Cyber Monday

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    Aroma Om Petite Diffuser, Peppermint Halo Oil Blend, Liquid Sunshine Diffuser Blend
  • Peppermint Halo®, Fortify®, Gutzy®, Stress Release, Pain Release Oil Blend Roll-Ons
  • Standard Price $34.00 Sale Price $20.40
    Deep Breath Nasal Inhaler, Relax-O-Ring, Stress Release Oil Blend, Unwind Mist
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  • Mists 3-6 hours | Covers approx. 400 sq ft | Ceramic | LED Light
  • Standard Price $100.00 Sale Price $80.00
    Poosh Diffuser Blend, Aroma Lune Diffuser
  • Deep Breath, Goddess, Elevate, Liquid Sunshine®, Present Moment, Tranquility® Diffuser Blends
  • After the Rain, Into the Trees, Liquid Sunshine®, Refresh, Diffuser Blends
  • Dream State, Goodnight, Peaceful Slumber, Tranquility® Diffuser Blends
  • Standard Price $18.00 Sale Price $14.40
    Woodsy & Herbal | Blended with pine and eucalyptus
  • Standard Price $18.00 Sale Price $14.40
    CItrus & Spice | Blended with yuzu and clove