Our educational events empower you to transform your life for the better. Join us to gain insight into the concept of Wholistic Wellness, natural products and their healing potential, and ways you can take charge of your health and happiness. Detoxification, pain management, sleep cycles, Ayurvedic healing, the power of choice and more are covered in these engaging, inspiring events.

We will be announcing new event dates soon. Check back here and on our social channels for future dates, cities and times!
Why Natural? My Journey Back From Pain

“Your body is sending you signals: are you listening?” – Jean-Pierre LeBlanc, Saje Co-Founder

Jean-Pierre explores how paying attention to what your body is telling you can improve your wellness. Using his journey through chronic pain as a guide, he empowers us to connect to our body’s wisdom and feel better for it.

Wholistic Happiness with Kate

“The choices we make every day become the foundation for the wellness we experience in our whole life.” – Kate Ross LeBlanc, Saje Co-Founder & CEO

Join Kate for an exploration of how we can choose a life that fulfills us. She shares her wellness ‘hacks’ that have helped her maintain a healthy, positive mindset.