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It’s about time.
Two tanks and a timer you can pre-set to start automatically morning and night means you can have wellness around the clock. Inspired by the body’s natural rhythms, fill the East tank with an energizing blend to rise, and the West tank with a relaxing blend for rest.
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How to Use


1. Fill water tank to maximum water level line.

2. Add 10-15 drops of your favorite Saje diffuser blend.

3. Press diffuser’s on button and breathe in the benefits of nature.

Read instruction manual and diffuser blend label for full operating instructions, cautions, care and maintenance.


Humidifies while infusing your air with the healing power of plants

Releases negative ions to elevate your well being

Revitalizes the air in your space using 100% plant-based and beneficial essential oil blends

Preserves the full integrity and properties of your essential oil blends using a heat-free system

Gives your atmosphere the same refreshing feeling as standing near a waterfall

Two 7 fl oz | 210 ml water tanks that each diffuse approximately 700 sq ft

Mists for approximately 6 hours on continuous

Sleek BPA-free plastic and LED light display

Automatic shut-off and whisper-quiet operation

Water Tank: 7 fl oz x 2

Covers: Approx. 700 sq ft / tank

Mist Duration: 6 hrs continuous

Material: BPA-free plastic

LED light display

Timer: Preset with AM/PM clock

Additional Information

Fill the East and West tanks with unfiltered, room temperature water to the maximum water level lines.

Then, to set your digital clock, press the H (hour) button until you reach the correct hour.

Press the M (minute) button until you reach the correct minute.

Once you have chosen your preferred time, wait five seconds to allow the clock to set.

#SajeTip: The LED light display can be turned off. Just press the Light button once to turn it off and again to turn if back on.

Add 10-15 drops of your favorite uplifting diffuser blend to the East tank.

Add 10-15 drops of your favorite calming diffuser blend to the West tank.

#SajeTip: For your East tank, we recommend Energy Revitalizing Diffuser Blend to help you rise and for your West tank, we recommend Tranquility Relaxing Diffuser Blend to help you rest.

To set your East and West tank timers, hold down the East button until the clock flashes.

Set the hour (H) and minute (M) you wish to rise.

Press the East button to confirm selected mist time or wait five seconds, allowing the time to set on its own.

Repeat steps for the West tank.

#SajeTip: For the East tank, we recommend setting your timer one hour before you rise, and for the West tank, we recommend setting your timer one hour before bed.

Wake up to wellness and drift off to a restful night’s sleep with the healing power of plants.

#SajeTip: Block out light and get into sleep mode with the Shut Eye Soothing Herbal Eyeshade.

Recently Viewed


Looks beautiful - but...


I just received it last week and set it up right away. I love the look, love the design...but unfortunately I'll be returning it. The buttons are almost impossible to see without a flashlight, which made it almost impostor program, but I could live with that. The clock is very bright white so can't be used at night, which you can shut off so I could also live with. However the one I received does not shut off automatically. It runs out of water a few hours into sleep and continues to run with a high pitched squeal. After 4 nights of trial and having to turn the bedroom lights on to shut it off at 4am I decided it's not for me. If the auto off worked I would probably keep it.


I'm dissapointed and hoping to return it...


I like the idea of it but in practicality it is loud and not all that sturdy, despite it's looks. By "sturdy" I mean that when you try to press any of the buttons you need to hold the unit with your other hand because it will move. That's a problem when you are trying to operate one handed in a lying position from your bed. I find the output of mist and the scent fine but the motor is loud which I couldn't tell in store when I purchased. The light is too bright and the only options are light on or off. The buttons have no illumination and are impossible to see, I need to get up close and shine a light on them in order to see what to press. For the price I would expect the ability to customise run times (set the west tank to start at 7:30 PM and stop at 10:30, etc). I just feel it was not worth the money and I'm sorry I didn't read the reviews here first.

Halifax NS

Little Dissappointed


I have the AROMA OM diffuser and I bought this one just after Christmas hoping that I could get a diffuser that had a little more coverage. I liked the idea of being able to have two scents but after putting in the recommended amount of drops plus a couple more, I wasn't able to smell any the scent after the first hour. I was told by the staff that it is because I used the essential oil remedies and that I had to use the blends. I didn't quiet understand why they would sell me the essential oils remedies if they are going to tell me that its not going to work. I spoke with someone else and I might be stuck with this one :( I still love their products but I'm not sure about this one.


Good concept but....


I love the concept of this diffuser. I purchased it a year ago but had to return it because 1) the led light was too bright and 2) the motor was too loud when running. Because of this I wasn't sleeping restfully which goes against of overall intention of wellness. If they made improvements to the design/function of this model I would definitely purchase it again and also recommend it to others.


Loving that it goes off in the morning automatically


I bought this diffuser as it was the only one I found that did what I wanted - Quietly goes off automatically in the morning and starts me waking up before the alarm clock on my phone goes off, and you don't need to download an app for this diffuser. All the other alarm clock diffusers I found on the internet made alarm clock beeping noises when they went off, or you needed to download an app to your phone (and give it permission to sync with contacts, etc). I'm loving it and love waking up and going to sleep with it but there's a few cons that hopefully will be worked out in subsequent models - When you take off the lid there is always condensed water dripping off it. Maybe there is a reason most diffusers are cone shaped and not a flat box? Also the motor also continues to run for awhile even when there is no mist, as it's running based on sensing water droplets from the condensed mist, but there isn't enough water for it to push the mist to the top of the unit. - You have to be very careful when filling it up as, if you fill it up from the centre and not the corner the water can run into the motor. The container warns you were to fill it up from, but being careful makes the task tedious. - If it wasn't the only one on the market (with no alarm sound/download app) it wouldn't be worth the money. But I love that it releases a scent automatically in the morning and will recommend it to friends.



3.4 49


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