Kate shares how a beautiful diffuser and a therapeutic blend can keep us in good company.
Kate shares how a beautiful diffuser and a therapeutic blend can keep us in good company.
Kate shares how a beautiful diffuser and a therapeutic blend can keep us in good company.

Kate’s Faves: Home Not Alone

Kate shares how a beautiful diffuser and a therapeutic blend can keep us in good company.

Last Updated: August 13, 2017
Contributor: Kate Ross LeBlanc

Our homes are a reflection of our personal style, and they are often where we feel the most comfortable. When we create an environment that not only looks great but feels great, we can enhance the positive experience we have of being in our homes, and in turn, enhance our day to day. This month, Saje Co-Founder & CEO Kate Ross LeBlanc shares the ways that the new High Gloss aromaBreeze Ultrasonic Diffuser can keep us in good company and make us feel right at home.

Surround yourself with what you love

We know that wellness is always in style in our books. Why was this diffuser designed and what is special about its style?

I’m very excited to launch these new colours and style of the aromaBreeze – they are stunning! The concept behind this series was to create accent pieces for the home, making them ideal for living rooms and home offices. They add a touch of modern sleek with their contrasting textures – both the navy and black are high gloss on the top and matte finish on the bottom. Their 180 ml water tank and six hour run time makes them ideal for larger spaces. I’m loving the idea of adding one in my home to amplify the modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Dual purpose of wellness and style

Not only do these elevate the style in your space, they elevate your wellness. What are some of the benefits of an ultrasonic diffuser?

Using an ultrasonic diffuser is a wonderful way to experience the therapeutic blends of our essential oils while improving your quality of air — it’s like inviting nature right into your home. This diffuser’s ultrasonic technology releases a cool mist that creates the same refreshing effect as standing beside a waterfall. This mist, when combined with our diffuser blends, fills your atmosphere with the goodness that plants have to offer.

A product of your surroundings

How can diffusers be adapted to your mood and support you?

The beauty of diffusing is that you can change your atmosphere depending on your mood, just by choosing a different diffuser blend. Whether you need to transition into or out of your day, you can surround yourself with the perfect feeling for that moment. Think of it as having a different friend over every night to give you the support and company you need at that time.

Change your state

Brainstorm Diffuser Blend Collection vs. Relaxation Diffuser Blend Collection. When would you recommend using these different blends?

Find Motivation

The blends in the Brainstorm Diffuser Blend Collection are filled with invigorating notes to pick you up and get you going. If you have problems waking up in the morning, you can jumpstart your day by diffusing Energy. If you want to come home and get things done, any of the blends in this collection can help you get motivated. If you’re cleaning up your house, diffuse Refresh to enhance the feeling of a clean and fresh space.

Chill Out

The Relaxation Diffuser Blend Collection is ideal for winding down. I love diffusing Unwind right when I come in the door, and I get ready for bedtime with the comfort of Tranquility. Spa Spirit is a blend that I developed because I wanted people to feel like they could have a spa in their homes. The juxtaposition of the eucalyptus and the benzoin is really the magic of this blend. Eucalyptus has camphorous notes and benzoin is sweet and warm – they are so beautiful together.

Letting Go of the Workday

I find it challenging to relax when I take my laptop home, even though there are things that I want to do on my computer that are relaxing. Maybe I want to research on my next trip, or email a friend, but the fact that I’m on my computer still sends signals to my body that I’m in work mode. I love that diffuser blends can interrupt that patterning. They allow you to pick up your computer and have it feel like something different. By turning on your diffuser, you’ve changed your environment and the feeling around you so that it doesn’t feel like you’re still at work.

Gain some perspective

How can diffusers give you the time to check in with yourself while checking out?

When you walk in the door, choose a blend, turn on your diffuser, take a few deep breaths, put on some music and let go of the day. Surrounding yourself with things that make you happy can positively impact your everyday perspectives. We don’t always realize how we’re feeling until we take a step back and give ourselves these moments of reflection. When you insert quiet moments into your days and nights it brings awareness to what you’re needing today and in the days to come.

With your diffuser and favourite blends, you’re never really home alone – you have nature to keep you company. Your diffuser is really a support system so that you can create a space to rest, recharge and rejuvenate. Welcome home!

Kate Ross LeBlanc
Saje Co-Founder & CEO
Kate Ross LeBlanc is the Co-Founder & CEO for Saje Natural Wellness. Featured in the Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs list by Chatelaine Magazine, Kate has also been nominated for the YWCA Woman of Distinction and Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Currently serving as the ICSC Retail Chair for British Columbia Kate is passionate about retail, product innovation and design. She travels the world every year inspiring the Saje product line and design teams to evolve, expand, create. Kate was recently honored as the Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2016 Pacific for Retail and Hospitality.