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Change your game: Natural products for movement and recovery

Last Updated: 06/16/2023



One of the most tempting things to do after a tough workout, a long hike, a grueling weightlifting session or even a strenuous day of poor posture hunched over your computer at your desk is to plop onto the couch and let your body, mind and muscles relax. Of course it’s important to let yourself rest, but when it comes to movement, is there a better way? We’re here to tell you we think there is. 


Recovery is one of the lesser talked about parts of movement. If you think the definition of movement is vague, just wait until you hear about recovery! Is drinking water a part of recovery? Is consuming protein important for recovery? Does getting a full eight-hour sleep count as recovery? The answer to all the above is yes, and there’s still more to it.  


According to this article, “The overall goal of post-exercise recovery is to restore homeostasis in many of the body’s physiological systems”. In layman’s terms, this means to give your body a chance to physically rest, repair and restore before exerting itself again. There’s also another school of thought on recovery called active recovery, which means performing low intensity exercise following more strenuous workouts, to help encourage blood flow to the muscles without heavy strain. Examples of active recovery workouts may include yoga, walking or swimming. 


Regardless of the methods you choose to support you in rested recovery or active recovery, one of the beneficial additions you should consider making is including 100% natural wellness products as part of your rest and recovery routine. Here at Saje, we offer a plethora of products that have been thoughtfully and carefully formulated with plant-derived ingredients to help address soreness, aches, stiffness and tension in the body whether you just completed your first half marathon or if your nieces and nephews decided to use your body as a jungle gym all weekend long. 

Read on to learn more about the 100% natural product selection we offer for pain and recovery.  



In the last 30 years since Saje was founded all the way back in 1992, there’s one product that has stood out above the rest in terms of its ability to help put some natural pep in our step. Why yes, we are talking about our well-known and well-loved Peppermint Halo roll-on.

Peppermint Halo is a blend of cooling, warming, balancing and renewing essential oils that when applied topically to the body produce a tingling sensation on the skin. This formula has been a fan-favorite for so long because of the way it helps both the body and mind to feel relieved and at ease once applied, in part because of the sharp, minty aroma and in part because of how good it makes us feel. 

Some people like to apply Peppermint Halo before a workout or any type of exercise because it gives them a natural lift; oils like peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus are commonly referred to in aromatherapy as stimulants. Others prefer to apply post-workout to help cool the body as the heart rate begins to come down, to help regulate their temperature and allow them to feel more comfortable. With so many different uses, here are a few of our favorite ways to use it: 


1. Apply along the hairline, the back of the neck and across the trapezius muscles and allow the cool, soothing feeling to bring awareness to your posture and remind you to release any tension you may be holding here 

2. Add 5-10 drops from the bottom of the roller to a tepid footbath and allow feet to soak for 20-30 minutes to relieve pressure, aches and soreness in one of the body’s hardest working areas 



Another of the oldest and most popular product formulations we offer at Saje is our Pain Release line, which was formulated specifically to help manage day-to-day pain, stiffness, tension and aches we may encounter. Whether it’s a nagging soreness in the body like in the knees or ankles or an area we hold tension like the neck or shoulders, this earthy, herbaceous, relieving and easing blend of plants may be just what’s needed to help you feel better.  

Pain Release roll-on: is an analgesic blend, meaning it’s been blended for temporary relief of minor aches and pains in the body, like the in the biceps or calves, for example. This formula includes ingredients like rosemary and marjoram, known to be warming and comforting to the body and lavender, a well-known relaxant to help ease the stress that pain can bring to both the body and mind. Roll along areas of the body that need relief as desired. 


Pain Release body oil: can bring relief to your overworked body, helping to ease minor aches and pains and bring a sense of restoration and comfort. Massage, whether solo or partnered, is one of the most effective ways to address and nurture stiffness or soreness in the muscles, joints and tissue, and to help you feel well. Soothing lavender, cajeput and roman chamomile meet stimulating eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and marjoram for a renewing sensory experience.  




A few years back and after three plus years of research and innovation, we introduced our largest and strongest roll-on wellness product specifically to support pain and recovery, Extra Strength. We wanted to create a product that was highly effective at addressing pain in the body, that could help to ease sore muscles, back aches, strains and sprains and that could help target larger muscle groups like the back and the quads. We’re here to say that we think Extra Strength is a roaring success. 

Don’t just take it from us; our community has said that this product is very effective, works wonders, helps relieve and relax and works great at alleviating pain in the body when applied topically. Our innovative formula contains some of the best essential oils on the market today to help address issues of soreness, aches, tension and stiffness, like those featured below: 


Sweet Birch: contains an active component called methyl salicylate, comparable to the anti-inflammatory ingredient found in aspirin. This sweet, sharp and warming ingredient helps to alleviate soreness and fatigue in overworked muscles. 

Peppermint: rich in menthol to cool, soothe and energize the body, pungent, minty peppermint is a well-known effective pain reliever.  

Clove: spicy, sweet and warming, clove is well-recognized as a numbing agent that can help relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation.  

Kunzea: a lesser-known essential oil that comes to us from a shrub in Australia, clean, fresh and woody kunzea is sometimes referred to as white tea tree and has been studied for the quick and soothing relief it offers to sore muscles and tissues.  



If you’ve been a fan of Saje for a while now, you’ve likely been introduced to our warming, comforting and decompressing line of products to help ease, soothe and restore the body called Muscle Melt. Just like the name implies, these products are well-loved for the way they bring restoration and renewal to the body and mind as part of your bath or shower routine.   

Muscle Melt bath salts: use a combination of sea salts, derived from the Great Salt Lake in Utah and Epsom salts, derived from natural underground mineral deposits to help relax the muscles and ease stiffness in the body. Muscle Melt uses essential oils you’ve heard about as comforting and restorative, like nourishing and stimulating rosemary, marjoram, sweet birch, ginger and roman chamomile to create a warm, harmonizing experience that benefits your body and your mind. Soak for 20-30 minutes to feel the full effects.  


Muscle Melt body butter: the same stimulating and revitalizing combination of essential oils has been paired with the rich, nourishing and deeply hydrating properties of different butters like cocoa seed, shea and mango seed to support skin that feels soft, supple and moisturized. Try massaging into calves and quads after vigorous activity for a renewing treat for the skin.  




One of our most popular products for managing your wellness from head to toe is our roll-on collection called the Pocket Farmacy. This convenient kit houses five roll-ons designed to help tackle everything from soreness and stiffness to stress, digestive troubles and everything in between – taking wellness with you has never been easier!  

A great place to start when it comes to natural wellness, this is what you can expect to find inside: 

Peppermint Halo – a roll on to address the head, neck and shoulders with cooling, soothing relief 

Immune - our hero for cough and cold season, this blend is relieving, renewing and restoring 

Eater’s Digest - soothe, ease and relieve discomfort in the tummy with the gentle and balancing blend 

Stress Release – balance, harmonize and support your physical and mental well-being with this stress-buster to help you feel peaceful and calm  

Pain Release – when applied topically to areas of acute pain, let this warming and penetrative blend help you move freely and with ease  




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I constantly remind myself that resting takes confidence.

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