Guided Sleep Meditations, Just for You
Guided Sleep Meditations, Just for You
Guided Sleep Meditations, Just for You

Guided Sleep Meditations, Just for You

Helping you get the best sleep, naturally with restful audio journeys.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our overall wellness, especially when you’re in the midst of something we like to call ‘the holiday hustle’. (It goes a little something like: travel, party, work, shop, recital, pack, unpack, cook, clean, then do it all again. Sound familiar?)

When we’ve got so much on the go, it’s even more important to clear your mind and your calendar for restful, restorative sleep. We think it’s so important that we we curated this year’s Christmas Advent Calendar to be all about sleep.

To help you get the ZZZ’s you need, we filled this beautiful gift with with supportive essential oil blends, sleep accessories, and these exclusive, guided meditations to help you drift off into dreamland, so you can wake up rested to do it all again.

Choose your audio adventure and get ready to feel better in the morning.


Whole Body Relaxation

Listen to yoga instructor Jolene Bayda guide you through a full body, savasana-style relaxation, while focusing on the quality of your breath. Jolene will help you relax your whole body and let go of the day so that you can end your day with a calm, supported and light energy that will carry you through to the next morning. Learn more about Jolene here.


Restful Forest Walk

Well Now host, Meghann Shantz takes you on an audio journey into the Pacific Northwest rainforest. Step by step and breath by breath, listen to her guide you down a forested path, towards deeper relaxation for your mind and body.


How to set up for a good night’s rest

Before you listen to a meditation, we recommend setting up your bedroom in a way that supports the most restful sleep possible.

  1. Clear your mind and set up for the next day. Maybe this looks like double-checking your calendar, setting out your clothes and gear for the next day so that you’re closer to being ready as soon as you open your eyes. Keep a notepad and pen beside your bed so that if you wake up and remember something you have to do the next day, you can write it down.
  2. Fill up your diffuser and add a calming blend like Tranquility. Turn it on an hour before you want to fall asleep so that your bedroom atmosphere is filled with the benefits of calming essential oils.
  3. Turn down the heat and close the blinds. A cooler, darker room will help you fall asleep --and stay asleep-- for the whole night.
  4. Before you hop into bed, roll some Sleep Well onto the soles of your feet and the insides of your wrists. Mist your sheets with Tranquility to double-down on the effects of this calming blend.
  5. Crawl in, pull on your eyeshade, turn off the lights and press play on your choice of sleep meditation. It’s time to welcome in rest and say goodnight to the day.

More about Jolene Bayda

A student of Life at a young age, Jolene began to explore what Yoga is:

Dancing taught her the freedom of movement without thought. Playing music allowed her to listen, deeper. Synchronized swimming prepared her for retention of breath and the preciousness of air. Singing showed her how to find her own voice, Thai massage offered her body awareness and touch, hatha helped her create stillness, and vinyasa allotted life to each movement. Yoga had found her.

Jolene hosts a 55 hour Yin Yoga excavation & certification and an immersive 200hr self inquiry & teacher training program with partner Troy Turi. She offers retreats internationally and locally. Her approach is ever-evolving: allow yoga to unlock the repetitive patterns of discord that cause restriction and instead empower through one’s own breath.

In her insatiable thirst for knowledge, Jolene continues to study the science, art, and anatomy of Yoga. Her practice tethers attention to the moment. It shows you more than how to “strike a pose.” Utilizing a creative flow of Yang and Yin postures, Jolene will take you on a journey through the physical and subtle bodies, while embodying breath as a tool for release. Breathe to free your mind. What else is there.