How to Use
A person refilling their Tingle Mint foaming hand soap

Suggested Uses

  • Twist off the pump of your foaming hand soap bottle and the cap of your refill bottle
  • Carefully fill the smaller foaming hand soap, mindful not to overfill
  • Replace the pump and the cap and ensure both are closed tightly
  • Use the foaming hand soap dispenser as desired for fresh and clean hands

Packaging Information

For external use only. Keep out of reach of children, except under adult supervision.

Tingle Mint refill and dispenser for foaming hand soap


This is a refill bottle for our foaming hand soap, which was created to be cleansing and refreshing for the skin during frequent use. We've formulated our soaps with carefully selected ingredients known for their ability to cleanse and hydrate without causing irritation or dryness. We don't use any ingredients like artificial fragrance, synthetic foaming agents or alcohol which are known irritants to the skin.

We formulated this revitalizing and uplifting foaming hand soap as a plant-based and nature-derived alternative to conventional soap and body care products, and to support soft, supple and healthy-looking skin.