Five Steps to Enjoy the Benefits of Body Oiling
Five Steps to Enjoy the Benefits of Body Oiling
Five Steps to Enjoy the Benefits of Body Oiling

Five Steps to Enjoy the Benefits of Body Oiling

Soak in a new way to hydrate skin, soothe your body and get a top-to-toe glow.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

No matter what season it is, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated, naturally. This winter, I turned to body oiling to supercharge my skin hydration routine and to add a new practice of self-care to my day: self-massage. Just like all of our products, our Bath, Body & Massage Oils have a super-clean ingredient label, so I feel good about soaking it all up. Another perk is that body oiling gives your skin an immediate, warm glow that brings your inner radiance to the surface all day long.

  Rubbing body oil on the shoulders  

The benefits of body oiling


We all suffer from common aches and pains throughout our day. I love self-massage with body oil to target areas that are sore from a day sitting at a desk, an intense cross-training session, or a day out skiing. There’s no rules to follow here: just massage the areas of with discomfort—shoulders, knees, feet or anywhere else that could use some attention—in a concentrated way for up to 2-3 minutes.

Saje Tip: To loosen up your neck and shoulders, rub your skin using small circular motions, focusing on areas where you feel knots. If you want to soothe stomach pain, knead your abdomen in large, circular motions counterclockwise to support the digestive flow.


Body oils provide an extra hit of moisture with rich, easy-to-absorb ingredients like apricot, grapeseed and Vitamin E oils, all of which leave skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. We use these oils in our lineup of Bath, Body & Massage Oils including my go-to’s: Fortified Touch, Stress Release, Cellutone and Tantra.

R&R (Relaxation and Rejuvenation)

Using self-massage after a shower or bath adds an uplifting and relaxing twist to your routine that will help reduce aches and pains and decrease stress. Think of it like your regular moisturizing routine, just with even more benefits to your mind and body.

Layering natural aromas

Choose a body oil with your favourite essential oil blend and remedial benefit to add a beautiful and lasting aroma to your skin that will stay with you throughout the day. Try a body oil with lavender for a calming soothing sensation, like our Lavender and Friends Massage Oil, or warming, stimulating rosemary, blended in our Pain Release Topical Analgesic Massage Oil.

Soaking in the benefits of essential oils – fast!

Practicing self-massage with a body oil that includes essential oils means your skin will be absorbing the power of plants. Due to their highly concentrated nature, most are 50-70 times more potent than the plants they are derived from. Applying essential oils blended with skin-friendly carrier oils will allow you to safely access the therapeutic benefits of your favourite essential oils.

As I get back into training, I have been body oiling with our Après Sport - with relieving roman chamomile, eucalyptus and cajeput as a natural way to calm down and soothe muscle aches after my workout.

  Apres Sport Massage Oil  

Five steps to body oiling

  1. Prep your oasis - morning or night

    I like to set up my space before bathing or showering. When I have more time in the evening, my prep routine includes playing my go-to calming Spotify playlist, lighting a soy candle and choosing my favourite Saje body oil based on how my body is feeling in that moment. In the morning, I’ll choose a playlist with jams to get me going and ready to take on my day.

  2. Start with a dry brush

    Use this ancient practice to exfoliate and improve circulation, allowing for maximum absorption of your body oil. Try our In the Buff Natural Bristle Dry Brush as a way to energize smooth your skin before you lather up in the bath or shower.

      Using a dry brush on the arms  
  3. Get ready to bathe

    Follow your normal bathing or showering routine. To keep your suds as natural as your body oil, check out our Body Washes and Soaps for some SLS-free and paraben-free choices.

  4. Oil up and massage it in

    Apply your favourite body oil when your skin is slightly damp for the best hydrating results. Use 1-2 teaspoons for your whole body, and remember to take time to massage and take a few breaths. I have also been massaging oil into the soles of my feet to relieve stiffness and fatigue. (If you try this method, be careful to let the oil absorb before walking so you don’t slip!)

    Saje Tip: I love running my body oil bottle under warm water for 1-2 minutes before self-massage for a warming, moisturizing experience. Just take the bottle in the shower or bath with you so it’s ready and warmed when you step out.

  5. Pause

    To maximize the amount of moisture absorbed, wait at least three minutes before towel-drying or getting dressed. Use this time for another self-care ritual, like oil pulling or smoothing on an all-natural skin serum, blended for your skin type.

It may seem luxurious to indulge in body oiling and self-massage during your bathing routine, but your body and mind will thank you. When I take time to practice body oiling, I recover from training more quickly, my skin feels intensely moisturized, and I’m ready to take on the challenges of every day. Try it out, and enjoy your new self-care ritual!

Jaclyn Cummings
Jaclyn Cummings

Fuelled by athletics, personal connections and natural wellness, Jaclyn is the Director of Marketing with the Saje team. Her go-to Saje products include the travel-friendly aromaRoam Ultrasonic Diffuser (which she swears has saved her friends and family on extended road trips) and Après Sport Bath, Body & Massage Oil for a little R&R following a class at Ride, her favourite place to spin in Vancouver. Follow along on her marketing journey with Saje on Twitter: @Jaclyn_LC.

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