The Game Changing Skin Care Benefits Of A Clay Face Mask
The Game Changing Skin Care Benefits Of A Clay Face Mask
The Game Changing Skin Care Benefits Of A Clay Face Mask

The Game Changing Skin Care Benefits Of A Clay Face Mask

Adding a face mask to your skin care routine for maximum radiance

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau

What’s the hype with clay face masks?


If you’re a skin care junkie, you’ve definitely heard of the clay face mask. In the beauty world, the clay face mask tends to garner a lot of use of words like ‘purifying’, ‘detoxifying’ and ‘pore cleansing’ - but how? And what do those claims mean?


Clay Cleanse


A quick google search will net you umpteen results showcasing fancy ingredients like ‘Australian pink clay’ or benefit claims like ‘multi-tasking face mask to target multiple areas of the face’. When we get down to brass tacks, what does this fancy jargon really mean? And is a clay face mask worth the hype?

How does a clay face mask work?


Our answer to the question, “is a clay face mask worth the hype?” is yes – but it depends. Not all clay face masks are created equal and here at Saje, our firmly drawn line in the sand is 100% natural ingredients and 100% transparency for all our formulations. We believe that all the skin care preparations you use should be free of potential irritants like artificial fragrances and alcohol, as well as synthetic parabens, ingredients derived from petroleum like mineral oil and so many others. Rest assured that each of the products we offer contain nothing but nature!

A clay face mask works by using absorbent ingredients to help draw out from the pores; this can mean dry, dead skin cells, dirt and oil that your skin has attracted during the day and other impurities like excess oil. Some of the common ingredients found in a clay face mask include kaolin or bentonite clay types, which are often blended alongside other absorbent ingredients like charcoal powder, as an example.

At Saje we offer a clay face mask called Clay Cleanse. This purifying face mask is made from gently absorbent charcoal powder to draw out dirt and oil from clogged pores, frankincense essential oil to restore vitality by supplying moisture to dry skin and the star of the show, kaolin clay.


Clay Cleanse


Kaolin clay is an all-natural ingredient that helps to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin; think soft, supple and supported skin! Kaolinite, commonly called kaolin clay, is an abundant mineral; a fine white powder that’s mined all over the world. Kaolin clay has many uses and can be an ingredient in everything from ceramics (it’s the main ingredient in porcelain), to toothpaste, cosmetics, skin care preparations and even as the light-diffusing material in white incandescent light bulbs!

We recommend using Clay Cleanse by applying a thin layer to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, gently remove with warm water and continue with your skin care routine as needed. For best results, we recommend using 1-2 times per week.


Clay Cleanse


Clay face masks & other skin care products


If you’re adding a clay face mask to your skin care routine, it’s important to develop a proper system for cleansing, toning and hydration as well. A clay face mask can be an excellent addition to your typical wellness routine as a treatment, but it’s important to develop a thorough regimen that you follow daily to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Here are a few of our favorite skin care products to round out your routine:

Rose Mist: refresh, nourish, hydrate and pamper the skin with the luxurious benefits of skin-healing, skin-soothing and skin-supporting rose otto. Rose, the most precious of all essential oils, can be spritzed over the face, hair and body as desired to help skin feel balanced and hydrated. We like to use after cleansing and before moisturizer.

Rejuvenating Elixir: a treatment we like to add as the last step in our skin care routine, Rejuvenating Elixir is like a drink of water for extra thirsty skin. This elixir, formulated with antioxidant-rich superfood carrier oils like evening primrose, rosehip and apricot kernel oil is then blended with essential oils like neroli, supporting the skin’s ability to regenerate and improving the look of skin’s texture and rose, reducing the signs of aging and promoting a youthful glow. Add 3-4 drops to the fingertips and press gently into the skin for radiance and suppleness.


Rejuvenating Elixir


Clay face masks & other skin care tools


Outside of skin care products, there are skin care tools and accessories we like to use to help bring out the natural glow of the skin by promoting circulation and evenness of skin tone. Our favorite tool at the moment is our Clear Quartz Crystal Facial Roller. In crystal healing, quartz is known as a master stone and an energy amplifier. When applied to the skin it feels cooling and soothing and can help promote skin feeling balanced and supported. We like to start at the center of the face and move outwards upwards towards the frame of the face in long, firm strokes with just the right amount of pressure so as to not damage the delicate skin on the face. Using extra caution in the sensitive eye area, roll as desired over the entire face, neck and decolletage to help increase blood flow and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bonus: after cleansing the face, apply 3-4 drops of the Rejuvenating Elixir and massage into the face with the Quartz Roller for an extra soothing treat.


Clear Quartz Crystal Facial Roller


Clay face masks & other body care products


Of course, while we lavish so much time and attention on the skin of our face, we want to be mindful to share some of this time with the skin on the rest of our bodies. Using body care products from soaps to lotions and everything in between that are formulated free of irritants and chock full of replenishing and restorative ingredients is just as important as our skin care routines. Here are a few of the body care products we look forward to using as part of our bath or shower routine each day:

Mother’s Wellness body oil: let us be on record as saying this product is for so much more than stretch marks and is supportive of radiant, healthy skin on every body – not just moms! The base of this oil contains vitamin E, high in antioxidants and protective for the skin and apricot kernel oil, nourishing, non-greasy and helps to support the skin in retaining moisture. Essential oils like frankincense help restores skin’s vitality while bright and fresh tangerine is tonifying. We like to smooth this body oil on when the skin is still damp post bath or shower to help lock in moisture.

Carrot body butter: our favorite deep hydrator, Carrot body butter is a luxurious and emollient-rich body care product that helps to support your skin’s natural renewal process. When looking to keep skin glowing and hydrated, carrot is nourishing and restorative, patchouli is grounding and rejuvenating, geranium is tone-evening and balancing and shea butter is deeply moisturizing and absorbent. Smooth on daily for skin that looks and feels healthy and supple.

Ideas for when to use a clay face mask


Adding a clay face mask to your weekly skin care routine is a great way to restore radiance and vitality to the skin and to keep skin looking and feeling its best. While it can feel as though applying a face mask is a luxury, reserved for a spa treatment or a facial from your esthetician, we encourage you to find that precious 10-15 minutes while taking part in other valuable self-care practices. Here’s our top tips for doubling up on your wellness:


Clay Cleanse

  1. When in meditation. Apply your face mask, sit on your comfiest cushion or lie down on your yoga mat and set a timer. 10-15 minutes in stillness and quiet while your clay face mask dries will be beneficial for both your body and mind.
  2. Read a book. The recommended time for application, 10-15 minutes, is the perfect amount of time to get through a chapter of your latest read. Bonus: you’re finding extra time to be screen free.
  3. During your morning routine. Brushing your teeth and making coffee or breakfast in the morning takes approximately 10-15 minutes, which is the perfect length of time for your clay face mask to process on your skin.
  4. Schedule a virtual date. Host a facetime call with a friend or two and have your ‘beauty night’ together digitally.
  5. While journaling. Start a gratitude journal or practice writing down what you’re thankful for. Set your timer for 10-15 minutes and let your thoughts flow to paper.

Have fun exploring the different ways you can incorporate a clay face mask into your wellness practice. Healthy, supple and glowing skin can be yours!

Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
National Educator
Naturally curious and a passionate advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, Kristin’s goal through education is to invite us into reflection and contemplation in deciding what wellness means to each of us individually. A former Torontonian now based out of Vancouver, Kristin is an avid student of crystal energy work, breathwork, meditation and aromatherapy, with a deep-seated affinity for houseplants and exploration of the West Coast.
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