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Muscle recovery tools: essential oil blends for pre, during & post workout

Last Updated: 06/15/2023

What is Muscle Recovery?


Muscle recovery is a very important part of a fitness program, whether through sports or physical training. We know that working our muscles is an essential part of gaining strength and increasing our overall fitness, but we don’t talk as much about the importance of muscle recovery and resting the body. Muscle recovery is allowing your body to rest, replenish itself and prepare for your next workout.


The Benefits of Muscle Recovery


peppermint halo roll-on


The benefits of allowing for muscle recovery cannot be overstated. When you’ve given your body the opportunity to rest and begin its natural healing process, you are supporting your future self and increasing the efficacy of your workouts going forward. Replacing lost fluids, which is what helps to improve every bodily function, is an example of a way in which you can support optimal muscle recovery; ensure you are properly hydrated pre, during and post workout to maximize your body’s ability to deliver vital nutrients throughout your system.


Our Favorite Tips For Muscle Recovery


Supporting your body through muscle recovery doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many simple tips to help you achieve recovery and boost your overall wellness. Some of these easy-to-follow tips include:

  • Staying hydrated. A lot of fluid is lost through sweat during vigorous exercise and it’s important to replenish throughout and after your workout
  • Consider the ways in which you fuel your body. Choose clean, healthy foods and a variety of vitamins and nutrients to ensure optimal bodily functions
  • Stretch gently. This is one of the quickest ways to help muscles recover
  • Focus on your quality of sleep. Providing your body with good quality rest is vital to the recovery process and ensuring you feel your best each day

Products We Love To Support Muscle Recovery


Plant based products, free of petrochemicals, synthetics or fixatives, are excellent options to aid in muscle recovery and to ease soreness or discomfort in the body. Check out some of our top picks below:


muscle melt body butter


Muscle Melt body butter: rich, nourishing coconut and shea butter meets warming rosemary and soothing roman chamomile in this hydrating body butter designed to soften skin while helping ease overworked muscles.


extra strength


Extra Strength pain relieving roll-on: our biggest and most powerful blend of essential oils to reduce muscles soreness and help warm and stimulate the body for relief. Warming sweet birch meets cooling and soothing peppermint for a deeply penetrating formula to ease discomfort.


pain release mist


Pain Release mist: cool and soothe the body while providing relief from daily aches and pains with this analgesic mist that helps to restore fatigued and overworked muscles. Lavender, marjoram and eucalyptus are blended to provide maximum relief.


How To Use These Muscle Recovery Tools for Maximum Benefit


These supportive and relieving products can be used in conjunction with other wellness tools like foam rolling, stretching and active recovery to complement any workout routine - gentle or vigorous. Choose product types that work for you: roll-on’s like Peppermint Halo and Pain Release are easy to keep with you for on-the-go use, while products like mists, massage oils and bath salts are great for at-home-use. No matter how you choose to support your muscle recovery, relief is within reach. Our entire line of pain and recovery products can be found here.

Kristen Rondeau
Kristen Rondeau
National Educator