Talking Wellness With Lindsay From Treasures & Travels
Talking Wellness With Lindsay From Treasures & Travels
Talking Wellness With Lindsay From Treasures & Travels

Talking wellness with Lindsay from Treasures & Travels

Vancouver blogger shares how she looks after her well being, day and night.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

Lifestyle bloggers and real-life sisters, Lindsay and Tegan are the style and substance behind Vancouver-based Treasures & Travels. Inspired by their choice to use only natural products in their homes and choosing all-natural skincare, we visited their Vancouver studio to talk about our new aromaTime Ultrasonic Diffuser and learn more about how Lindsay keeps her wellness going around the clock.

What makes a great day for you?

I feel inspired and recharged when I am with like-minded creatives, connecting and collaborating on things I am passionate about. When I am able to help others and they help me, we can connect on a deeper level and we share in each other's accomplishments. I feel best when there is a balance of giving and taking. Looking after my wellness means that I am creating the energy I need for these connections to flourish.


Talking Wellness With Lindsay From Treasures & Travels


How do you start your day in a positive way?

My favorite mornings are when I can take things slow. I love making a healthy, hearty breakfast and having a coffee while reading or journaling. I like taking the time to write about things that have inspired me throughout the week, as well as plan out my goals for the day. Whether these goals are practical ones—things I need to get done—or more thoughtful goals that help me shift to a positive perspective, setting out goals really helps me get my day started on a positive note.


How do you unwind in the evening?

In the evenings, I love to wind down with some kombucha or wine, listen to a record and play my guitar, or write songs. This really calms me and helps me reflect on my day.


Why did you make the shift to all-natural products?

I choose all-natural products for myself and my home because it is incredibly impactful on your health. My mother lost her battle to cancer two years ago, and it completely opened my eyes to the things I was putting on my body and the products I was surrounding myself with in my home.

Since making the switch to natural, I am more aware of the things I put on my body, as well as my general wellness. When I focus on treating my body and my home well, I feel better about myself, about who I am, as well as feel more confident throughout the day. I notice my mind is a lot healthier.


Talking Wellness With Lindsay From Treasures & Travels


What’s diffusing in your studio lately?

I’ve had Tranquility, Rain Forest and Exhale Diffuser Blends cycling through my diffuser all day long. I love the freshness of Exhale in the afternoon, and love the ability to set a timer for different aromas throughout the day. It’s like a cue for me that a new part of my day is starting, whether that’s to start winding down, or getting energized for the day.

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