Mother’s Day Essential Oils: Our Top Gift Picks
Mother’s Day Essential Oils: Our Top Gift Picks
Mother’s Day Essential Oils: Our Top Gift Picks

Mother’s Day Essential Oils: Our Top Gift Picks

100% natural gift ideas for the mother figures in your life

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day essential oils


Mother’s Day is that special day every year where we get to lavish attention and affection on the moms, mums, mothers and mamas who raised us, taught us, supported us and helped us become the people we are today. Did you know that there are approximately 2 billion moms in the world, and that more people purchase fresh flowers and plants for Mother’s Day than almost any other holiday? Moms are a big deal!


A mother cuddling her baby


Given the year we’ve had, it’s safe to say that many mother figures in our lives have been doing double duty; working full time jobs, often acting as teachers during home schooling, finding time to maintain the home and all of the extracurricular activities that occur in and out of it. It could be argued that Mother’s Day should be Mother’s Week... or month.

When you’re thinking about ways to honor and acknowledge the contributions of the mother figures in your life this year, think outside the box (of chocolates) and explore the ways you can support their health and well-being with gifts chosen specifically for them to invest in self-care and ‘me’ time. Read on to learn more about our top gift recommendations for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day essential oils: home décor diffusers


Treat your mom this year to a diffuser she can use to show off her artistic side while supporting her wellness and the air she’s breathing all day. Diffusers are a simple way to add freshness to any space, while allowing the user to personalize the experience of how they want to feel in their home, and how they want their home to smell. Here are our top picks for a new diffuser that says, “mom, I think you’re just the best”.

Aroma Rise Pistachio: this brand new, limited edition unit is a fun and fresh colorway of our popular style of diffuser called the Aroma Rise. The Pistachio is made from sleek polyresin and BPA-free plastic and offers a continuous or intermittent runtime of between 3-6 hours. This style of diffuser is perfect for the mom who likes showing off her personal style and who likes to switch up her décor each season.

Aroma Rise Desert Rose: the second color offering in our limited-edition Aroma Rise series is called Desert Rose and is made from a gorgeous blush pink textured cement and BPA-free plastic. Offering the same continuous and intermittent runtime of 3-6 hours, this style of diffuser is perfect for the mom who likes warm, bright colors and unique textures and materials.


Aroma Rise Desert Rose diffuser


Aroma Om White: a diffuser that never goes out of style is our fan-favorite, award-winning Aroma Om in white ceramic and BPA-free plastic. This chic and stylish diffuser with the same runtimes as the Aroma Rise units is perfect for the mom who likes her décor classic, timeless and simple.

Mother’s Day essential oils: diffuser blends for all preferences


Of course if we’re gifting our mamas a diffuser this Mother’s Day, we’re going to need to select some beautifully scented diffuser blends to go with it. Scent is personal, and you know your mother figure best! At Saje we have something for everyone, from zesty citruses to fresh florals and crisp tree scents. Here are some of our personal favorites from each of these categories:

For the mom who loves citrus: we recommend Liquid Sunshine. This top-selling diffuser blend is formulated with fresh grapefruit, relaxing bergamot and invigorating lime to help boost your mood and leave you feeling cheerful. A perfect way to start the day, Liquid Sunshine is for anyone who wants to start their day feeling revived.

For the mom who loves florals: we recommend Bliss. This euphoric blend of sweet and uplifting essential oils is formulated with soothing rose, balancing geranium and citrusy orange. When you’re looking for relaxation alongside feelings of self-assurance and reflection, reach for Bliss.


Bliss diffuser blend


For the mom who loves tree scents: we recommend Rain Forest. This warm and woody blend was formulated to mimic the fresh and opening scents of walking in the forest. Blended with uplifting balsam fir, invigorating pine and grounding cedarwood, this scent is perfect for anyone looking to bring the aromas of the outdoors indoors.

Mother’s Day essential oils: bath & body products


Another one of the ways we can celebrate our moms this year is by encouraging them to practice self-care and to prioritize time that is specifically meant for them. When we think about relaxation and the invitation of peace and calm into our mental and physical spaces, we love thinking about bath and body products. High quality plant-derived ingredients to help us feel calmed, soothed and at ease? Sign us up. Our favorite bath and body products we think your mom will love:

Unwind bath salt soak: take time to relax and soak away the worries of the day with this grounding and balancing bath salt soak. Unwind is a blend of sweet, uplifting orange, floral, harmonizing lavender and warm, spicy cinnamon. Epsom and sea salts help to soothe and ease the body while essential oils provide a peaceful aromatic experience. Encourage mom to fill the tub, add 2-3 tablespoons of salts and soak for 30 minutes for optimal effects.

Tantra body butter: start with a base of ultra-hydrating ingredients like cocoa seed butter, mango butter and shea butter for rich and luxurious hydration for the skin. Add tantalizing and sensual essential oils like earthy patchouli, woodsy sandalwood, sweet orange and floral champa for an uplifting experience for the senses. Smooth into the skin post bath or shower to feel soothed and restored.

Rose Mist: our favorite way to refresh and hydrate our face, hair and skin is with a generous spritz of Rose Mist. Known as the queen of all flowers and essential oils, Rose is hydrating, nourishing, gentle and renewing, helping us to feel connected to ourselves and others. Mist generously as desired.


Rose Mist


Mother’s Day essential oils: help her get a good rest


Last and certainly not least, we’re offering some gift suggestions for mom this year designed to support her in getting the rest and relaxation she needs and deserves. For a number of reasons, many people have reported decreased quality and quantity of sleep this year, which is why we think it’s more important than ever to create a nighttime wind down routine she can use each night to drift off to dreamland and wake up ready to tackle the day. Here are the products we use each night for our best rest:

Tranquility roll-on: about 20-30 minutes before we intend to climb into bed, we like to generously apply this roll-on to our pulse points and the soles of our feet to help our mind and body start the transition towards bedtime. Lavender relaxes and soothes, marjoram eases feelings of stress and roman chamomile is known to ease restlessness.


Tranquility roll-on


Lavender Mist: perhaps the most well-known essential oil for rest and relaxation, lavender has that unmistakable herbal and floral smell that sends signals to the mind and body that say, “it’s time for us to wind down”. We love to use this mist as a bedding spray, spritzing generously over our pillows and sheets before climbing in to set the tone for deep rest.

Goodnight diffuser blend: no nighttime routine would be complete without our top pick to diffuse while we rest, Goodnight. A rich, woody and grounding blend of frankincense, sandalwood and vetiver helps us feel ready for rest each night. Try adding up to 5 drops to a diffuser of your choice and fill your room with feelings of peace and calm.

Mother’s Day essential oils: gifts that come from the heart


As a final note, we want to offer that sometimes the best Mother’s Day gifts come in the form of a gift that comes from the heart. Words of affirmation, acts or service and quality time are just a few of the ways that many of our mother figures feel celebrated, acknowledged and appreciated. Here are a few ideas to tug on her heartstrings this year:

  1. Plan a picnic. Prepare your mom’s favorite lunch or snacks and set out on an outdoor adventure. Take a walk through your local park, stop to smell the flowers and end your experience with some quality time together.
  2. Get your sweat on! If you and your mom share a love for getting sweaty, try taking a socially distanced class or even participate in a virtual class together! What better way to let her know you love her than to invest in your wellness together.
  3. Give her the gift of time. Perhaps she’s a new mom who could use some time alone to get a massage or visit with a friend. Maybe she’s been working from home while home schooling and could use some help with the household chores. However you see fit, offer the mother figure in your life the gift of time and see how this comes back to you tenfold in gratitude.

However and whoever you’re celebrating this year, take a moment to acknowledge all that the moms and mother figures in our lives do for us each and every day throughout the year. Thank you to moms everywhere, we’d be lost without you.

Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
National Educator
Naturally curious and a passionate advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, Kristin’s goal through education is to invite us into reflection and contemplation in deciding what wellness means to each of us individually. A former Torontonian now based out of Vancouver, Kristin is an avid student of crystal energy work, breathwork, meditation and aromatherapy, with a deep-seated affinity for houseplants and exploration of the West Coast.
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