Our Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Sets
Our Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Sets
Our Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Sets

Our Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Sets

Wellness gifts to help your mom feel her best all year long

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau

Mother’s Day gift sets that show her how much you care


You want to let your mom or mother figure know how much you love her every day, not just on this one special day each year. We know that Mother’s Day is about so much more than gifts but finding a special way to show her that you’re invested in her wellness as much as she is, is a heartwarming way to connect.

Here’s some fun facts you might not know about the big day itself: the Mother’s Day holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year and is the day each year where the single most telephone calls are placed in a 24-hour period – the expectation this year is upwards of 122 million phone calls! The earliest tracings of the origin of Mother’s Day go all the way back to ancient Greece when spring celebrations were held in honor of Rhea, the goddess of fertility, motherhood and generation.

This year, treat your mom to 100% natural, good-for-her and good-for-the-environment wellness products that are formulated to leave her feeling well from head to toe. Read on to learn more about our top recommendations.

Mother’s Day gift sets: new products she hasn’t tried yet


Maybe your mom is already a wellness aficionado and it’s hard to find products she hasn’t yet tried. Fear not, as we’ve launched a whole host of new products for her to enjoy for this year’s holiday. From diffuser blends to skin care kits, here are a few of the brand-new offerings we’re excited to gift this year:

Spa Day diffuser blend: we could not be more excited that this refreshing and relaxing diffuser blend has joined our core collection this spring. Blended with bright and fresh lemon, cleansing juniper berry and woodsy black spruce, this blend also contains a brand-new essential oil to us here at Saje called Labrador Tea. Sourced in eastern Canada, this fresh oil with a touch of warmth is thought to help bring calm and serenity to the nervous system, perfectly reminiscent of a day at the spa.


Spa Day diffuser blend


Fresh Bouquet diffuser blend: the first of three brand new floral-inspired, limited edition diffuser blends for spring, Fresh Bouquet is blended with geranium, palmarosa and another new-to-Saje essential oil called rhododendron. Sweet and green smelling, rhododendron is used to minimize feelings of stress and worry and to help the system feel balanced.

Spring Morning diffuser blend: reminiscent of the scent of the first morning in the springtime where you open your windows and let the fresh air flow through your space, this blend is formulated with lavender, lemon, pine needle, tea tree and patchouli.

Flower Bed diffuser blend: the third and final of the limited-edition floral blends is called Flower Bed an also contains a new essential oil called magnolia. A sweet and fresh oil with emotionally soothing benefits, magnolia is blended alongside geranium, ylang ylang and ho wood for a walk in the garden at sunset type of feeling.

Yoga Body Butter: the Yoga collection of products is a well-loved line of grounding, harmonizing essential oils and plant ingredients formulated to be soothing and balanced. Yoga body butter is the newest product to join the collection, also as a core product we will now be offering year-round. Formulated with essential oils of patchouli, orange, bergamot, cedarwood and vetiver, this rich and nourishing formula is a perfect treat for the skin and the senses.


Yoga Body Butter


Mother’s Day gift sets: our best-selling essential oil kit


Our favorite way to introduce anyone to wellness is through our flagship essential oil kit called the Pocket Farmacy. A best-selling product at Saje that’s now in its 25th year, this kit contains five of our most popular roll-ons to address the head, symptoms of cold like cough, tummy troubles, stress and pain. We’ve just launched a limited-edition version for spring with a watercolor-inspired print of peaceful grey and blue shades, reminiscent of the calm found near the ocean. Here’s a peek at what’s inside:


Pocket Farmacy


Peppermint Halo: the first product ever formulated at Saje and still our #1 today, this formula of cooling and tingling peppermint, opening and clearing eucalyptus and warming and relieving rosemary will help the area around the head, neck and shoulders feel cooled and soothed.

Fortify: the hero product in our cough and cold line, easing and relieving essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, pine and cinnamon will help restore you to feeling well if you’ve been under the weather.

Gutzy: soothe and balance the tummy with this relieving blend of sweet fennel, black pepper, roman chamomile and peppermint. Gently massage into the belly anytime you feel symptoms of discomfort.

Stress Release: your favorite companion in managing stressful symptoms and feelings like racing thoughts, restlessness and emotional unrest. Soothing, balancing essential oils of lavender, clary sage, orange and geranium help you to feel grounded.

Pain Release: apply topically to any area that feels tight, tense, sore or achy. Formulated with warming and relieving essential oils like rosemary, marjoram and roman chamomile, feel eased and relieved from head to toe.

Mother’s Day gift sets: skin care essentials


If your mom enjoys taking care of her skin, have we got just the kit for you! A limited-edition wellness set called Radiance Routine, this kit contains three skin care products to help restore a healthy glow and keep skin feeling supple. Let’s explore what’s inside:

Clear Quartz gua sha: intended for use as a facial massage tool, the gua sha is meant to be used on the face with light pressure and in an upwards and outwards motion towards the frame of your face. Cool the skin, reduce puffiness and help improve the appearance of skin’s texture with regular use.

Bliss mist: a soothing and hydrating toner, this mist is made with a number of high quality, luxurious essential oils to cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Rose is a natural toner for skin, carrot promotes natural radiance, frankincense balances and soothes while sandalwood is gentle and restorative. Spritz generously to the face after cleansing or anytime during the day when you need a pick-me-up.

Balancing elixir: this hydrating skin serum will help bring oily, combination or blemish-prone skin into balance while replenishing moisture for a soft, renewed look and feel. Formulated with antioxidant-rich evening primrose, cleansing tea tree and skin-soothing myrtle, try applying 3-4 drops to the fingertips and gently pressing into the skin.


Radiance Routine


Mother’s Day gift sets: give the gift of fresh air


A gift we believe that moms everywhere would enjoy is an air refreshing and delicately scenting ultrasonic diffuser. Diffusers are fantastic at helping us to create an oasis within our home. We can choose exactly how we want our home to smell, and we can use the power of scent to choose how we want to feel when we are in our space. Here are two brand new, limited edition diffusers we’re offering this spring that we think your mom will love:

Aroma Rise Pistachio: this sleek diffuser is made with a polyresin cover in a trendy pistachio green and a BPA-free plastic interior water tank. Boasting a continuous or intermittent run time, this diffuser can run for between 3-6 hours, making it perfect for your workday or through the night.


Aroma Rise Pistachio


Aroma Rise Desert Rose: the second limited-edition colorway in the Aroma Rise series of diffusers is a blush pink textured cement called Desert Rose, with the same run time and features as its predecessor. We love the Desert Rose on a bedside table or in a living room; anywhere your mom might be looking to showcase an aesthetically pleasing piece that is also functional.

Mother’s Day gift sets: for the mom who has everything


Our moms mean so much to us all year long but having the excuse to celebrate them extra on this special Sunday in May is simply an added bonus. Alongside your gift, here are a few fun ideas for ways to spend quality time together for Mother’s Day:

  1. Take a flower arranging class. Mother’s Day coincides with springtime and fresh blooms popping up all over the place! Bonus: most flower arranging classes allow you to take your creation home at the end!
  2. Cook or bake together. They say the way to the heart is through the stomach; what better way to spend quality time together than in the kitchen.
  3. Create a virtual experience. For those might not be able to spend time with their moms in person, a digital photobook is a great way to remind them you care.

For all the moms out there, the hardest working job there is, we salute you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
National Educator
Naturally curious and a passionate advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, Kristin’s goal through education is to invite us into reflection and contemplation in deciding what wellness means to each of us individually. A former Torontonian now based out of Vancouver, Kristin is an avid student of crystal energy work, breathwork, meditation and aromatherapy, with a deep-seated affinity for houseplants and exploration of the West Coast.
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