Get Gifting With Wellness Gifts for the Home
Get Gifting With Wellness Gifts for the Home
Get Gifting With Wellness Gifts for the Home

Get Gifting With Wellness Gifts for the Home

Help them create an at-home wellness sanctuary with these top picks from our limited edition holiday line.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

We know that the holidays can be crazy, with crowded malls and jam-packed days, but they are also a time for relaxing and creating memories at home. Good thing you’ve made your home into a wellness oasis you love, filled with all things holly, jolly and wellness-inspiring.

This year, help the ones you love turn their own homes into cozy reprieves from the holiday madness. Here’s some of our favourite gifts for the home, guaranteed to fill even the grinchiest of hearts with warmth and wellness.


Scent of a season

Many of our memories are tied to smell, and our precious holiday memories are no exception—think peppermint, cloves and pine and how they have the power to bring the season to mind with just one whiff. Help your loved ones remember holidays past and create new memories with our holiday-exclusive essential oil diffuser blends.

For the friend who lives in an apartment too small for a fresh-cut Christmas tree, try Tree Scents, an evergreen aroma that will let them bring the outdoors indoors while they’re mixing hot toddies. Festive Friday will deliver uplifting notes of grapefruit, wintergreen and patchouli to a Secret Santa gift exchange, and a few drops of Sugar Plum Fairy will infuse any home with a healthy dose of sweet, festive feels.

Want to wrap up all of our special edition scents? Give them our 12 Days of Wellness, a collection of our holiday-exclusive diffuser blends, all together in an advent calendar.

  Aroma Om Gold Marble Diffuser

Fill their home with the healing power of plants by giving them the limited edition Aroma Om Gold Marble Ultrasonic Diffuser. Pair with one of our 100% natural diffuser blends.


Breathe it all in

When holiday family gatherings mean Uncle Alfred’s overpowering aftershave and Grandma’s burnt Brussels sprouts, clear the air with our selection of special edition Ultrasonic Diffusers. You’ll find a diffuser to fit their unique decor, whether it’s the glass Aroma Edge (coming soon) or the modern Aroma Om Gold Marble. Pair with their favourite essential oil blend or some festive favourites like Good Cheer 2.0 and soon they’ll be filling their home with the power of 100% natural essential oils, all with the touch of a button.


The holidays are a feeling

Dance parties in the kitchen, gingerbread in the oven, staying in PJs all day—these are the holiday feels we want them to revel in all season long. Help them bring those feels to every corner of their home with the All the Feels Trio, rich with the festive aromas of vanilla, benzoin and clove. The Room Spray will freshen their space, and the Foaming Hand Soap will bring the holidays sink-side. When they’re done hosting family and it’s time to unwind, they can smooth on the moisturizing and calming All the Feels Body Lotion.


Burn bright

After they’ve crossed the final gift of their list and they’ve survived a season full of yuletide celebrations, fuel their restoration with the Peppermint Twist Crinkle Cut Candle (coming soon). Ideal for burning when their energy is lagging and they need a boost of holiday spirit, help them banish their bah-humbugs with the refreshing aromas of peppermint, spearmint and orange. A perfect pick-me-up gift for the friends who love to host and do it all.


The best parties happen in the kitchen

It isn’t a successful holiday soiree until the kitchen is a complete mess. Clean-up is an inevitable part of the holidays so you may as well help them do it naturally. The Kitchen Party Kit bundles our all-natural Multi Clean All-Purpose Cleaner together with our plant-based Dish Wish and a Biodegradable Cleaning Cloth for scrubbing counters, pots and pans.

All our cleaning products are formulated with uplifting, cleansing (and 100% natural) aromas that will make tidying the kitchen something they look forward to after a night of hosting.

  Saje Natural Home Cleaning

Make cleaning a refreshing ritual with 100% natural home cleaning products.


Looking for more home gift inspiration? Check out all our Holiday Collection and get gifting!

Kitchen Party
Multi Clean
Dish Wish
Tidy Trio
Aroma Om® Gold Marble