What to Watch to Inspire Greater Wellness
What to Watch to Inspire Greater Wellness
What to Watch to Inspire Greater Wellness

What to Watch to Inspire Greater Wellness

Our partner, Gaia is here to help you feel better with inspiring videos on yoga, mindfulness and more.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

Sometimes wellness is a one-person job, and sometimes you can benefit from a little help from your friends. For the month of January, we’ve partnered with Gaia, an online yoga, movement and enlightenment entertainment content community. Their network of content creators, yogis and field experts can help you reach a new level of holistic wellness with video content that inspires and guides.

Whether you’re new to the world of yoga and mindfulness or are a seasoned vet, Gaia has something for everyone. Check out a roundup of some of our favourite videos they offer to their online community:


Yoga for Stress Relief

Watch Take it Down with Mara Branscombe


Mindfulness leader, yogi and radiant being Mara Branscombe is a wealth of knowledge on how to cultivate true self-care that changes lives from the inside-out. In this video, she offers some gentle stretches and poses that can help relieve stress in your body and mind. This practice is done on the floor, taking strain off your muscles and joints while opening your hips, lower back, hamstrings and shoulders. Check this out before bed as a way to set yourself up for a restorative night’s sleep.


Get Started with Guided Meditation

Watch Islands of Inner Peace, The Stillness is You with Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra, renowned spiritual leader and author of Saje favourite The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, offers up an eight-minute guided meditation to help cultivate inner and outer fulfillment. He says that “it’s essential to recognize that who you truly are is not that person who is constantly in reaction. You are the stillness between your thoughts.” Breathe along with Deepak’s calming voice and strengthen your meditation practice by finding stillness wherever you are.


Using Movement to Connect with the Mind, Body and Spirit

Watch Three Parts to Wholeness (3-part series) with Janet Stone


Janet Stone describes herself as a global yoga warrior, and is an integral part of San Francisco’s yoga culture and beyond. In this three-part series, she takes you on a journey towards radiant wholeness. Actively applying the principles of creation, intention, and forgiveness on the mat, you will be given the opportunity to reveal your true self through movement and breath.


Yoga for Pain Relief

Watch Injury Inquiry & Insight with Clara Roberts-Oss


Renowned yoga instructor and a dancer in a previous life, Clara Roberts-Oss radiates an infectious energy and brings a deep wisdom of the body to her classes. This series was created with the insights Clara gained from her own injuries and the many years of working with injured students. Injuries and sensitivities can be a great reminder to pay attention, slow down and to let go of how we think our poses should look or feel like. In this five-part series, she explores how to modify yoga poses for injuries of the wrist, back, knees and more so you can keep flowing without pain.

Pain Release
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