Why use an ultrasonic diffuser?
Why use an ultrasonic diffuser?
Why use an ultrasonic diffuser?

Why use an ultrasonic diffuser?

Creating wellness and good vibrations in your home and beyond.

Last Updated: June 6, 2018
Contributor: Linnette Carriere

Creating wellness on a mind, body and spirit level in your home and beyond is easy to do with the addition of an ultrasonic diffuser. We take an average of 25,000 breaths of air each day so why not improve our air quality with an ultrasonic diffuser? Our very own Linnette talks about the hows and the whys of adding an ultrasonic diffuser to our at-home environment.


How ultrasonic diffusers work

Imagine standing beside a waterfall and feeling the cool, moisture-rich air enter your lungs and land on your skin. The action of the waterfall creates tiny water particles, which are suspended in the air and can be breathed in. Inside each ultrasonic diffuser is a tiny ceramic disc that vibrates to create a cool, odourless water vapour, just like the vapour around a waterfall. An ultrasonic diffuser also produces negative ions, which help to freshen the air by removing dust particles. These negative ions bind to dust particles, making them heavier and dropping them to the ground, which leaves your air feeling refreshed.


Beneficial in every environment

All living beings need negative ions to counteract the damaging effects of positive ions. This is even more important in the age of positive ion-creating technologies such as televisions, cell phones, laptops and household electronics. Imagine having a waterfall in every room of your home creating fresh air with the addition of some moisture back into your environment. Not only that, ultrasonic diffusers are easy to use and easy to maintain! (And there’s no river through your living room.)

  • No filters are needed and cleaning is effortless using a dry cloth and rubbing alcohol
  • They use very little energy and are quiet
  • They run for hours at a time but shut off automatically when they run out of water
  • They are the best way to obtain all the benefits of essential oils because they disperse them into the air we breathe
  • As there is no fire or heat involved, they are safe to use in any indoor environment

Add the power of plants to the air you breathe

Adding essential oils to your ultrasonic diffuser offers therapeutic benefits that are released naturally from these powerful oils so that you can improve your air quality while positively affecting your state of mind. Whether you want to sleep more soundly, increase focus or just feel better, Saje has 30 diffuser blends formulated for 30 different purposes. Check out our full range of essential oil blends and choose the formulas that will support your wellness the best.


Choose a 100% natural blend

Our diffuser blends are blended with 100% natural essential oils that are undiluted, unadulterated, of superior quality grade and in most cases, organically grown. They are carefully blended with top, middle and base notes, which allows the aroma to carry in the air for much longer than a single note. For example, Unwind is formulated with a sweet and lively orange top note, floral and herbaceous geranium and lavender middle notes and a grounding, spicy cinnamon base note. Each oil is powerful on its own, but when blended together can affect the mind and body on a much more profound level.


If it smells good, it will make you feel good

Our sense of smell is connected to our sense of feeling. When we inhale the aroma of an essential oil, we tap into the part of our brain where emotions are stored. Knowing that emotions can have incredible effects on the mind and body, we can see the logic behind essential oils having an impact on our state of mind. So if you like the smell of something, there’s more than a good chance you will like the way it will make you feel. As we like to say at Saje: “the nose knows”.

We are fans of the reference book, Essential Oil Desk Reference, 4th Edition. Pick up a copy and learn more about the effect essential oils can have on your state of mind and your overall wellbeing.

Linnette Carriere
Saje Product & Sales Trainer
Linnette started down her path of wellness 20 years ago when she discovered that she was working at a level that was much less than she could be. She attended Culinary school, and felt that there was a disconnect between creating food to look good, and eating foods to make you feel good. Linnette believes that food is medicine, and this belief prompted her to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and personal chef. This journey has led Linnette to the healing arts of Aromatherapy, Reiki, Elemental Medicine and living 100% naturally.