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Take it to go.
This stainless steel traveller is a great way to take tea or other beverages on the move. The removable filter makes steeping loose leaf tea convenient and easy to clean up and the pop up lid and lock button ensures that you’re spill-free!
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How to Use



1. Twist off lid, turn it upside down and add tea leaves into the tea leaf compartment under the flap.

2. Close and snap the filter flap shut (away from mouthpiece) until you hear a click.

3. Pour hot water into the mug, leaving at least 1/2 inch of space below the lowest thread.

4. Close and lock the mug cover.

5. Turn the mug upside down to start brewing tea; steep time will vary according to personal taste. (Approx. 5 minutes.)

6. Your tea is ready, enjoy!


1. For beverages not requiring filtering, switch the filter flap to the other side (towards mouthpiece) and close and snap shut until you hear a click.

2. Pour hot water into the mug, leaving at least 1/2 inch of space below the lowest thread.

3. Close and lock the mug cover, then enjoy!


Keep out of reach of infants and children. Be cautious not to scald yourself as the mug contains a hot beverage. Due to vacuum insulation, the outside of the mug will stay at room temperature.

Always leave 1/2"" room on top when filling mug. Do not open the lid cover close to your face or tilted towards you. Hot beverage may pour out and may cause scalding. Do not heat in a microwave. Do not fill mug with lid top attached. Doing so may cause overfilling. Be sure to close the lid cover securely after use. After use, always clean thoroughly.

Do not fill mug with the following liquids: dry ice & carbonated drinks, as they may cause lid top to burst, causing injuries; liquids containing salt (e.g. soup), as stainless steel liner may rust resulting in loss of thermal insulation; dairy products and fruit juices, as they may spoil and produce gas.

When mug contains a hot beverage, pressure inside may increase making it difficult to remove lid top. If this occurs, open lid cover first releasing pressure then remove lid top. Do not forcefully remove the lid top as it may burst causing injuries.

Always clean all parts thoroughly after each use. Exterior & lid top: wash with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid using a soft sponge. Rinse, shake a few times and wipe dry. Interior: wash with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid using a soft sponge with handle, rinse and dry. Do not clean with thinner, benzene, abrasive cleaners or other harsh cleaners. Do not use chlorine type bleach.

Do not use dishwasher or dish dryer. Do not boil to sanitize. Do not soak in water for an extended period of time. Wipe moisture off thoroughly to prevent water stains or rusting.


Can be used for loose leaf tea and other beverages, both hot and cold.
Retains both heat and cold for up to six hours.

Stainless steel construction.

Removable filter.

Pop-up lid made out of BPA free plastic with a lock to prevent spills




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Love it


I just received my energy tea today, can't wait to try in my new mug 😁


Great tumbler but be careful


Absolutely love the design of the tumbler - it's so well thought out with the built-in infuser being to the side, so when you go to sip, the tea doesn't get over steeped. Word of caution though, do be sure to secure the lid tightly to prevent leaks (you don't want leaking with boiling hot water). Not fun! Still trying to determine whether there's a perfect way of securing the lid to prevent this from happening.

Irvine, California

best design for a traveller


this is the holy grail of tea travellers! i have been using mine every day since i bought it and i'm just as impressed today as i was the day i first used it. :) i have tried many styles of tea mugs including glass presses and mugs with extra tea storage but they break (the glass shatters if those presses get knocked over), are a mess to clean up, or simply aren't designed well - the tea brews for too long or the filter full of tea blocks tea you're trying to drink. when you flip this traveller from upside down the brewing stops and the used tea is to the side, not in front of the spout - genius! the filter is made of plastic so it doesn't influence the taste of the tea (like stainless steel does), and it is SO EASY to clean up! no tea stains. i absolutely love this mug, thank you for creating it!


Brew it like it's hot!


I wasn't too sure about this tumbler when I got it because there are alot of moving plastic parts. Once I got over myself, I threw some loose-leaf tea in the compartment and flipped it to brew. The seal is amazing, so no mess while upside down! What I love the most about this mug is that it keeps my tea piping hot for hours, even while freezing my butt at the arena. I also love that I don't have to wrestle a hot mug to remove my tea bag. Plus, it's pretty, and I like pretty things :-)

Ottawa, Canada



I've had this for quite some time & still use it (to get my $$ worth!) but I'm completely disappointed in this product. I have 2 issues with it: 1) it leaks as soon as it's turned upside down (perhaps you need to wait a minute to release the pressure of the boiling water 1st? Seems to work sometimes). 2) You can only successfully use Saje loose leaf tea with it. I have not had success using any other loose leaf tea with it, as I wind up with a whole bunch of tea at the bottom when I'm drinking and we all know how annoying this is. Anyways I felt I had to warn people as I expected a whole lot more from such an expensive tea steeper! It is very pretty though & when it works it's great & keeps your tea hot for a long time.

Coquitlam BC


4.0 14


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