Our educational events empower you to transform your life for the better. Join us to gain insight into the concept of Wholistic Wellness, natural products and their healing potential, and ways you can take charge of your health and happiness. Detoxification, pain management, sleep cycles, Ayurvedic healing, the power of choice and more are covered in these engaging, inspiring events.
Jean-Pierre LeBlanc Co-Founder
Thurs, October 29 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Jean-Pierre LeBlanc Co-Founder
Wed, October 30 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Wellness Your Way: Five Habits to Empower Your Wellness Journey with Jean-Pierre LeBlanc

“Your body is sending you signals: are you listening?” – Jean-Pierre LeBlanc, Saje Co-Founder

Take charge of your wellness with expert advice from Jean-Pierre LeBlanc. Discover his journey to optimum health – including the five pillars of wellness – as he shares how making 100% natural choices can lead to a happier and healthier life.

A little more about our Jean-Pierre:

Jean-Pierre LeBlanc co-founded Saje in 1992 with a mission to introduce people to the healing power of plants. After a serious car accident, Jean-Pierre was faced with a series of health challenges and chronic pain. When he couldn’t relieve his chronic pain using western medicine, he turned to ancient teachings, and plant-based remedies to heal his body. He leveraged his background in chemistry to formulate his first essential oil blends, that are still the heart of Saje’s offering today. Experiencing Jean-Pierre’s extraordinary wellness turnaround inspired him to share this discovery with the world.

Almost three decades later, Jean-Pierre’s commitment to 100% natural formulations remain the founding pillars of the company. A passionate believer that reaching our human potential and achieving incredible levels of wellness go hand-in-hand, Jean-Pierre hosts in-store seminars to spread wellness education to communities across the globe. It is his personal mission to help all of us reach uncommon levels of wellness.

Stress Release Rituals: Workshop with Megan-Rose Talbot Kelly and Trevor Ellestad

Experience nature’s medicine. Join us for an interactive workshop as we journey through the 5 senses and the healing power of plants.