or vegetable-based ink on our packaging because plant-based ink emits less harmful chemicals when it dries and decomposes, as compared to petroleum-based ink. Not only does this make it easier to recycle paper, it also helps to reduce air pollution by minimizing toxic emissions.


We are continuing to grow our product selection of items that can be purchased as refillable. Currently, we sell refills for our top essential oil blends like Peppermint Halo, foaming hand soaps, and cleaning products like Multi-Surface Cleaning Kit that allow you to refill your original dispenser multiple times, reducing packaging and waste.

Recycled paper

Many of our packages are 100% recyclable, and the majority are made from recycled paper, using water-based, glueless adhesives. That means you can save resources and reduce the impact on the planet by easily recycling the box.

Responsible Supply Chain

When you’re creating natural products that promote wellness, it matters that the ingredients are sourced fairly and with true respect for the people and ecosystems impacted by their production. We strive to promote and protect the well-being of all living beings in our supply chain through fair, respectful business practices and the minimization of environmental impact.

We celebrate our deep gratitude for nature every day, but we believe that nature deserves to be nurtured and protected too. We have a responsibility to the wellness of the planet, and that’s exactly why we’ve developed the following commitments to reduce our impact and create a sustainable business:

Saying No To Animal Testing

We believe that animal testing is unnecessary and abhorent. We never have, and never will test any Saje products on animals. Our supplier code of conduct strives for no animal testing to be conducted on any products, raw materials, or components of finished products supplied to Saje Natural Wellness through their operations or the use of third parties.

Our product line is vegan, with the exception of those products containing beeswax or honey and our laundry dryer balls, which are made from 100% natural wool. As a reminder, the full list of our ingredients are always printed right on the label.

Ethically Sourced, Cruelty-Free New Zealand Wool

Our wool Laundry Love dryer balls are handmade for fair wages in Nepal from ethically sourced, cruelty-free wool that we source from New Zealand, who has some of the strictest standards for ethical care and treatment of animals in the world. Shearing helps to keep sheep clean and comfortable in warmer seasons when their heavy wool can cause overheating. Beyond the Code of Sheep Welfare regulations enforced by the New Zealand government, our wool supplier proved through a partner selection process that their sheep are treated and sheared humanely and they are free to express their normal patterns of behavior.

Beeswax & Honey

Our yellow beeswax is sourced from a multi-generation family-owned farm in British Columbia, and their partner farm in Alberta. The beekeepers are dedicated to improving the home and social environment for their bees to ensure they thrive, as well as educating their customers on the health of the honeybee. Beeswax is always harvested with the surplus honey - when hives are full the honey is removed, wax included. Hives are insulated during the winter and bees are carefully cared for to support them through sudden weather changes.

Sustainable & Responsible Sourcing

Since 1992, we’ve been traveling - sometimes to far off places and other times to our own backyards - to experience the healing power of plants and nature first hand. Throughout this journey, we’ve become good friends with incredible farmers, foragers, distillers, and medicine makers who have been kind enough to share their knowledge, and their beautiful ingredients with us. Very early on, we discovered that the best ingredients in the world came from thoughtful operations run by people who put the wellness of their workers, their communities, and the planet first.




Global Wellness

We are committed to the wellness of communities that we operate in, and the wellness of our Team Members. We believe that when we invest time and resources in creating ethical, eco-conscious and sustainability-driven products, the whole of our planet and our Community have the opportunity to be well. As all businesses do, we have the opportunity to continue learning and improving upon our practices and environmental impacts, and we are committed to growing our business in a way that continues to do as much good as possible, for people and the planet.

Trevor Ellestad
Trevor Ellestad
Education and Communications Manager
Trevor Ellestad (T’úỷtemken) leads the PR, Communications, and Education Teams at Saje Natural Wellness. He is a freelance writer & editor and a trained herbalist, aromatherapist, and horticulturist. Trevor has over a decade of experience in Influencer Marketing, Public Relations, and Digital Marketing and was nominated as one of Western Canada's top social media professionals by Notable Magazine. When he’s not throwing events and chatting with the media, he's probably digging in the dirt at T’uy’t pen’emay’, his ½ acre First Nations medicinal teaching garden under the Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver.
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