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Home Office

For the coworker, boss or all-around hardworker, give them 100% natural solutions to get the job done. Explore office-friendly roll-ons, diffusers and kits for WFH.

  • Aroma Om White, Liquid Sunshine DIffuser Blend, Peppermint Halo.
  • Aroma Zen Diffuser, Citrus Dream® Diffuser Blend, Unwind Diffuser Blend
  • Elevate, Energy, Mountain High®, Brainstorm Diffuser Blends
  • Liquid Sunshine, Peaceful Slumber, Peppermint Twist, Fresh Start Room Sprays
  • Diffuse a Festive Mood

    Gift this premium diffuser (at a feel-good price) to anyone who is new to the world of wellness.

    Aroma Geni White Diffuser

    Aroma Geni White



  • Thankful Room Spray, Thankful Foaming Hand Soap, Thankful Lotion
  • Elevate Mist, Energy Oil Blend, Peppermint Halo Wand
  • Deep Breath Nasal Inhaler, Relax-O-Ring, Stress Release Oil Blend, Unwind Mist
  • Citrus & Herbal | Blended with lemon and rosemary.
  • Herbal & Citrus | Blended with lemon and clary sage.