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It’s about time.
Two tanks and a timer you can pre-set to start automatically morning and night means you can have wellness around the clock. Inspired by the body’s natural rhythms, fill the East tank with an energizing blend to rise, and the West tank with a relaxing blend for rest.
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How to Use


When used with your favorite Saje diffuser blend, the ultrasonic diffuser’s refreshing cool mist brings nature’s goodness into your space, supporting balance and harmony.

Bring water to unit and fill to line.

Add 10-15 drops of the Saje diffuser blend of your choice. The more drops you add, the stronger the aroma will be.

Reference instruction manual for more direction on settings.


Ultrasonic diffusing is an easy, heat-free way to enjoy Saje’s 100% natural diffuser blends.

Ultrasonic diffusers elevate your well being by releasing negative ions to cleanse and purify the air while dispersing beneficial essential oil molecules.

2 water tanks

6 hour run time

Designed in Vancouver

East tank - add an uplifting diffuser blend for rise

West tank - add a relaxing diffuser blend for rest

LED display light can be turned on or off while misting

2 timers - set for automatic start morning and night

Misting Duration: 6 hours continuous per tank

Covers: 700 sq ft

Dimensions: 5.5 in x 5.5 in

Water Tank: 7 fl oz | 210 ml

Additional Information

Fill the East and West tanks with unfiltered, room temperature water to the maximum water level lines.

Then, to set your digital clock, press the H (hour) button until you reach the correct hour.

Press the M (minute) button until you reach the correct minute.

Once you have chosen your preferred time, wait five seconds to allow the clock to set.

#SajeTip: The LED light display can be turned off. Just press the Light button once to turn it off and again to turn if back on.

Add 10-15 drops of your favorite uplifting diffuser blend to the East tank.

Add 10-15 drops of your favorite calming diffuser blend to the West tank.

#SajeTip: For your East tank, we recommend Energy Revitalizing Diffuser Blend to help you rise and for your West tank, we recommend Tranquility Relaxing Diffuser Blend to help you rest.

To set your East and West tank timers, hold down the East button until the clock flashes.

Set the hour (H) and minute (M) you wish to rise.

Press the East button to confirm selected mist time or wait five seconds, allowing the time to set on its own.

Repeat steps for the West tank.

#SajeTip: For the East tank, we recommend setting your timer one hour before you rise, and for the West tank, we recommend setting your timer one hour before bed.

Wake up to wellness and drift off to a restful night’s sleep with the healing power of plants.

#SajeTip: Block out light and get into sleep mode with the Shut Eye Soothing Herbal Eyeshade.

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Love it but...


I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift and have been using for 4months now. I love it but wished it had an alarm clock function and like others that the display could be dimmed instead of on or off. Also it says the ceramic discs are available but I do not see them available on the website, so unsure of where one would get those. Would highly recommend this product and it has been a lovely addition to our household diffuser collection< 3

British Columbia

I fell in love with it but....


I purchased my diffuser in January and like everyone else I was in love with the idea and design. Mine works well however by the morning I am not waking up to the normal oil scent of awake. I have played around with it and notice that I have to add more oil (about double) the amount for it to work properly. The tanks are small and in my bedroom which is about 600 sq feet. The smell disappears. The tanks do get dirty just like any others. However, I use purified water and it seems to stay cleaner on all of my diffuser devices. I gave it 3 months before wiring a review. However, as much as I love the look, I probably wouldn't purchase again. The price doesn't justify the way it works. I purchased this at regular price and I would not opt for a different one.


Lovely product, but a hassle to clean


I use it every day, it works wonderfully and is such an elegant piece in my space. However, attempting to clean it is difficult. I am fortunate to have very small hands and this makes it slightly easier, but it gets gunky and sludgy in the corners. I have to use Q-tips to get everything out.

Langley, BC

Tried so hard to love this!


This is such a clever idea and I love the concept! I really enjoyed waking up to Energize diffuser blend before going to the gym. I also really, really love the sleek, contemporary look & feel of the unit. The motor is whisper quiet and it did a good job of diffusing the scent throughout the space (about 300 sq ft). And as a bonus, it is made in Vancouver! There are some design flaws, however, that were enough to make me return my pretty little unit. - It does not run for 6 hours (or even close) because the tiny tanks run out of water first. An intermittent option, high/low option, and/or other timer options might solve this. This led to a tedious bedtime ritual of refilling the two tanks each night. - The lid is quite awkward to remove. There isn't really anything to get your fingers under to lift it up and off and when you do get it off, be careful because it will drip all over. The underside of the lid also gets gummy and discoloured with oil residue. - The clock is wayyyy too bright, and although there is an option to turn it off, I really was hoping for a dimmer. One of the reasons I wanted this unit was to have a clock on my nightstand, but there is no way to sleep with the clock turned on. You also can't turn the unit on/off without turning the clock back on. In the end, I returned this diffuser and exchanged it for another. Had the price tag not been so high, I may have been able to overlook some of the missing features, but at almost $200, it is one of the highest priced diffusers on the market, which wasn't worth it for me.

White Rock, BC

Nothing short of amazing!


I just moved in with two friends who have been avid users of diffusers for some time. And, I should add, both are passionate promoters of Saje and it's products. Through them I've come to really appreciate the benefits of aromatherapy and so I took it upon myself to by my first diffuser. This product is amazing. It's a stylish work of art and besides that, it works miracles in my life every day. I don't know how I got along without it. I love the two tanks. It's great to not have to wash it set it all up again for the evening. The timer function is also awesome and so simple to use. I've gotten rid of my beside alarm clock, and just use this now. It's perfect! Thank you Saje.



3.7 37


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