We’re spreading wellness on Venice Beach’s iconic Abbot Kinney Boulevard.
We’re spreading wellness on Venice Beach’s iconic Abbot Kinney Boulevard.
We’re spreading wellness on Venice Beach’s iconic Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Wellness Guide to Venice, California

We’re spreading wellness on Venice Beach’s iconic Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

We’re spreading West Coast wellness on Venice Beach’s famous Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Good vibrations abound on this iconic LA street: it’s a hotbed for unique boutiques, plant-based dining, fitness studios and amazing people-watching. We’re thrilled to call it home to the newest Southern California Saje location. 

There’s no shortage of exciting places to explore in the Abbot Kinney area, so we tapped local yogi, photographer and quintessential California spirit, Miki Ash (@mikiash), for her expert advice on must-visit wellness locations.

“Having grown up in LA, I feel so blessed to have been raised in such a health conscious community. I was raised on smoothies and the importance of connecting with nature. If you’re new to LA, it is the perfect place to dive into a wellness lifestyle. The community here, especially in Venice, is so well informed, so excited, and so open to all people. I’m so excited to share my world with you. Get ready to experience LA like a true local!”

Here are Miki’s top spots for filling her wellness cup in Venice.



Love Yoga
Entering Love Yoga feels like stepping into a calming ocean. Blue hardwood floors in an airy, open space emulate the nearby Pacific Ocean, as does the studio’s selection of flowing yoga classes.

“If you’re looking for an escape from the madness of the world, come to Love Yoga. It is a breath of fresh air. The clean decor and bright turquoise floors lend space to clear your mind and body. The owners and teachers have created the coolest community that transcends a yoga classroom. Prepare to learn techniques to practically apply yoga to all areas of your life.”


Love Yoga in Venice, California

Platinum Pilates
Platinum Pilates gets a gold star from us. Hop on one of their Megaformers (it’s like an elevated Pilates reformer) for an hour-long, intense strengthening workout like you’ve never experienced before.


Fuel up

Kreation’s special outdoor ‘kafe’ is exactly the oasis of health-focused dining that its lush, green space suggests. Pull up a chair to enjoy a salad on their relaxing patio or grab a smoothie and ‘syringe shot’ for a nutrition boost on the go.


Plant-based food choices in Venice, California

Although the closest Beaming location is technically in Santa Monica, it’s well worth the trip for their healthful meals to go. Beat the LA heat with a satisfying smoothie and ginger kelp noodles.

Cafe Gratitude
We’re eternally grateful for Cafe Gratitude’s healthful fare, like blackened tempeh bolognese that’ll satisfy any cheesy cravings. Don’t miss the restaurant’s pet-friendly outdoor seating.

“Post sweat sesh, (or anytime really) make sure to check out Cafe Gratitude for an uplifting, 100% plant-based, soul-nourishing meal. You might get asked a question of the day, like, “What are you most grateful for right now?” or “Who inspires you to be your best self?” when you’re ordering. Also, all of the menu items start with “I AM…” followed by loving adjectives like, HAPPY, COMFORTED, ABUNDANT and so on. The aesthetics are just as beautiful as the food that comes out. Located in the heart of Venice, Cafe G is not to be missed.”


Natural products for your stomach.


Get creative

Mystic Journey Bookstore
Go beyond the bookstore – Mystic Journey is way more than just novels. The shop’s shelves are stocked with a stunning selection of crystals, candles, palo alto and sage, as well as other products for supporting your wellness journey.


Mystic Journey Yoga in Venice, California


Connect with nature

Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine
“If you’re looking for a place to connect to your highest self, the first place I recommend is Lake Shrine. Located about 15 minutes north of Venice, the Self Realization Fellowship is a temple, a shrine and a meditation garden that is an oasis for deep peace. Enjoy the stillness of the lake, its lush surroundings, and keep your eyes peeled for the serene swans.”

Ceremony Meditation
There’s no better place for a guided meditation in the beautiful Venice sun. Ceremony Meditation’s outdoor courtyard makes an incredible venue for mindfulness classes, sound baths and breathwork.

Venice Canals/Beach
It wouldn’t be a Venice guide without mention of the area’s classic sights both natural (Venice beach) and man-made (Venice canals). Both are stunning, pedestrian-centered escapes from LA traffic, ideal for enjoying the great Californian outdoors.


Hidden gem

The Unlikely Florist
The Unlikely Florist is not really a single destination – it’s a florist operating out of a charming 1980s VW van. Find Spencer and the Unlikely Florist team as they roll along Abbot Kinney Blvd with arrangements that feel lush and wild.

Flowerboy Project
We have Flowerboy fever! Flowerboy Project is one part grab-and-go florals, one part coffee shop and 100% lovely.

“My favorite hidden gem (and I was even hesitant to share because I love its charm that much!) is no doubt, The Flowerboy Project. Located directly across the street from Love Yoga, this coffee shop doubles as a flower market. Here you’ll find exotic flowers, trinkets, crystals, home goods and the most delicious donuts. My go-to drink is a Lavender Boy with almond milk (they even sprinkle fresh lavender on top of the coffee!).”


Flowerboy in Venice, California

Wellness has a new home in Venice at Saje’s new Abbot Kinney location, located at 1421 Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Meet us there on June 15 for a celebration of natural wellness and plant-based healing – our Grand Opening Party kicks off at 5pm, and we’ll be celebrating all day. Hope to see you there!

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