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Feel the glow.
A natural treatment for skin in need of deep cleansing action. Let Zap take care of excess dirt, oils and dead skin cells and reveal bright, fresh, radiant skin underneath.
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How to Use


Gently wash face, neck and body in the morning and evening, rinsing well with lukewarm water.

For best results, follow immediately with Saje Zap Toner and Saje Zap Lotion.

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children, except under adult supervision.


This herbaceous note helps invigorate the mind while keeping you grounded.
Richly moisturizing; nourishes the skin and promotes regeneration.
Powerfully herbal; gives skin deep balance and rejuvenation.

Additional Information


Zap is right


Since using this soap I find I have less and less blemishes.

Brampton, Ontario

My third time purchasing this product!


I've been using this product for over 8 months now, and I love it! The bar lasts a really long time, it lathers nicely in your hands, and cleans my face so well! I've had really good results with this, it's not overly drying, not greasy, smells nice, and even removes my makeup! I love it!!

Nova Scotia

Fantastic soap!


My favourite face wash. Affordable, effective and lasts a long time!


Love this bar!


I love the eco friendliness of this bar and not using more plastic which I am trying more and more to avoid everyday. This bar is great as i have combo-oily skin I guess and exercise once a day and am outdoors alot. I was just reading he bad reviews for this and dont know what else the other customers are eating and or putting on their face as why they continued to get acne/bumps. Most of it has to do with your diet- which even ayurvedically there are foods to calm your skin- as well as it it good to rotate your own products and keep your skin/body guessing! I love to use the zap bar at the end of the day if i dont have to shower and then follow with Cocokinds raspberry toner which is great! I havent tried sajes other face lotion or toner to say those are also good products- however I do know that Sajes products are clean, easy to read the ingredients and I used to work for an essential oil company and know my body works awesome with tea tree oil (which is in this with cleansing rosemary too!). Overall I am going to keep getting these once every other month as they last pretty long and I get to avoid more plastic bottles- yay! Thanks Saje!

Santa Monica

The only product that has ever worked for me


As a person with combination and blemish prone skin, I was extremely sceptical about this product due to its simplicity. Truly this product is now one of my holy grails for my skin care routine!! It is the only thing that has actually ever worked for me! I am thrilled with this product, after only 3 days of using the "zap" bar, there has been a significant difference in my skin!! Thank you saje!!!!!!

Nova Scotia Canada


5.0 8


Once Health Canada has asseeseed a product and decided it is safe, effective and of high quality, it issues a product license along with an eight-digit Natural Product Number (NPN) or Homeopathic Medicene Number (DIN-HM), which must appear on the label. Read More