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Find your everyday Zen.
Turn your facial cleansing routine into a Zen-like experience. Hydrate and regenerate your skin’s natural texture with this calming, creamy cleanser. Ideal for sensitive, normal-to-dry and mature skin
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How to Use


With a circular motion, massage 1-2 pumpfuls onto damp face and neck, rinse well with warm water, then pat dry. Safe for removal of eye makeup.

Ideal for sensitive, normal-to-dry and mature skin. Follow with your preferred Saje Toner and Moisturizer.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


Rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, proteins, lecithin and potassium; ideal for restoring moisture to tired-looking skin.
Promotes moisture retention and skin’s natural ability for renewal.
Rich in antioxidants and vitamins; brings balance and a youthful, uplifted feeling to the skin.

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Refreshing and Right for my Skin!


I was contacted by a Saje representative who told me about the Outrageous Customer Return Policy and was sent this Zen Cleanse in response to a 'meh' review I had given Skin So Clean because it totally dried my skin out. Super impressed with the customer service and I love this product. It does not dry out my skin so I no longer get that super tight feeling or any flakiness after cleansing. It smells lovely. It cleanses my skin, removing all makeup - Note that I do not use it to cleanse away eye makeup. I suspect the rosemary and sage in this cleanser would cause an unpleasant sensation in the eyes.

Ottawa, Canada



Been using this with the sponges for a while now and I really enjoy it. The smell is amazing and while it seems to be creamy, it does a good job of getting into my pores. The sponge exfoliates gently and removes this cleanser completely, leaving the skin really smooth. I would definitely recommend using a cloth or a sponge to remove it because if you use only your hands it doesn't seem to come off as easily. And don't be thrown off by the fact that it's creamy, as I have oily skin and this did not aggravate it.

Vancouver, BC

Sadly, would not recommend this product.


I am sad to say that I am disappointed in this particular product by Saje. I am a little bit surprised, because I love this company and have been happy with all other products. I have acne prone skin and have been using a different all-natural brand for years that has done wonders for my skin, but I was in a Saje store the other day and decided I wanted to try out this cleanser. Here is what I found: -I enjoyed the smell -It says to use 1-2 pumps but I found I needed 3 -It says it can remove make-up, but I ended up with a big mess of smudged mascara all over my face -I started to break out a LOT all over my face -My skin never really felt clean after -The bottle only lasted me a few weeks, as apposed to a couple months like the alternative brand I was using (which costs the same amount) I don't recommend this product to anyone, but I would recommend anything else from Saje.

Manitoba, Canada

Wish I hadn'purchased this product


I have to admit that I am a big fan of Saje products and of their policies and philosophy (they are so great to their customers) so it pains me to have to write this review. I purchased this cleanser when it was featured in Kate's Faves and have been using it everyday with the green tea sponge, which I love. I like the consistency of the cleanser, its smell and the fact that you don't need to use a lot. However, after I started using it, I quickly noticed that my skin was itchier and dryer (even after moisturising with Rose Renewal) and the acne breakouts that I normally only get during that special time of the month started occurring regularly. :( I don't know if it's because of my skin type or perhaps my skin just doesn't like one of the ingredients in that cleanser, but it is not happy and I will have to switch to a different cleanser. I still love you Saje and will continue to purchase my regular go-to products.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Terrible for sensitive skin


se. I bought this cleanser seeing as it was on sale as one of Kate's Favourites and I figured why not try it out seeing as I was in the market for a new cleanser. I've always been a huge fan of Saje products so I felt comfortable knowing that I was going to get something worth my money. Boy, I was sure wrong! The moment I put this cleanser on my skin it began to sting! In response to this my face turned into this splotchy red mess which left it feeling dry despite it being advertised as a hydrating cleanser. On top of this it left a filmy residue on my skin. I thought that maybe I needed to ease my skin into using this product so I used it for another few weeks. Unfortunately my skin was unable to adjust to this product which has left me very disappointed! Into the garbage you go, Zen Cleanse. Don't bother wasting your money!

Edmonton, AB


3.7 35


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