The Power of Being Present
The Power of Being Present
The Power of Being Present

The Power of Being Present

Jean-Pierre explains how being present can transform your life.

Last Updated: August 22, 2018
Contributor: Jean-Pierre LeBlanc

Being present can seem like a challenge in our busy world. From digital distractions to multitasking, there are many ways we deplete our focus and end up giving less than our full attention to what matters most, like our health and our loved ones.

Jean-Pierre believes that being present can transform your life from feeling ordinary to feeling extraordinary. Building on his theory of The Layers of Wellness, watch the video below to learn more about how being present is a key component of a happy, healthy life.

Jean Pierre explains how being present can transform your life
Jean-Pierre LeBlanc
Saje Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer

When Jean-Pierre couldn’t relieve his chronic pain using western medicine, he turned to ancient teachings, plant-based remedies and the intuitive power of the body to heal itself. He refers to himself as ‘the original sickie’ and has been a living example of how wholistic wellness can change someone’s life. His original formulations turned his wellness around, and are bestsellers that are still available at Saje to this day.

Now, 25 years later, Jean-Pierre continues to bring wellness education to people looking for a wholistic approach to their health. A passionate believer that reaching our human potential and achieving incredible levels of wellness go hand in hand, Jean-Pierre LeBlanc hosts in-store and livestream seminars to spread wellness education to communities across the globe. It is his mission to help all of us reach our own human potential and an incredible level of wellness.

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