How To Get Glowing Skin Using 100% Natural Skin Care Products
How To Get Glowing Skin Using 100% Natural Skin Care Products
How To Get Glowing Skin Using 100% Natural Skin Care Products

How To Get Glowing Skin Using 100% Natural Skin Care Products

Fresh, clear, dewy and healthy-looking skin is at your fingertips

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau

Insider secrets on how to get glowing skin


Healthy-looking, glowing skin is something we all crave. The look of skin that is fresh, clean, well-maintained and supple is something that many of us chase from our youth well into our mature years, holding tightly to the products we find along the way that simulate the ever elusive ‘fountain of youth’ we desire.

What it means to have glowing skin varies greatly depending on who you ask. Some of the definitions we’ve found along the way include skin that is deeply hydrated and supple, skin that is free from irritations like dryness, redness or blemishes and skin that is balanced and free from skin extremes like oiliness and breakouts. However you define skin that is glowing, one thing is clear: your healthiest skin starts from within.


Rejuvenating elixir


In the same way our bodies thrive when we are staying properly hydrated, we’re prioritizing nourishing eating habits, we’re getting that coveted 7-9 hours of sleep per night and we’re getting up and moving throughout the day, so too does our skin. You’d be surprised by how many similarities there are in the way our skin responds to what we put on our body in the same way as what we put in it.

We want to share some of our Community’s favorite products for getting glowing skin that are chock full of plant-based goodness and high-quality plant ingredients. We wholeheartedly believe in skin care that is free from synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES, microbeads and many other undesirable potential irritants and instead is formulated entirely with essential oils, carrier oils and base ingredients that come directly from nature. Read on to learn more about how to get glowing skin, naturally.

How to get glowing skin with 100% natural, plant-based cleansers


The first step in any skin care routine is a thorough cleanse. When looking for a skin cleanser, you want a product that is tough on dirt, grime and makeup, but that is gentle on the delicate skin of the face. Because most of us are cleansing the face twice a day, some people choose to switch up their routine or to use different products depending on the seasonal skin care needs they’ve experienced. The products we’re recommending today are less conventional skin care cleansers for you to consider adding to your routine if you’re looking to try something new:

Parisian Garden bar soap: bar soap? As face wash? Hear us out. Conventional bar soap can be drying or stripping to the skin, as it typically contains alcohol and other irritants. At Saje our bar soaps are double milled, which means they’ve been processed and cured twice, to ensure there is no trace of lye or any other soap-making ingredient that can cause dryness. For Parisian Garden, we’ve added a balancing and soothing blend of lavender, geranium and lemon essential oils to help brighten and tone the skin alongside french green clay, a natural mineral that provides gentle exfoliation and helps support a renewed, fresh look. A creamy, frothy and sudsy experience with this bar soap just might have you rethinking how you wash your face!

Konjac Kare Yam sponge: if you’re looking for gentle daily exfoliation for the face, this sponge is your new best friend. An entirely plant-based fiber that’s been infused with yam extract for enriching amino acids, vitamins and minerals, this sponge can be used with or without cleanser to help cleanse, soothe and comfort the skin daily as a great alternative to conventional exfoliants which can tear or abrade the skin. Thoroughly wet the sponge until soft and buff the skin in a circular motion to help even skin tone and leave the face looking healthy and fresh.


Konjac Kare Yam sponge


How to get glowing skin with 100% natural, plant-based toners


After cleansing, toning is another important step in the skin care process. Toning helps to calm and balance the skin after cleansing, and most importantly, prepare for the next step in the process which is adding moisture to the face. Toning is a simple process, typically using a water-based product that’s been infused with other beneficial plant-based ingredients to re-balance and prep for moisture. Here are the products we love for toning our skin:

Rose mist: the simplest combination of distilled water and rose otto essential oil provides long lasting hydration and deep nourishment to all skin types. The water in the mist assists with a deeper absorption of essential oils into the skin through osmosis, preparing the face to receive additional hydration. Rose, sometimes referred to as the queen of flowers, is known to soothe, comfort and revitalize. Mist generously post-cleanse and breathe deeply to feel restored.


Bliss mist


Bliss mist: if you want to take toning to the next level, you’re going to fall in love with Bliss mist. This is a ritzy blend of precious essential oils like woody sandalwood, frankincense and cypress that have been blended with floral lavender, rose and geranium for a skin care experience that feels like stepping into the spa. This blend is deeply hydrating, restores skin’s natural radiance and has a gently cleansing effect. Shake the bottle before use and spritz generously to the face.

How to get glowing skin with 100% natural, plant-based hydrators


The third and arguably most important step in our quest to get glowing skin comes in the form of hydration. Rather than talk about conventional moisturizers for the skin, we’re going to introduce you to two specialty products that are used for treating deeply dehydrated skin on two specific points on the face: the eyes and the lips. Two areas with incredibly delicate skin, the eyes and the lips require gentle and nourishing ingredients that are formulated specifically for these sensitive areas. Let us introduce you to two of our favorites:

Herbal Balm: a long-loved product here at Saje, Herbal Balm is sold as a lash and nail salve, but we think this product is so much more. Calendula gently hydrates skin while promoting radiance, St. John’s wort calms irritation and hydrates skin to help it look smoother while patchouli soothes and comforts, encouraging the skin to look and feel rejuvenated. Try smoothing Herbal Balm onto the lashes, eyebrows, a very small amount on the delicate skin near the eyes or even use as a gentle makeup remover.


Herbal Balm


Lip Protect salve: did you know that the hero ingredient in Lip Protect salve, carrot essential oil, is known as one of the most restorative and richly moisturizing essential oils? Carrot is protective and restorative, making it the perfect ingredient alongside soothing and comforting castor seed, beeswax, coconut and shea butter. Slather onto lips as often as needed as especially after exposure to the elements.

How to get glowing skin with 100% natural, plant-based serums


The last step we want to share in our mission for glowing skin is about face oils, sometimes called serums or elixirs. The outer layer of our skin is what’s called lipophilic, which in short means that the outermost layer of our skin loves oil. Using a facial oil is a way to create a barrier of protection on the skin that keep moisture locked in and helps to treat everything from dryness to uneven skin tone. Adding an oil-based plant ingredient serum as the last step in your skin care routine can help bring out your skin’s natural glow; here are our recommendations:

Rejuvenating elixir: restore radiance and replenish moisture in skin that has lost its sparkle with this nourishing blend. Ideal for combination, dry or mature skin, Rejuvenating elixir has been formulated with restorative and replenishing rose, neroli to help improve the appearance of skin’s texture and antioxidant-rich evening primrose to leave skin feeling radiant. Three to four drops are all you need, patted gently into the skin in the evening, to wake up feeling glowy.


Rejuvenating elixir


Sensitive elixir: skin that often feels dry and easily irritated will welcome this delicate, nurturing blend of essential oils that will protect even the most sensitive types. Ideal for sensitive or dry skin, Sensitive elixir has been formulated with delicate and soothing roman chamomile, balancing and comforting geranium and calming rosehip fruit oil for that deeply restored and relieved feeling on the skin.

Lifestyle tips for how to get glowing skin


As we mentioned earlier, what we put on our skin is as important as what we put in our bodies, the way we take care of our mental health and the priority we place on activities like sleeping and movement. Because all our bodily systems are so intricately connected, it’s important to look at our overall health and well-being with a holistic 360-degree approach. Here are some top tips for lifestyle management to get glowing skin:

  1. Incorporate skin healthy foods regularly. What comes as a surprise to exactly no one is how what we eat can often ‘show up’ on our face. If we prioritize whole foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and minimize our consumption of highly processed and packaged foods, our skin will thank us for it.
  2. Prioritize hydration. We can’t talk about the health of our skin without mentioning the importance of proper hydration each day. Pure, clean water and beverages like herbal teas and coconut water are all part of keeping your system balanced and properly hydrated.
  3. Practice sleep rituals. We know that a late night and an early morning is a recipe for undereye circles, which is why prioritizing sleep each night is so important. Giving your body time to rest and repair is crucial. While you’re at it, remember to change your pillowcases regularly to avoid potential bacterial growth from hair and skin care products meshing with fabric fibers.

The road to glowing skin is paved with good intentions; let’s collectively prioritize healthy skin as part of our daily wellness routines and rituals so we can feel our best each day from head to toe.

Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
National Educator
Naturally curious and a passionate advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, Kristin’s goal through education is to invite us into reflection and contemplation in deciding what wellness means to each of us individually. A former Torontonian now based out of Vancouver, Kristin is an avid student of crystal energy work, breathwork, meditation and aromatherapy, with a deep-seated affinity for houseplants and exploration of the West Coast.
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