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Elevate your yoga practice with essential oils

Last Updated: 06/27/2023

Toronto-based yoga teacher, Ashley McEachern blends essential oils with the powerful practice of yin yoga. Here, she talks about her learnings as part of a partnership with us and YYoga, and the Saje products that transformed her yoga classes.


Yoga can be one of the most powerful and transformational practices you can give your body and mind. The simple act of moving in unison with your breath, disconnecting from technology and of looking inward for an hour each day acts like a natural medicine to help you increase mental awareness and focus, process deep emotions and gain physical strength and endurance. The benefits of practice can be heightened by using essential oils during yoga.

I had the honour of partnering with Saje and YYoga to incorporate aromatherapy into my yin yoga classes. What began as a curious experimentation with essential oils has evolved into a strong fascination with the power of scent and connection to the sensation that has helped my students deepen their yoga practice.

Here are ways essential oils can have a powerful impact on your yoga practice.


Relieve Stress

Particular yoga practices, especially slow paced, yin based practices, are phenomenal tools for relieving the stress of everyday life. In your next yin class, try applying the Stress Release Soothing Oil Blend to your wrists and pulse points. Stress Release contains a calming blend of lavender and chamomile and a grounding scent helps to shift the mind and body into a state of relaxation.


Connect on a deeper level

Essential oils can be rolled along particular energy lines in the body to create a deeper connection to the emotions aligned with those lines. For example, when I am teaching a heart opening yin yoga pose, I often roll joy-inducing blends like Energy Revitalizing Oil Blend along the inner line of the arm, awakening the heart energy through scent and sensation.


Let go of the pain

So many of us land on the mat for the first time with the genuine intention to relieve pain. Pain Release Topical Analgesic Oil Blend is a great addition to your pre or post yoga routine to help relieve muscle soreness and tension to allow you to continue a regular practice regime. Muscle Melt Comforting Body Butter not only relieves the body, it also richly hydrates and comforts the skin.


Focus on the sensation

Many meditation and yoga practices are rooted in awareness of sensation. Peppermint Halo Soothing Oil Blend for the Head, a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, vetiver, lavender and rosemary, applied to the neck and hairline creates a cooling sensation that can become the focal point of your meditation.

Sit tall and focus on the sensations that arise and fall over time, notice how they change, how they evolve and how they rebound throughout your entire body. Misting your mat with Yoga Freshening Mat Spray before each practice not only refreshes your gear, the aroma triggers the mind that you are entering a time of greater mindfulness and connection.


Are you ready to incorporate aromatherapy into your yoga practice? Join Ashley at YYoga on Queen Street West in Toronto for Aromatherapy Yin Yoga Class with Saje Wellness, or learn more at www.ashleyholly.com.