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Stress Release





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Just breathe.
Keep calm wherever you go with this relaxation trio. Relieve tension with Stress Release Remedy, breathe deeply with Stress Release Inhaler and massage your fingers with the Relax-O-Ring.

Includes Stress Release Remedy (6 ml), Stress Release Inhaler (1.6 ml) and Relax-O-Ring.

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Stress Release

How to Use



Used topically in aromatherapy to alleviate symptoms of mild anxiety such as restlessness and nervousness by inducing relaxation.

To support a sense of balance and calm the spirit, apply to forehead, neck and shoulders.

Put several drops on a tissue and hold close to face while inhaling deeply, or insert tissue into pillowcase before bed. Add 10-25 drops to a bowl of steaming water; inhale deeply for 5-10 minutes.

Add 7-12 drops to a full bath and swish to disperse well.


Used in aromatherapy to help relieve symptoms of tension and stress.

Adults: Hold close to the nostril (or nose) and inhale occasionally, up to 3 times per day. Do not insert directly in the nostril.


Refer below to determine which finger relates to the organ or energy zone you want to support. Gently and evenly roll the ring up and down each finger for 5-10 minutes, varying your massage time depending on what feels best for you.

A. Thumb:

Connected to: Stomach, spleen, skin surface, absorption and digestion of food.

B. Index finger:

Connected to: Kidneys, bladder, muscles and circulatory systems.

C. Middle finger

Connected to: Liver, gall bladder, haematopoiesis, detoxification and conversion of nutrients.

D. Ring finger

Connected to: Lungs, large intestine, deeper layers of the skin and respiratory system.

E. Little finger

Connected to: Bone structure, heart and small intestine.

For further information, we recommend exploring the practice of reflexology or consulting a healthcare practitioner.



Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek urgent medical attention or contact a poison control centre. This product is for external use only. Do not take orally. Do not use essential oils undiluted. If you have epilepsy, consult a health care practitioner prior to use. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes; if this happens, rinse with vegetable oil. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. May cause allergic reaction (e.g. skin rashes, irritation, and dermatitis); in which case, discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner. This product contains expressed orange essential oil which is phototoxic; do not expose the applied area to the sun within 3-4 days of application. Consult a health care practitioner for prolonged use, or if symptoms persist or worsen. Do not use on inflamed skin or dermatitis.

Add 45-60 drops to 10 ml of carrier oil for local application to shoulders and the back of the neck, as needed. Start with the lower dosage and increase if well tolerated and if symptoms persist.


Not for oral use. Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes, and skin; if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with vegetable oil. For occasional use only. Keep out of reach of children. If ingested, seek urgent medical attention or call a poison control centre. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have epilepsy or asthma, do not use. If allergic reaction, nausea, dizziness, headache or respiratory symptoms occur, discontinue use immediately and consult a health care practitioner. If symptoms persist or worsen, call a doctor.


Keep out of reach of children. If ring feels tight, do not leave on for an extended period of time. If you experience loss of feeling in a finger, remove ring and stop use.



Those in need of a relaxing, deep breath to calm their mood.


Stress Release Tension Reducing Remedy 6 ml | 0.2 fl oz

Stress Release Tension Reducing Nasal Inhaler 1.6 ml | 0.05 fl oz

Relax-O-Ring Massage Ring


A convenient zip pouch made from a durable, canvas-style RPET fabric and brass detailing to take with you on the go.

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