Why We Love Her: Jillian Harris
Why We Love Her: Jillian Harris
Why We Love Her: Jillian Harris

Why We Love Her: Jillian Harris

How this mother, storyteller, TV host, designer & influencer won our hearts.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau

The Jillian Harris We Know and Love


The name ‘Jillian Harris’ brings to mind many things: a mother to Leo and Annie, fiance to longtime love Justin Pasutto, a dog mom to Nacho and Peaches, a Canadian television personality, the Founder and Creative Director of Jillian Harris Design, co-author of the cookbook Fraiche Food Full Hearts, as well as co-owner of the coveted subscription box, the Jilly Box. Whew! Try saying all of that in one breath!


Jillian Harris


We love Jillian because no matter how many projects she’s involved in, whether at home or on the go, she takes time to connect thoughtfully and intentionally with her community. Jillian is as relatable as she is fashion-forward and her likeability factor is truly through the roof. We’re smiling during moments like these, and we’re here for the vulnerability that comes from talking about staying positive during tough times.

It would be fair to say that Jillian’s been keeping busy since we first decided to partner together in 2018. Through this time, we’ve continued to find reasons to fall in love with not only her work, but the woman behind the many, many business and personal ventures.


Jillian Harris


Jillian Harris Design


A quick google search of “Jillian Harris Design” will net you close to 5 million results, which is really just a sneak peek into the eye for detail and inspiration that Jillian brings to her design work. Jillian describes her personal aesthetic as both classic and feminine; this is showcased in the beautiful and carefully curated home she has meticulously designed for her family in an idyllic region of British Columbia, Canada. On her website, you can take an envy-inducing tour through every room in her home and learn more about the inspiration behind the design elements.


The insta-fan-favorite, the Jilly Box


The Jilly Box is a seasonal membership subscription of curated, on-trend, highly sought after home goods, clothing, accessories and beauty products from some of her favourite small brands, ethical brands, diverse brands, and Canadian brands. Many of the items in the gift box are designed by Jillian in conjunction with the brands she loves, including limited edition items offered exclusively as part of the Jilly Box each season. The success of this box is unprecedented— there’s been a waitlist since it launched!


Jillian Harris


Mamas For Mamas


At Mamas For Mamas, their mission statement reads: “Mamas for Mamas is a specialized poverty relief agency and an all inclusive community for mothers and caregivers. We envision a future where no mama or child is left behind”. As part of their mission, they collect donations of food, toys, clothing or time, as well as helping to financially support low income families. Jillian is a Celebrity Ambassador of Mamas For Mamas, and among the many ways she has strategized to help support mothers in need, she recently committed to provide a year-long supply of diapers to Mamas For Mamas, because “every baby deserves comfort and softness”.


Saje x Jillian Harris


This year, we’ve partnered with Jillian to create a series of aesthetically beautiful products for the home that are reflective of design meeting wellness. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of two brand new limited edition diffusers as well as the return of her signature scent, Happy Place —a diffuser blend of bright, uplifting citruses and florals like orange, grapefruit, neroli and rose geranium. Launching for the first time is a Happy Place room spray so you’re able to freshen everything from fabrics to air space with this sweet, cheerful blend. Inspired by clean, minimalist lines and timeless architecture, the diffusers were designed to complement any home while bringing fresh air into your space.


Jillian Harris


Whether you first met Jillian through any of her creative endeavors, or you were introduced to her through one of our earlier product collaborations, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to once again partner with someone whose values are aligned with ours and who we truly admire.

  Life is… beautiful, fun, exciting and sometimes… MESSY!

— Jillian Harris


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Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
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