Gratitude can travel any distance
Gratitude can travel any distance
Gratitude can travel any distance

Gratitude can travel any distance

We asked six wellness leaders to help us define gratitude. This is what they shared.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

We’ve all heard that gratitude can bring life-changing, lifelong benefits to our lives. We invite more joy, more satisfaction and more wellness into our lives when we practice gratitude. It seems so simple, yet many of us struggle to give and receive gratefulness. What’s preventing us from making gratitude a daily practice?

Sometimes we need an example to truly understand a concept like gratitude. That’s why we connected with six wellness leaders to help us define gratitude and how it has influenced their lives. We discovered that behind all their successes are pivotal moments when they learned the power of gratefulness – both giving and receiving.

From acceptance and vulnerability to celebrating the little things in life, their stories show that gratitude can mean something different to everyone, and that sometimes a single moment can change your perspective forever.

Over the next month, we’ll be sharing stories that will help you take your understanding of gratitude one step deeper, and inspire you to share it with those around you. Watch this space for stories about the power of practicing gratitude and what it means to these wellness leaders:

Erin Treloar

Founder of Raw Beauty Talks

Amir Magal

Founder of Tribal Markers

Latham Thomas

Author and Founder of Mama Glow

Mike Shaw

Motivational Speaker and Recovering Quadriplegic

Joanne Encarnacion

Integrative Health Coach

Amy Galper

Founder of NY Institute of Aromatherapy