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Enter an unwind state of mind.
Drift into relaxation and restore a sense of balance with a blend of essential oils designed to inspire ease and calm.
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How to Use


A soothing mist that calms and helps to relax. With eyes and mouth closed, mist entire face and body as desired. Shake well before each use.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.


Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes & mucous membranes; if this happens, rinse with vegetable oil. Shake well before each use. Contains phototoxic orange essential oil; do not sun tan/use tanning beds for 3-4 days after use.


Herbal and floral; relaxes and soothes while hydrating skin and hair.
A bright citrus to refresh tired skin and brighten your mood.
A citrusy uplifter helps relieve stressful feelings and promotes relaxation.

Additional Information


Gentle Serenity


As with Saje's other mists, I love how the sprayer delivers such a fine mist… It covers a large enough area without spraying absolutely everywhere. This one is not overpowering, yet in a typical Saje fashion, the scent is obvious enough to do the work of these essential oils that helps me relax. After the initial few minutes when the aroma seems strongest, throughout the ensuing hours I continue to find myself to pausing to inhale, to enjoy the benefits and subtly lingering scent. I like it in concert with other Saje remedies too, like the Stress Release roll-on. Accented with the sound of our wind chimes, nothing can ruffle my feathers today! This one I'll buy again, no doubt.

S Florida/ S Ontario

Uplift and unwind


At night I use Lavender mist and Stress Release to chill out but during the day those can make me almost too calm and drowsy. Unwind has the added bonus of bright orange which I find makes this more suitable for waking hours. This totally uplifts and centres me when I need it during work breaks or when I get home after a long day. I've been using it at least once daily for a few weeks now and it looks like it'll last me at least a few months. Love it.

Manitoba, CA

Product Review


This has become my new favourite besides from Spa Spirit - I mix them together& keep them on in my defuser in my bedroom 24:7 / just need to add more water and clean every few days. Have lots of sleep issues - nothing better then smelling this in my bedroom. My fiancé loves this one the most


Product Review


My husband was suffering from anxiety attacks, which resulted in him losing sleep. I went to Saje Square One Mall in Mississauga and Nicole helped me out. I bought the Lavender Mist and there is no way I could have predicted how well it was going to work. That same night I sprayed the mist in my bedroom and on my husband’s pillow. The smell was intoxicating, the bottle was a beautiful thick glass, great spray pump that worked no matter which way I turned the bottle and it sprayed the mist evenly. My husband said that he could not remember the last time he slept like that. Now the both of us have been using it and it is amazing how relaxed and calm we wake up feeling. Another homerun for Saje, thank you, thank you, thank you. If you are looking for an all-around quality product then please try this out. It will ease your stress and give you peace. *Make sure you read my review on Saje’s Tantra Perfume – I’m in love!


Product Review


I keep a bottle of this at my desk at work. Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed, I spray this in the air right above my head, and breathe deeply. This is a lovely scent!



4.0 10


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