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Happy cruising!
Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride with this chic, discreet and geometrically-shaped diffuser. Pair with your favorite diffuser blend to bring the vitality of nature into your vehicle.
SKU: 22288001

How to Use

Add 15-25 drops (depending on preference) of your favorite Saje diffuser blend onto a diffuser pad. A pad may be used until it hardens and/or discolors.

Clip the diffuser to your car air vent and control the aroma by increasing or decreasing the air ventilation.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.


This car diffuser clips onto your car’s air vent and diffuses essential oils through the air.
Liquid Sunshine




Spa Spirit

Rain Forest

aromaCar Diffuser

5 diffuser pads to add your essential oils to the diffuser

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I wish I'd read the reviews before buying this, ugh. It did seem to work at first, but only for 5 minutes. I really liked the scent I bought for it too. I tried changing the pad as well, just to see if that would help, but it didn't do anything either. It's too bad, because it's a pretty good idea for a product, and I usually really like Saje stuff.


Deserves No Stars


If it were an option, I would give this product zero stars. It was an absolute waste of money. I put this item in my car and was so excited to use my essential oils with it. I found that it did not affect the smell of the car at all. When I put new drops of oil on the pad, it would completely absorb the oil and there would be a very slight scent for about an hour and then it would dry out. I found that I kept having to reapply drops and ended up wasting an entire bottle of lemon-scented essential oil without ever finding that it worked successfully. At times I would put 10 -15 drops to get it super saturated and even then I could hardly smell a thing. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY. It is not worth it AT ALL. I regret not looking at other reviews before buying this item. By far one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I will not shop at Saje for anything ever again because this was just so terrible.

Ottawa, ON

Super Disappointing


I have to say I did read the reviews of this product & all of the one stars it got. I bought it anyways. I wasn't expecting a very strong scent after reading all the negative things people had to say about it. I opened it & read the instructions & followed how many drops of oil to put on the pad. It is very cold outside now so I was expecting to have to wait until my car warmed up to get any scent - which was true. Even though the instructions say it works with cold air & hot air. The scent lasted about 20 minutes with my hot air blowing on high. A few hours later I used my car again & the same thing happened. The next day I didn't even smell anything even when my car heated up. Super disappointed in this product & I should have listened to the reviews :(

Markham, Ontario

I love this diffuser...I just don't use Saje oil blends in i


I immediately used this car diffuser when it came at a discount as a bonus for purchasing another large diffuser. I was disappointed to find that the aromas did not last. Last October, I happened upon an English Rosemary and Patchouli reed diffuser from a candle and diffuser company called Marmalade of London. I loved this reed diffuser in my family room sooooo took some of the essential oil blend from that , dropped a few drops on a clean pad and VOILA!!! I have had an amazing spicy scent in my car since then!!! I'm serious, whenever I put the face level vent on it smells heavenly!!! They have other scents as well but I love this one for my car. Thank you Saje for the car diffuser!!

Nova Scotia, Canada

Looks good, functions terribly


I have spent a lot of money at saje over the years. Diffusers (multiple), oils, and loads of Christmas gifts. Unfortunately this item is below the standard I've come to expect from saje... Probably the worst item I've ever purchased from saje. The pads dry out extremely quickly (noticeably worse after the first use), with the fan on or off, on cool or warm temperatures. I've never said this but stay away from this item!

Toronto, Canada


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