The Ingredients For A Good Night’s Sleep
The Ingredients For A Good Night’s Sleep
The Ingredients For A Good Night’s Sleep

The Ingredients For A Good Night’s Sleep

Erin Treloar, health coach and founder of Raw Beauty Co., explains the importance of prioritizing a healing sleep routine.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Erin Treloar

Is your sleep routine like a vibrant green juice or a bag of stale chips? I’m ashamed to admit it but for years, mine was definitely the latter. I would work late, brush my teeth while planning out the next day and plop into bed scrolling Instagram until my eyes hurt.

After having kids, I felt desperate for more sleep but it always fell last on the list. For three years, I sacrificed shut eye to show up as a mom and to squeeze in extra hours to grow my business. It’s just a season, I told myself as I poured another coffee.

At 9 months postpartum, I was diagnosed with severe postpartum anxiety and began having daily panic attacks. My body was screaming at me for rest and now I had no choice but to listen. After meeting with several Western and Eastern doctors, it was clear that I needed to prioritize my sleep to regain my health. I had to learn how to make the green juice — and this time my life depended on it.

Today I cherish sleep and treasure the rituals I’ve created around it. Here are the four main ingredients of my sleep routine:




This is a challenging one — but it might be the most important. Our body can’t differentiate between the light on our devices and sunlight. Our blue light obsession disrupts our natural sleep rhythms, making it harder to fall into a deep, restorative sleep.

I set an alarm to remind myself to power down an hour before I want to fall asleep. Once in bed, I turn my phone on Airplane Mode and plug it in away from my bed to avoid the pre-sleep scroll.




Specific aromas such as lavender or chamomile have been known to reduce feelings of agitation and restlessness.

I love diffusing Saje’s Tranquility Diffuser Blend in my Aroma Om Diffuser about 30 minutes before bed. Then, I roll Sleep Well Remedy onto my neck to set the tone for a deep sleep. Last but not least, I place the Shut Eye Soothing Eyeshade on to block out light. It gently wraps my face in a calming lavender and chamomile blend so I’m primed for sweet dreams all night.


Saje diffuser and essential oil beside bed




I used to dread my nightly cleansing routine and would mindlessly go through the motions while thinking about the day to come. As I worked through my anxiety and retrained myself to sleep, these 10 minutes became the most important part of my routine. It helps me put the busyness of the day behind me, slowing my thoughts while allowing me to practice moving mindfulness.

As I move through my routine, I gently focus my attention on the task at hand, using my five senses to connect me to the moment. I do this as I wash my face, brush my teeth, put away my clothes and climb into bed.




Once I’m cozy in bed, I do a body scan to release tension and address any lingering emotions that might keep me awake. I slowly scan from my feet to the top of my head, tuning into any sensations that I’m experiencing. If any tension, thoughts or emotions pop up, I take a deep breath or I grab the journal beside my bed to write them down, releasing them from my mind.

I’ve created a free 5-minute body scan that you can download here.

This nightly ritual has transformed my quality of sleep and turned my bedtime routine into a joy rather than a chore. Sleep is the ultimate form of self care — it is not selfish or a waste of time. Want more tips on how to improve your sleep? Tune into “How To Get The Ultimate Beauty Sleep” with Dr. Janet Kennedy on the Raw Beauty Talks podcast here.


Saje diffuser and essential oil beside bed

Erin Treloar
Health Coach and Founder of Raw Beauty Co.
Erin Treloar is a mom of two, a registered health coach, the Founder of Raw Beauty Co. and host of the Top 10 iTunes podcast Raw Beauty Talks. She is dedicated to helping women change their lives by giving them tools to live from a place of self love.
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