Let’s Talk About Air Quality
Let’s Talk About Air Quality
Let’s Talk About Air Quality

Let’s Talk About Air Quality

4 ways to surround yourself with the healing power of nature when you’re not camping in the woods.

Last Updated: January 9, 2018

Urban living means excitement and entertainment, but it also means we’re exposing ourselves to contaminants and pollutants on every corner. Whether we’re inside, in an office, at home or in transit, we’re often faced with a lack of fresh airflow. Enter: essential oils.

These plant-derived powerhouses can instantly deliver the benefits of being in nature, even if you live, work, breathe and eat in the heart of the action. To understand the effect of essential oils, first picture yourself taking a deep breath in the middle of a serene, remote forest. Then, think about how your body feels in that moment: essential oils can connect you to that feeling. What’s more, when you’re connected to nature, your body releases endorphins that elevate happiness, calm your mind and help you feel well.

Here are four ways to create a forest-like sanctuary at home, in your office, and even during your daily commute.

1. Keep a diffuser beside your bed

We spend about eight out of every twenty-four hours breathing (and dreaming) in our bedrooms. Not only can an ultrasonic diffuser help fill your sleep sanctuary with freshening and humidifying cold steam, but it can also become part of your routine to help you get a better, deeper sleep.

Add a calming diffuser blend like Tranquility and turn on your ultrasonic diffuser at the same time each night, allowing the benefits of essential oils to become a part of your evening routine. In the morning, switch your blend to something uplifting like Liquid Sunshine and start your day feeling shiny and bright. (Can’t be bothered with switching blends and remembering to turn your diffuser on? We hear you! That’s why we created the aromaTime with two tanks and a timer, so you can set yourself up for wellness around the clock.)


2. Create a “personal diffuser” when you’re on the go

Car exhaust, dust, that person on the train wearing too much perfume – there are air contaminants everywhere you turn. Before heading out into the busy streets, roll Fortify® Antitussive (Cough Suppressant) Oil Blend Rub on your throat, under your nose and on your chest. Whether you’re commuting on a plane, train or automobile, you’ll be breathing in the benefits of eucalyptus, tea tree and cinnamon. This blend will transport you to a natural sanctuary in less time than you waited in line for coffee.


3. Choose all-natural, unscented laundry and dish detergents

It’s something we love to talk about: the fact that what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body. The detergents that clean our clothes and dishes can expose us to harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances that can, in turn, wreak havoc on our systems. When you’re choosing products for your household, always read the labels and opt for 100% natural wherever possible. Check out this quick guide for ingredients to avoid.


4. Refresh your furniture and linens with plant-based sprays

Dust and other airborne allergens not only affect the air you breathe, but they also land on surfaces and furniture, making a permanent home in your abode. Create a monthly routine of refreshing your couch, chairs, pillows and blankets with a plant-based spray like Fresh Air, and breathe easy.


Even though we can’t see it, the air we breathe has a huge impact on our overall well being. If you’re living and working in the middle of a concrete jungle, surround yourself with the healing power of plants by using essential oils and plant-based products on your skin, linens, and in the air you breathe.

Take a deep breath–even the smallest actions can have big impacts. Try adding a few new air care routines to your day, week or month and see how your wellness increases.

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