How to Use
Ceramic massager with packaging

Suggested Uses

  • Use the tool to massage the area of concern. Glide the tool along the body with firm and steady pressure. Use the smooth side for a more even tension, and the ribbed side for a more experiential sensation. Suitable for shoulders, knees, arms, neck, calves, and around small to medium-sized muscles.
  • Not for use with other topical products such as oils, balms, or ointments.

Packaging Information

Caution: fragile material. Handle tool with care to prevent breakage. Avoid dropping or applying excessive pressure to the tool.

Check for cracks or damage: before each use, inspect the tool for any signs of cracks, chips, or damage. Do not use if the tool is damaged as it may lead to injury.

Ceramic massager with packaging


Made of ceramic for an easy-glide experience without the need for skin lubricants.

Massage is believed to help reduce stress, induce relaxation, increase ease, improve circulation and may even support a better quality of sleep. Experiment with the different contours and textures to see what feels best for your body, and where.

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