The Top 5 Uses For Sage Essential Oil
The Top 5 Uses For Sage Essential Oil
The Top 5 Uses For Sage Essential Oil

The Top 5 Uses For Sage Essential Oil

Explore the supportive and regulating benefits of this herbal and earthy essential oil.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau

Deep dive into the many uses for sage essential oil


Sage essential oil has a long and rich history for its valued use in traditional medicine and wellness rituals. In the middle ages and throughout history this prized herb earned itself many nicknames including “sage the savior” and “the master herb” for its countless beneficial properties in cleansing the mind and spirit as well as acting as a powerful nervine, bringing feelings of peace and calm during the experience of stress or difficult emotions.

Sage has also been used in spirituality for centuries through a ritual known as smudging. Indigenous peoples have burned sage as part of celebrations and ceremonies in which it’s said to help connect oneself to the spiritual realm and enhance intuition. For traditional cultures, the ritual of smudging is thought to help bring about healing for the body, mind and spirit.,


sage essential oil


More recently, sage essential oil has been reputed to support, balance, comfort and soothe the body, mind and spirit. Sage, latin name Salvia officinalis, comes to us from a perennial evergreen shrub with velvety leaves covered in fine hairs called trichomes and beautiful flowers of white, pink and purple. The essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the plant, sometimes called common sage, true sage, or garden sage. Though often thought to be interchangeable with Clary Sage, the two are in fact different plants with different benefits, which we will talk more about later.

Below we share some of our favorite products containing this prized herb, and how you can use them to support and elevate your personal wellness routines.

Sage essential oil for elevating your spirit




When you want to feel deeply grounded and connected, sage essential oil is a great choice. Having the ability to calm and balance, sage is an important addition in a few of our products thought to help harmonize and soothe.

Products we love:

Mountain High diffuser blend: this blend combines the sweet, clearing and fresh notes of spearmint with the lofty, refreshing and invigorating notes of balsam fir and pine to form a truly rejuvenating blend that was designed to help instill a sense of well-being with the spirit of fresh mountain air. The addition of herbal and uplifting sage makes this the perfect blend for meditation and other self care practices.

Transitions roll-on: this soothing roll-on blend was formulated to be balancing, supporting and relieving for your body and mind as you navigate changes in your life that can result in feeling imbalance and out of sorts. Lemon is a refreshing citrus essential oil to help lift your spirits, ylang ylang is a warm floral note used to help ease feelings of stress and support relaxation, and rose is the ultimate essential oil for self compassion and self nurturance during transition. Sage adds an element of harmony and restoration for an overall feeling of peace and calm. Apply to the throat, back of the neck and chest to encourage feelings of comfort and well-being.

Sage essential oil for freshening and cleansing


Because sage is cleansing to both the mind and body, it’s a commonly included ingredient in everything from body care to air care.

Products we love:

Rain Forest bar soap: another product we offer with the soothing and balancing properties of sage is part of our body care collection and is a bar soap called Rain Forest. Formulated to help reveal softer skin with gentle exfoliation, this soap also includes richly moisturizing coconut and olive oil, as well as essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus, thought to be both gentle and stimulating to the body for a refreshing, cleansing experience.


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Airoma Loo bathroom spray: not just for bathrooms, we created this freshening room spray to help invite deodorized and revitalized air into any space in your home. The herbal and slightly woody notes of fresh sage are blended with balancing and floral lavender alongside clearing and medicinal eucalyptus for a burst of freshness as desired. As with all water-based air sprays, give it a good shake before spritzing 6-8 pumps into the air and breathing deeply to feel grounded.

Sage essential oil for a treat in your wellness routine


Being such a versatile essential oil, sage can also be found in products that have been formulated specifically for smoothing and treating dryness in the hair.

Products we love:

Hair Repair treatment: when you’re looking to moisturize and condition dry, damaged hair, look no further than a bottle of Hair Repair. The base of this product is replenishing and repairing argan oil, blended with coconut, avocado and sunflower oils for extra nourishment through antioxidant-rich plant-based carrier oils. Rosemary, spearmint, pine and sage essential oils help give this formula an invigorating and revitalizing boost to help lift your senses. A little goes a long way; 1-2 drops is all you need for healthy, shiny hair.

Sage single note essential oil: we also sell the 100% pure, single note essential oil on its own, so you can experience the unfiltered benefits of sage however you’d like. Fresh and light, sage is considered an essential oil top note in aromatherapy, which means it’s the first note to reach the nose and tends to evaporate quickly under normal conditions. This comforting and balsamic essential oil can be added to a carrier oil for local application to the body such as massage, can be added to a diffuser for inhalation purposes or can be added to a bowl of hot water and used for a facial steam.


sage essential oil


Clary sage essential oil for quieting the mind


As promised, we’re also going to look at some of our favorite product recommendations using clary sage essential oil. Though similar in name and benefit, sage and clary sage do come from different sources. Despite belonging to the same evergreen shrub family, clary sage is typically softer and sweeter than common sage, and is very commonly indicated to support a sense of balance and to calm the spirit.

Products we love:

Stress Release roll-on: one of our best selling products is this essential oil roll-on called Stress Release. Formulated with one of the most peaceful essential oils, lavender, this formula was created to help both the body and mind relax. Bringing peace to a busy mind is where clary sage really shines; known in aromatherapy as a powerful euphoric, clary sage has the ability to impart stillness in the mind and to help reduce nervous chatter and racing thoughts, resulting in less feelings of stress overall. We love to apply this product to our shoulders, the back of the neck and our forehead at the first signs of stress or tension.


stress release roll on


Stress Release body oil: staying in the Stress Release line of products, we also love the deeply nourishing and moisturizing properties of this body oil formulated with base oils of apricot kernel, grapeseed and vitamin E. Starting with a base of non-greasy and easily absorbed carrier oils allows for the soothing and balancing essential oils in the blend like uplifting orange, relaxing roman chamomile and harmonizing clary sage to carry to the skin in an effective way. We love body oils in massage as well as post-bath or shower to help lock moisture into the skin.

Clay Sage single note essential oil: a warm, sweet and lovely tonic, clary sage is reported in aromatherapy to provide comfort to both the body and mind, helping to ease the head and promote relaxation. This pure oil can also be combined with a carrier oil for local application, massage or for facial steaming by adding a few drops to a bowl of hot water.

Enjoying the benefits of sage essential oil


The word Salvia comes from the latin word ‘salvare’ which means ‘to heal’ or ‘to save’. It’s little wonder that the uses of sage can trace all the way back to 1500 BC when ancient Egyptians used the plant medicinally to help ease symptoms of everything from digestive upset to tooth pain. In a more modern sense, sage essential oil is a great companion for those looking to bring balance, restoration and harmony into their lives through their daily wellness practices and rituals.

Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
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Naturally curious and a passionate advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, Kristin’s goal through education is to invite us into reflection and contemplation in deciding what wellness means to each of us individually. A former Torontonian now based out of Vancouver, Kristin is an avid student of crystal energy work, breathwork, meditation and aromatherapy, with a deep-seated affinity for houseplants and exploration of the West Coast.
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