Sleep Like a Baby
Sleep Like a Baby
Sleep Like a Baby

Sleep Like a Baby

Advice to new parents: “Sleep now because you’ll never sleep again”. But does that need to be true? Hear from three mothers on their experience helping little ones—and themselves—sleep.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Meghann Shantz

Explored in this episode

  • Exploring the avenues of Gentle Sleep Training for our children
  • How sleep deprivation impacts a new parent
  • Strategies for developing healthy sleep habits

Voices in the conversation


Fiona Hepher

Strategic Brand Marketer, Entrepreneur, Doula, Mother

Fiona Hepher

So interesting that we transition from this fight, not wanting to go down, not wanting to miss a moment, to happily taking 10 hours or longer in your bed.

Once the producer of the Well Now Podcast and an ongoing strategic brand marketer, Fiona Hepher has since become and mother, doula, restaurant co-owner of Aleph Eatery in Vancouver and co-produced Beauty Water: Everyday Hydration Recipes for Wellness & Self Care. Most recently, she’s joined a team bringing light how our sexual wellness plays into our lives.

In this episode, Fiona talks about her recent entry into motherhood and her experience of a lack of sleep, helping her daughter to sleep, and how she feels today about well-meaning advice on the topic.


Ashley Merrill

Founder of Lunya, Mother

Ashley Merrill

Nothing like sleep deprivation to make you realize how incredibly pivotal sleep is to having a good quality of life.

An active supporter and board member for Girls Inc., Upstream and Planned Parenthood, Ashley is deeply passionate about unlocking the potential for women and girls. Her sleepwear brand, Lunya seeks to redefine the sleepwear standard by starting with women’s needs and working backwards and reinventing the category with innovation in design, quality, and fabrics.

In this episode, Ashley shares her journey of becoming a mother at the same time as studying for her business degree and launching her own company. She talks about the effects of sleep deprivation on her and her family, and how her passion for getting good rest continues today.


Allison Briggs

Cognitive Behavioral Sleep Therapist for Insomnia , Gentle Sleep Coach, Founder of Sweet Dreams Solutions, Mother

Everything we do as parents shapes our children, and that includes sleep.

Allison Briggs has been a counsellor for over 22 years, and specializing in sleep therapy for the past twelve years. As founder of Sweet Dreams Sleep Solutions, her passion lies in helping to improve the lives of others, through educating and supporting clients in achieving their sleep success.

As a mother of two children, Allison understands the value of sleep, and has firsthand experience with the effects that sleep habits have on children and their families. She is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach and has her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Victoria. Allison also supports adults who suffer with insomnia by offering Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia.

In this episode, Allison discusses the way she approaches individuals, parents, children and whole families to help everyone get the sleep they need to learn, grow and thrive.


Referenced in this episode


Gentle Sleep Coaching

The Gentle Sleep Coach approach is a gentler alternative for families who emotionally or philosophically resist letting their babies cry it out: for families who tried “Ferber” (controlled crying) and it didn’t work, and for families who let their baby cry-it-out earlier but now find it doesn’t help. It is also for families who believe in co-sleeping but find that their children aren’t really sleeping all that well, even nestled snugly with their parents. Or for families who did co-sleep for a few months to a few years and now want the family bed to revert back to the marital one.

Visit for more information on Gentle Sleep Coaching

Meghann Shantz, The Host of Well Now
Meghann Shantz
The Host of Well Now

Managing Editor at Saje Natural Wellness, Meghann Shantz brings her personal story of healing and a love of storytelling to Well Now – a podcast born out of a desire to help us all discover the hidden side of health and how to achieve wellness. She draws from her experiences navigating western and alternative medicine to heal her anxiety and physical injury to connect with guests about their own stories of overcoming physical and emotional challenges.

Naturally curious and on a quest for meaning, Meghann holds space for the raw expression and authentic stories of her podcast guests, believing that our world would be better if we chose to honour other people’s journeys and processes without judgement – and believing in the power of telling your story.