How To Care For Oily Skin Before Going Back To Class
How To Care For Oily Skin Before Going Back To Class
How To Care For Oily Skin Before Going Back To Class

How To Care For Oily Skin Before Going Back To Class

Get skin as bright as your future with our 100% plant-based oily skin care line.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

We’ve all been there: remember feeling like a spot on your forehead had the power to ruin your life? Even as adults, a blemish can make us want to stay at home hiding under a blanket. Your teen is going through the same distress that you did back then. And just like you, they’re probably desperate to find relief.

As the teens in our lives get ready to head back to the classroom, troubled skin should be the furthest thing from their minds. All they need to focus on right now is catching up with old friends, learning new things, and preparing for their futures. But oily skin is a very real, very challenging part of growing up. As our bodies change and hormones run wild, the stress of it all can pop up in the form of oily skin.

Many drugstore and over-the-counter products promise a quick fix, but too often they contain harsh chemicals that do more harm than good. Acne treatment really starts by making wellness a priority and managing diet, stress and sleep, and using only 100% natural skin care products.

Whether it’s their first day of high school or they’re gearing up to graduate, here are our tips for treating oily skin the natural way so your kids can head back to school clear-skinned and confident.

  Zap Blend for Oily Skin  


Before we look at how to use 100% plant-based products to treat oily skin, it’s helpful to know what’s causing it in the first place. Research has shown it can be the result of many different things, from poor diet and lack of sleep, to not washing your face or using the wrong skin care for your skin type. For kids and teens, though, hormones play the biggest role.

During puberty, the body automatically produces more sex hormones, or androgens. Studies show that these hormones cause the oil glands in our skin to expand, signaling them to produce more oil, or sebum. This excess sebum can get trapped in our pores or hair follicles, which contributes to an overgrowth of bacteria. One of nature’s biggest ironies: when all we can think about is first dates and first kisses, our body decides to give us a pimple on the end of our nose!

Hormonal skin conditions typically show up in the T-zone: your forehead, nose and chin. Oily skin can vary in severity and recovery depends on proper hygiene and care, starting from the inside out.

Since the most severe form of hormonal acne develops deep under the skin’s surface, it’s important to treat the root cause — hormonal imbalance. This starts from the inside out by balancing your hormone levels.

Chronic stress, poor nutrition, and low quality sleep can all affect hormonal imbalances. Stress is a modern-day epidemic and can problems in our whole body — sleep, digestion, and even our skin. Help your teens fuel their bodies with nutritious food to support their health from the inside out, and encourage them to get proper rest so their bodies have time to regenerate and repair.

Even though we can’t stop puberty from doing its thing, you can support the teens in your life by helping them address these issues first. When spots do appear, we have some natural options to support the recovery process.

  Zap Oily Skin Care Kit  


The skin on your face is the most delicate skin on your entire body and it deserves the gentlest of care. Like all of our products, our skin care is always 100% plant based and formulated to be as gentle as can be.

Our Zap skin care line was created specifically for the most sensitive, oily skin. Blended with skin-clarifying ingredients to soothe and balance, these products reduce the appearance of redness and promote your skin’s natural rejuvenation processes.

The star ingredient in all our Zap products is tea tree essential oil. Tea tree helps to soothe and restore oily skin to a clear, comfortable state. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the full Zap skin care routine.


STEP 1: Zap Cleansing Bar

A natural treatment for skin in need of deep-cleansing action, our Zap Cleansing Bar cleanses away excess dirt, oils and dead skin cells to reveal bright, fresh, radiant skin underneath. Gently wash face, neck and body in the morning and evening, rinsing well with lukewarm water.

STEP 2: Zap Toner

Gentle enough to be used daily, our Zap Toner Mist reduces excess oil and calms irritation, creating a radiantly clean and healthy-looking glow. Apply immediately after cleansing by misting face with eyes and mouth closed, or by misting a cotton pad and applying directly to skin.

  Zap Lotion  

STEP 3: Zap Lotion

Our soothing Zap Lotion is full of soothing and rejuvenating essential oils like lavender and roman chamomile. Ideal for oily skin, it is also gentle enough to use every day. Apply to your entire face and neck in the morning and evening, after cleansing and toning.

STEP 4: Zap Roll-On

Breakouts are no match for our Zap Roll-On Blend. Restore your healthy glow with a balancing, soothing and cleansing blend of essential oils in a convenient roll-on format for targeted application. After cleansing, toning and moisturizing with the Zap skin care system, roll directly onto desired areas to balance and soothe, twice daily.


If your teens are struggling to find relief from acne, encourage them to give our Zap skin care a try, so they go back to school feeling better, naturally. We’re always available to connect and continue the conversation. Give us a call or text us at 1 (877) ASK-SAJE (1-877-275-7253), send us a live chat, or email us at Our team is here to help.