How to Relieve Headache Pain, Naturally
How to Relieve Headache Pain, Naturally
How to Relieve Headache Pain, Naturally

How to Relieve Headache Pain, Naturally

Get to the root of what's hurting your head and soothe the pain — before it even starts.

Last Updated: March 25, 2019

Oh, the pain. A headache is never a welcome addition to your day but they seem to crop up more often than we’d like. Headaches can happen because of many day-to-day factors, like less-than-optimal food choices, dehydration, or putting a lot of strain on our minds and bodies.

You can nip headaches in the bud with essential oil blends that ease throbbing, release tension and stop symptoms before they start. Here’s how.



Skipping meals can make you feel foggy and tired, which can lead to an uncomfortable headache. There’s a simple solution: when your body tells you it’s hungry, eat! And if you’re thirsty, reach for water first.

Just remember that choosing foods and drinks that contain sugar, cheese, alcohol or caffeine, you might make the pain worse. Fuel up on nutritious meals at regular intervals, and keep your water bottle close at hand to stay nourished and hydrated all day. Keeping your body running smoothly will take the pressure off your body and mind, and keep headaches at bay.



Stress: we talk about it all the time, but what effect does it have on our whole body? As it turns out, too much stress can affect pretty much everything. It can disrupt our sleep, our digestion and even our ability to deal with pain. Enter pesky, lingering headaches.

Dealing with everyday stresses — like work, family, injuries and finances — releases chemicals into our bodies that can lead to stubborn headaches that seem to last forever. Add a lack of sleep and pain to your already-tender state and you’re at risk of creating a cycle of recurring head pain.

To help ease stress, try Stress Release Tension Reducing Mist. Keep this balancing blend close by and reach for it whenever feelings of mild anxiety, restlessness or nervousness strike.


Muscle tension

Exercise: it gives us a healthy glow, raises endorphin levels and keeps us strong. But sometimes, it can be a catch-22: if we push ourselves too far, we can end up with all-over stiffness and pain. And if you sit at a desk all day long, the strain to your neck and shoulders can be even more intense. It’s a recipe for that throbbing, base-of-the-skull kind of headache.

When your neck muscles have been overworked, it can cause tenderness and discomfort in and around your head. Try some gentle stretching and roll on Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy: you’ll have the pep back in your step in no time. Apply along your neck, shoulders and hairline to create a soothing and cooling sensation that satisfies and relieves the heck out of headaches.


Eye strain

Emails, documents, spreadsheets: repeat. Does this sound like your workday? If you’ve got a 9-to-5 lifestyle, chances are you’re spending much of your day staring at a digital screen. During all that screen time, your brain is working overtime to adjust and readjust your eye focus. This creates strain on your eye muscles and can eventually cause headaches.

To give your eyes and head a break, turn down the brightness on your computer and change your eye gaze by looking out a window or across the hall.

When head tension does strike, reach for the refreshing relief of our Peppermint Halo Wand. Dab this peppermint-based blend on hard-to-reach places — like your scalp — and directly where it hurts to soothe headaches with a satisfying, cooling.


Poor posture

Our moms were onto something: poor posture can affect our health more than we think. From hunching over our desks to sitting in traffic for hours on end, poor posture is often at the root of our neck and tension-related headaches.

To avoid posture-related head pain, make a point of getting up from your desk every hour and rolling your shoulders down your back. Do some gentle neck stretches to relieve any built-up tension before a headache settles in.

When you’re going head-to-head with headaches, there can be a lot to think about, but maintaining your overall wellness is key. Remember to stay active, hydrated and well-fed (a healthy plant-based meal always helps us!).

Make headache relief easy on yourself by stocking up on our favourite head soothing remedies. Keep your shoulders back and your head up and you’ll beat headaches every time.