• Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
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  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
  • Aroma Om® White
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Aroma Om® White DIFFUSER



Winner of Best Aromatherapy Diffuser, NewBeauty Awards, 2021

Winner in Best Scent Category, Allure Best of Beauty, 2020

Winner of Best Diffuser, Men's Health Sleep Awards, 2020


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Enhance your air with our award-winning Aroma Om white diffuser. Designed with a clean matte finish, it’s a classic style to upgrade your air (and your space).


  • Infuses and humidifies with our 100% natural essential oil blends
  • Mists for up to 3 hours continuously
  • Automatic-shut off (because you’ve got enough on your mind.)
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Aroma Om® White

How to Use


1. Fill water tank to maximum water level line.

2. Add 10-15 drops of your favorite Saje diffuser blend.

3. Press diffuser’s on button and breathe in the benefits of nature.

Read instruction manual and diffuser blend label for full operating instructions, cautions, care and maintenance.


Humidifies while infusing your air with the healing power of plants

Releases negative ions to elevate your well being

Revitalizes the air in your space using 100% plant-based and beneficial essential oil blends

Preserves the full integrity and properties of your essential oil blends using a heat-free system

Gives your atmosphere the same refreshing feeling as standing near a waterfall

3 fl oz | 100 ml water tank that diffuses approximately 400 sq ft

Mists for approximately 3 hours continuous | 6 hours intermittent (30 sec on/30 sec off)

Sleek ceramic cover and an optional LED light feature

Automatic shut-off and whisper-quiet operation

Water Tank: 3 fl oz

Covers: Approx. 400 sq ft

Mist Duration: 3 hrs continuous | 6 hrs intermittent

Material: Ceramic; BPA-free plastic

LED light feature

Additional Information

Diffusers give you the same refreshing feeling as standing near a waterfall, while gently adding essential oils into the air you breathe. They are a simple way to enjoy the 100% natural benefits of essential oils and their cool mist preserves the integrity of your blends.

Inside each diffuser is a tiny ceramic disc that vibrates to create a cool, odourless water mist, just like the mist around a waterfall. When essential oils are added, this vibration breaks the essential oil into microscopic particles. The diffuser then releases this fine mist of essential oil and water into the air so that you can easily inhale the goodness of nature.

Diffusing allows you to bring nature’s abundant healing properties into your home, office, or anywhere you choose to diffuse. If you're looking for more calm, more rest, more energy or more focus, there's a diffuser blend to help with that.

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