What are the key differences between the four skincare lines?

We created 100% natural, plant-derived skin care that is universally inclusive, beneficial, highly efficacious and expertly formulated to support your skincare goals. The four product lines are as follows:

- Glow On: a fresh, green and herbal product line formulated for normal/combination skin types. We’ve selected ingredients to help defend against environmental effects and stressors, for skin that feels balanced and renewed.

Key ingredients: parsley seed oil, plant-derived squalane, oat kernel extract
Product line includes: oil cleanser, moisturizer, face oil

- Calm-O-Mile: an herbal, sweet and lightly floral product line formulated for sensitive/irritated skin types. We’ve selected ingredients that support reducing the appearance of redness and irritation while being gentle on delicate skin.

Key ingredients: jojoba, calendula, roman chamomile
Product line includes: gel cleanser, moisturizer, face oil

- True Dew: a rich, rosy and floral product line formulated for dry/mature skin types. We’ve selected ingredients that help restore moisture, reduce visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles and help promote elasticity and vitality.

Key ingredients: safflower seed oil, hyaluronic acid, rose otto
Product line includes: cream cleanser, moisturizer, face oil

- Claritea: a fresh, herbal and earthy product line formulated for oily or acne prone skin types. We’ve selected ingredients that help calm and clarify the skin, balance oil production and are soothing and purifying to blemishes and breakouts.

Key ingredients: plant-derived squalane, jojoba, tea tree
Product line includes: gel cleanser, toner, moisturizer.

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Saje offers oil, gel and cream cleansers. What’s the difference?

We created multiple types of cleansers to meet the diverse needs of our community members based on personal preference, skin tolerance and ease of use. Here’s a little bit more about each of the cleanser types:

Oil Cleanser: commonly used as step one in a double cleanse routine, oil cleansers are equally effective when used on their own. An oil cleanser is particularly effective in removing makeup and sunscreen, helping to soothe visible signs of irritation and in providing soft, smooth and supple skin.

Gel Cleanser: a popular cleansing format, gel offers the benefits of rich, creamy lather that rinses away dirt, oil, grime and makeup with very little effort. Typically, only a small amount of gel cleanser is required to create a smooth, frothy lather and is effective at reducing visible redness on the skin.

Cream Cleanser: the most hydrating and deeply nourishing of the cleanser formats, cream cleansers are effective at removing makeup and balancing the skin tone, while continuing to provide hydration and improved appearance of elasticity. Cream cleansers support reducing the visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles by keeping the skin’s moisture barrier looking and feeling balanced.

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Do your skincare products contain essential oils?

Yes, all of the products in our new skincare collection do contain essential oils. At Saje, essential oils are the heart of everything we do. We believe that using essential oils in minimal, controlled amounts allows us to deliver both physical and emotional benefits to our community members.

Our Research and Development Team alongside our In-House Aromatherapist thoughtfully formulated all of our skincare products to include essential oils at concentrations recognized to be safe by aromatherapy experts and industry leaders. By doing so, we are able to deliver functional benefits and beautiful aromas through our essential oil blends, all while keeping safety top of mind.

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What is double cleansing? Can I use Saje cleansers to double cleanse?

Double cleansing quite simply means to thoroughly cleanse your face, the first step in your skincare routine, twice with different cleansers. Typically, in order to achieve the best results, you’ll want to use two different types of cleansers.

The most popular first step in a double cleanse routine is using an oil cleanser like our Glow On. An oil based cleanser is formulated to remove stubborn products from the skin like makeup and sunscreen, as well as environmental stressors like pollution. By first removing these impurities from the skin, you’re now primed for a second cleanse that can provide an added sense of freshness and balance.

The second step in a double cleanse routine usually includes a water-based cleanser like a gel or a cream format. This second step helps to revitalize the skin and ensures all traces of dirt, oil and makeup have been removed, preventing clogged pores and potential for breakouts. You can choose from our Calm-O-Mile gel cleanser, True Dew cream cleanser or Claritea gel cleanser according to your preference and skin type.

It’s not absolutely necessary to do a double cleanse each time you wash your face, though certain skin types or those in certain circumstances (such as wearing heavy makeup or sunscreen) may benefit from this additional step.

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How do the previous elixirs (Balancing, Sensitive, Rejuvenating) compare to the new face oils (Glow On, Calm-O-Mile, True Dew)?

The main difference between our previous elixirs and our new face oils is their innovative and highly efficacious product formulations. Since our previous line of skin care products was created, we’ve had the opportunity to explore, research and test many new and inventive plant-based ingredients that weren’t always readily available to us in the natural beauty space.

We spent 2+ years in development of our new skincare formulations, screened more than 300 potential ingredients for use and carefully chose 85 highly efficacious and beneficial ingredients across our skincare line to arrive at what we believe are some of the highest quality natural skincare products in the world.

We feel we’ve elevated these formulations with the use of industry-leading plant-derived ingredients like prickly pear, blueberry seed, sea buckthorn, raspberry seed, camelina seed and many more.

In a controlled consumer perception study, 91% of participants reported that their skin felt more hydrated, nourished and healthy following a single application of our new face oils.

Though both our previous elixirs and our new face oils are water-free formulas, we’re excited to offer our most advanced and original formulas in the skincare category to date.

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What is the difference between a skin serum and a face oil?

Despite the sometimes confusing naming structure, there is an easy way to differentiate between skin serums and face oils; the simple answer is by water content. When applying skin care products, it’s typically recommended to apply products in order from lightest to heaviest. For most people and with most products, this looks like cleanser, toner or face mist, water based skin serums, moisturizer and then finishing with richer treatment products like face oils.

If a serum or face oil has water listed in its ingredients, this product is typically of lower viscosity or thickness, and would be applied prior to a more deeply hydrating product like moisturizer. If a skin serum or face oil is formulated without water, it was blended to provide nourishing and supportive treatment to the skin, intended as the final step in your skin care routine. The easiest way to determine where a skin serum or face oil product should be placed in your skin care regimen is by checking the ingredients label for the presence of water.

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Moisturizer and face oil do the same thing – do I need to use both?

Your skin will benefit from having both of these essential products as part of your daily skincare routine. That’s because these products are quite structurally different and help to support our skin in entirely different ways.

Our moisturizers are water based. The inner layers of our skin are what’s referred to as hydrophilic, which means that they are water loving. A good quality water-based moisturizer, with hydration-hero ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, helps pull water deep into your skin, which supports creating the appearance of soft, supple and dewy skin as it helps treat dryness in the skin’s inner layers.

The outer layers of our skin are what’s referred to as lipophilic, which in simple terms means that they are oil loving. Using a product like a face oil, formulated without water and instead with 100% carrier oils, plant extracts and essential oils will help act as a barrier over skin to lock in moisture and to protect the outer layers of your skin by allowing moisture to be retained and locking out environmental toxins.

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Can you mix face oils and moisturizers?

Yes! Our intention is to have both of these products used daily as part of a well-balanced skincare routine, and some people do find that combining the two (1-3 drops of face oil with 1-2 pumps of moisturizer) is an efficacious and time-saving way to experience the benefits of both of these products.

If applying separately, we suggest using your water-based moisturizer first, followed by your face oil of choice.

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With my new skincare routine from Saje, when should I apply my SPF sunscreen products?

We recommend waiting 3-5 minutes after applying face oil, which is the final step in your skincare routine, before applying sunscreen products. This period will allow your skincare products to fully absorb and will allow your skin to absorb the full protective benefits of the sunscreen.

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My skin type falls under multiple categories; how do I decide which products are best for me?

We created our new skincare line to be easy to shop and to be helpful for our community members when looking for products for specific skin types or conditions. While some people find that using a system of products created for one specific skin type works best for them, others have better results by mixing-and-matching the products they use.

For example, if you prefer a cream cleanser but enjoy the feel of a lighter, balancing moisturizer you might select the True Dew cream cleanser and the Glow On moisturizer. Or, if your skin is oily and needs a more purifying cleanse but is also reactive and requires a gentle level of hydration, you might select the Claritea gel cleanser and the Calm-O-Mile moisturizer.

We want our Community Members to feel empowered to choose their own adventure when it comes to skincare products that smell appealing and feel luxurious on the skin. Our Formulation Guarantee was created as a commitment to providing the highest quality 100% natural products in the world. Should you find that any of the products in our skincare line don’t prove suitable for your skincare goals and skin type, we would be happy to help you find other products in our skincare category that feel right for you.

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I have dry skin but I don’t identify as having mature skin. Can I still use the True Dew line of products?

Yes! Simply stated, mature skin is skin that tends to experience dehydration and moisture depletion because as we age, our skin naturally produces less collagen and elastin, both of which are vital components in keeping skin hydrated.

We have included deeply nourishing ingredients in our True Dew collection such as safflower seed oil, rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid, known to attract 1000 times its weight in water, in an effort to restore moisture, balance and luminosity to both dry and mature skin types.

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Is the Calm-O-Mile line only suitable for people with sensitive skin?

No! The Calm-O-Mile collection has been carefully and thoughtfully formulated with ingredients that most people experience as gentle, soothing, balancing and comforting, which means they are primarily suggested for use with skin types that identify as sensitive or irritated. If you enjoy the smell, feel and results from the Calm-O-Mile line of products, we encourage you to include them as part of your skin wellness routine.

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How does the new Claritea skincare line compare to the previous Zap skincare line for oily, acne or blemish prone skin?

Both of these product lines were created to help address the symptoms of oily and acne prone skin, like redness, excess oil production, skin that looks and feels irritated and that is prone to breakouts and blemishes.

We wanted to create elevated products with reimagined formulations for best-in-class skincare support for those who identify as having oily/acne prone skin. By leveraging the original vision and some of the hero ingredients from the previous Zap line such as tea tree and introducing brand new functional ingredients, we arrived at the Claritea line of products. We believe these products will help the skin to feel cleansed, freshened, balanced, relieved of visible symptoms of irritation like redness and breakouts and will support healthy, calmed skin.

If your experience with our new Claritea line of products doesn’t meet your skincare needs, we encourage you to leverage our Formulation Guarantee which states in part that if something isn’t working for you, we want to make it right. You can check in with your local store or contact us at anytime you have questions about the skincare products you’re using.

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I have oily/acne prone skin but I am curious about face oils. What do you recommend?

Many people with oily/acne prone skin benefit from the use of face oils, as these oils were formulated to support and protect your underlying skin type. When selecting a face oil, consider your secondary skin care goals:

Does your skin generally feel normal and balanced, with a tendency towards breakouts? You might benefit from our renewing and antioxidant-rich Glow On face oil.

Does your skin tend to be reactive and experience redness? You might benefit from our gentle and comforting Calm-O-Mile face oil.

Does your blemish prone skin also feel dehydrated and dull? You might benefit from our brightening and plumping True Dew face oil.

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Does Saje offer an exfoliant product?

At this time, we don’t currently offer an exfoliant skincare product. Our recommendation for a product that is cleansing, balancing and offers a gentle, daily exfoliation is our Konjac Kare sponge, in either bamboo charcoal or yam extract These vegetable-derived sponges help gently slough-off dry, dead skin cells to improve the clarity of your complexion and deeply clean pores, and can be paired with your cleanser of choice.

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Does Saje offer a face mist or facial toner?

Our Claritea line of products for oily/acne prone skin offers a toner featuring juniper berry, tea tree essential oil and liquid mineral salts to refine pores and reduce excess oil.

We recommend our balancing and nurturing Rose Mist to be used as an overall face mist, after cleansing and before applying products like moisturizer and face oil. Rose Mist is sweet and floral and helps the skin to feel eased, softened and refreshed.

Stay tuned for our new Face Mist set to launch in 2022!

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What other Saje products can I use in my skincare routine?

We offer a number of products to support a healthy skincare routine that include the following:

Detox Mode clay face mask: a purifying and deeply cleansing face mask made with renewing kaolin clay, bamboo charcoal extract and frankincense essential oil

Strong Balm lash and nail salve: a nourishing balm to condition the cuticles and support the growth of lashes and eyebrows with St. John’s wort, calendula and patchouli essential oil

Clear Quartz crystal roller: improve the look and feel of your skin with this ancient skincare ritual to smooth, soothe and rejuvenate the skin with gentle massage

Check out our full assortment of skincare products here

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Are these skin care products safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Our skincare line of products was carefully formulated with thoughtfully selected ingredients that support skin health and wellness for the people that use them. Our skincare products were formulated with low, recognized as safe dilutions of essential oil blends and other plant-derived ingredients that are unlikely to cause reactions or sensitivities. Our best recommendations are as follows:

Calm-O-Mile line of products: very low concern. Our best recommendation while pregnant or breastfeeding.

True Dew line of products: very low concern. Our best recommendation while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Glow On line of products: low concern. Contains parsley seed, an essential oil recommended to be avoided while pregnant or breastfeeding. Though there is a low concentration of essential oils in the overall product formula, we suggest speaking to a trusted healthcare practitioner should you have any concerns prior to use.

Claritea line of products: low concern. Contains myrtle, an essential oil recommended to be avoided while pregnant or breastfeeding. Though there is a low concentration of essential oils in the overall product formula, we suggest speaking to a trusted healthcare practitioner should you have any concerns prior to use.

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Are Saje’s skincare products gluten-free?

Since the ingredients we use in our skincare formulations are cosmetic grade and not food grade, we do not assess gluten content in our products. As a result, we cannot guarantee that our products are or are not gluten-free.

Experts agree that gluten is not absorbed through the skin, so individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac do not typically require gluten-free cosmetic products unless there is risk or high probability of accidental ingestion (in a lip balm product, for example).

Though our skincare products would be considered low risk, we defer to the Celiac Disease Foundation, wherein the science indicates that celiac patients (typically) do not require gluten-free cosmetics. Since every allergy or sensitivity is unique, we ask our community members to defer to their healthcare practitioner’s recommendations for usage, as we cannot assess individual sensitivities or other underlying conditions that could result in a reaction.

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Do Saje skincare products cause phototoxicity/sensitivity or reaction to the sun?

Our full skincare line was created to be non-phototoxic and to protect the skin from environmental damage. All essential oils used in our skincare collection are supportive and protective of the skin, including when outdoors and in all elements. Our skincare collection does not contain any phototoxic citrus essential oils.

It is our strong recommendation to follow your Saje skincare routine with a high-quality SPF sunscreen product with a minimum protection number of 30.

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Is Saje skincare non-comedogenic? Will it clog my pores?

Across our product line, we have chosen a variety of plant oils for our skincare products that offer numerous benefits and properties. Although some of the ingredients may have a higher comedogenic rating (for example, avocado oil is rated as a 4/10), we’ve carefully formulated these ingredients alongside others with lower ratings (raspberry seed oil, 0-2/10, for example).

A higher rating does not mean that an ingredient will definitively cause clogged pores. We made these decisions while considering all of the properties of an ingredient, such as its ability to hydrate the skin, reduce visible signs of irritation and provide antioxidant protection.

We believe in the high efficacy of the formulations in our skincare collection and welcome any feedback you may have.

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Can my teenager use Saje skincare products?

Yes! We’ve formulated our complete line of products according to typical skin types, with an emphasis on creating inclusive skincare that can universally benefit our community members.

We encourage you to select products based on skin type and skin goals, preferred format and aromatic preference, no matter the age of the person using the products.

Please note: we do not recommend the use of our skincare products on children.

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Does Saje offer skincare samples?

At this time, we do not offer take-home samples of any of our skincare products as a way to reduce excess product packaging that is typically in the form of plastics or other material that cannot be recycled. We encourage our community members to visit their local store for in-store demo and education on all of our products, and we welcome our online shoppers to connect with our Team at for any questions or assistance that is required.

Our Formulation Guarantee means that anytime you try a product at Saje that does not fit your needs or support your wellness, we encourage you to return the product in-store or via the mail for a full refund (with receipt) or an exchange/gift card otherwise. It would be our pleasure to help match you with the best suited products for your skin type and your skin goals!

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Can these products and packaging be recycled?

Yes, all the outer packaging and product components are recyclable. It’s important to note you may have to contact your local municipality for further information regarding recyclability. Additionally, all product components need to be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned prior to being recycled. In most cases, if a component cannot be cleaned, it cannot be accepted for recycling.

The only exception to this is the soft plastic bulb on the dropper of our Face Oils, which is not recyclable at this time. However, both the glass pipette dropper and plastic cap can be separated from the soft plastic bulb for recycling where accepted.

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Do you have a recycling program?

At this time, we are unable to offer an in-store recycling program for our new skincare collection. Though an in-store recycling program continues to be top of mind for us at Saje, we’ve been unable to this point to find a program that meets the unique needs of our business in regards to space constraints and other considerations.

In the meantime, we celebrate that our entire skincare collection (including packaging and product) is recyclable through most local recycling programs (with the exception of the soft plastic bulb on the top of our face oil droppers, which can be separated from the lid and glass pipette dropper, both of which are recyclable).

We thank you for your continued interest in sustainability and environmental initiatives at Saje and we will keep our community updated with any changes to this anticipated program.

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If Saje doesn’t use synthetic preservatives or parabens in their skincare products, how do the products stay fresh?

Here at Saje, we use naturally sourced preservative ingredients rather than synthetic preservatives that are more commonly used by the skincare industry.

Our natural preservatives were sourced in accordance with our Saje Natural Standard, and were assessed not only for their ability to provide product stability but also for their low risk of allergic reaction, sensitization and irritation according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Standard. Our final products underwent stability testing and our skincare products were assigned shelf life according to these test results.

These natural preservatives were rated on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest potential hazard and 10 being the highest:

1. Lactobacillus ferment from bacteria ferment (EWG Score 1)
2. Leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate from bacteria ferment (EWG Score 1)
3. Phenethyl alcohol from corn (EWG Score 1)
4. Sodium anisate from basil/star anise oil (EWG Score 1)
5. Sodium levulinate from sugar cane (EWG Score 1)
6. Pentylene glycol from sugar cane (EWG Score 1)
7. Propanediol from corn (EWG Score 2)
8. Glyceryl caprylate from coconut/palm oil (EWG Score 1)
9. Glyceryl undecylenate from castor/coconut oil (EWG Score 1)

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