A Walk in the park
A Walk in the park
A Walk in the park

A Walk in the park

Sometimes your own thought patterns can keep you from moving forward with intention. When that happens, getting outside and putting one foot in front of the other might help you move forward.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Meghann Shantz

Explored in this episode

  • Moving through the state of feeling “stuck”.
  • The benefits of nature on our physical and emotional well-being.
  • Growing into a healthy mindfulness mindset.
  • The power of the words you choose to describe yourself and your state of mind.

Voices in the conversation


Daniel Maté

Composer, Lyricist, “Mental Chiropractor”

Daniel Maté

I love watching people's experience of life, and their view of life, transform in real time.

Daniel Maté is a composer, lyricist, and playwright for musical theatre based in BC and New York. He has been active since 2007, when he graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with an M.F.A. in Musical Theatre Writing. He also holds a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from McGill.

Daniel received the prestigious Edward Kleban Prize for Most Promising Lyricist in American Musical Theatre, a Jonathan Larson Foundation Grant, and the ASCAP Foundation’s Cole Porter Award for Excellence in Music and Lyrics (for his song cycle The Longing and the Short of It.) He has presented his work at the historic Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and New York’s Lincoln Center, and was an invited participant in the inaugural Johnny Mercer Writers Colony.

Currently, he’s working on two books with his father, Dr. Gabor Maté, with whom he co-leads workshops on parent/adult-child relationships.

In this episode, he takes Well Now host, Meghann Shantz, on a walk through the park. Together, he explores an area in Meghann’s life where she feels stuck by applying his ‘mental chiropractic’ service: Take a Walk with Daniel. He has a deep interest in what makes human beings tick, and has a passion for helping people access their own innate freedom, clarity, creativity, and true intelligence by discovering what alignment means for them. This is what his mental chiropractic practice is all about.

Meghann Shantz, The Host of Well Now
Meghann Shantz
The Host of Well Now

Managing Editor at Saje Natural Wellness, Meghann Shantz brings her personal story of healing and a love of storytelling to Well Now – a podcast born out of a desire to help us all discover the hidden side of health and how to achieve wellness. She draws from her experiences navigating western and alternative medicine to heal her anxiety and physical injury to connect with guests about their own stories of overcoming physical and emotional challenges.

Naturally curious and on a quest for meaning, Meghann holds space for the raw expression and authentic stories of her podcast guests, believing that our world would be better if we chose to honour other people’s journeys and processes without judgement – and believing in the power of telling your story.